Newt Gingrich- Strong and unwavering; marches towards the GOP Convention.

Newt on the taunting media and opponents 

As much as the establishment and opposing candidates are pushing for Newt to drop out and are determined to convince the People that Newt should quit, Newt remains absolute and is full throttle ahead to the Tampa, FL Convention.

When he was asked on CBS’s This Morning “under what circumstances” he would end his campaign before the convention, Gingrich responded: “Probably none.  I’ll be with you in Tampa. I have 176,000 donors at They want me to stay in the race.”

Later on Fox News’ Fox & Friends, Gingrich said voters in Illinois were telling him to stay in the race. “I think the people who are supporting me want to have sort of a Reagan-like visionary, a big ideas candidate,” he said.

But it’s not just Illinois, every state Newt stops at- he gets highly charged responses from people pleading with him to stay in the race.

Clear, Consistent, Conservative Choice

Denise Haywald, a Florida resident, agrees enthusiastically and explains why she is still involved in Newt’s campaign even though the Florida primary was  Jan 31, 2012.

“Newt is the clear, consistent, conservative choice. We need a strong conservative to balance out Obama’s socialistic spiral. In a time of economic peril, we cannot afford any more on the job training.  Newt is the only candidate who understands the nuts and bolts of the details of the Presidency and who has experience balancing the national budget for 4 straight years and bringing true entitlement reform.  The main objective is to beat Obama and Newt is, by far, the best debater, has the most  experience and the firmest backbone and voice needed to debate Obama.   Besides, Newt is the only candidate who has put Obama on the defensive and that position is long overdue.  No dispute, I stand with Newt!”

When will the media vet Santorum? 

When vetted to the same extent as Newt; the voters will see a number of concerning things (Discussed here: and here:  and his problem with women voters ( that will make them rethink their reasons for siding with Santorum (especially since he is NOT the Anti-Romney candidate as he endorsed Mitt Romney and his ideas  in 2008: and fall back on Newts’ experience in getting Conservative legislation passed. (A quality currently lacking in Congress).

Santorum himself and Democrats for Santorum are encouraging Democrats to vote for Santorum in the Open Primary States. 

Then there’s the whole issue of Santorum inviting Democrats via robocalls in Michigan and Ohio into the Republican Primary to vote for him knowing full well that they will vote for Obama in the general election.

In addition, there is also a campaign dubbed, ‘Operation Hilarity’ where Democrats are voting for Santorum in open primary states because they know that Obama will crush Santorum like a tin can in the debates. Watch an ad from ‘Democrats for Santorum”:

United Against Romney

Let’s be real– it would  help Santorum if Newt stayed in the race (which he will despite all the questionable talk) because Romney’s wall street funded Super Pac will have to spend money aggressively, attacking both Newt and Santorum (their current modus operandi)  instead of just barreling Santorum with negative attack ads like Romney did to Newt during the Florida primary, where Romney spent $20 million in false, negative attack ads in efforts to blind the voters and knock Newt off message.

Newt agrees, “My view on that, is that the minute Romney has one opponent his Super PAC will drown that opponent in mud. That’s what happened to me in Iowa and Florida. It will eventually happen to Santorum and I think it is actually to our net advantage to keep Romney divided.”

Romney:  No negative ad is too costly! 

Meanwhile, Romney continues to spend money like he was printing it fresh off the press in attempts to cover his self proclaimed ‘progressive moderate’ record  (watch here: and to mischaracterize Newt with millions of dollars in false and misleading political ads (in in attempts to have people vote for him as the Anti-Newt candidate) which makes one question if Romney would continue Obama’s title as a ‘big spender’.

Newt on why he remains determined and his thoughts on the cancellation of  the Georgia and Oregon Debate.

On a personal belief, Newt feels he has every need to stay in the race.  “There are a lot of things I don’t agree with Romney and Santorum on. I don’t have an obligation to automatically salute as a conservative somebody who is a progressive moderate and somebody who ran up $1.7 trillion in debt. ” says the Former Speaker of the House, “Besides, if all the candidates are afraid to debate me- how can we feel confident that they are capable of debating Obama?” asks Newt referring to the cancellation of the Georgia CNN debate and the recently cancelled Oregon PBS debate.

Just like the Energizer Bunny; Newt keeps going and going and…. 

And so Newt and his campaign marches on, much like President George Washington and his troops on Christmas Day in 1776 (Learn more:  in pursuit of the Truth, Justice and to be a prime example of God’s Grace and Glory.

Time will tell who reigns as the ultimate victor but you can place your bets on Newt being a strong influence at the Tampa, FL Convention.

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Update 5/3- Osama bin Laden’s DNA confirmed death; Al Qaeda outcome,US security concern and Abbottabad, Pakistan’s compound maps included.

Long awaited Justice on America’s *most wanted*

A decade after the September 11, 2001 and -ironically- 8 years ago to the day yesterday of when President Bush declared “Mission Accomplished”; Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden has been killed by US forces in Pakistan last night, 05.01.2011.

“For over two decades, Bin Laden has been Al Qaeda’s leader and symbol,” Obama said. “The death of Bin Laden marks the most significant achievement to date in our nation’s effort to defeat Al Qaeda.”

DNA confirmed, Navy Seal approved

The DNA of bin Laden has been compared to previous samples of not only himself but his sister that the US had on record.  According to reports, there is a 100% match. Ive talked to a couple Navy Seal in between briefings and they also have personal stories in the wake up of bin Laden’s death that all seem to gel together.

I would believe a Navy Seal before I believed Obama. If the Navy Seals say Obama is dead; then I believe them. I would; however, like to see an autopsy report and pictures of the sea burial though; since Obama preached transparency all throughout his campaign.

Tracing the Tips and the Power of the US Navy Seals

The death of America’s “most wanted” Bin Laden was traced back to a tip received in August 2010 that Bin Laden as hiding in a compound within Abbottabad (Pakistan) and initiated a fire fight between a 40 manned U.S. Joint Special Operations Command Special Mission Unit (SMU) of the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU — formerly known as Seal Team Six) and the Al Qaeda leader.

In addition, there were other JSOC spotters on the ground and two special operations helicopters and an unmanned drone overhead.

Good thing Obama failed to deliver on his GITMO closing campaign promise

Back in 2007, during a waterboard episode, a name was intercepted that the US could use in order to gather intelligence about Obama’s courier.  As bin Laden did not use phones or computers; this would lead the US directly to the center of bin Laden’s operation. Good thing Obama did not close GITMO like he promised he would 700x during his Presidential campaign.  If Obama closed GITMO, then we would not have gotten the information needed to capture bin Laden. Once again, this shows that President Obama fails to realize the effects on his actions.  Keep GITMO up and running! It’s purpose has been proven to be useful.

Right in plain sight. Hello Captain Obvious.

Come to find out that the “hide away compound” is really a 3000 sq ft house which, interestingly, was located only 100 yards from the gate of the Kakul Military Academy, an army run institution where top officers train.

4 Chinook and Blackhawk helicopters dropped 24 men on the compound. One helicopter suffered a “hard landing” inside the compound after an experiencing a mechanical failure and had to be destroyed on the site, according to one defense official.

There was a large shootout. The residents at the compound resisted. The total raid took 40 minutes.

The final moment of bin Laden’s life

At 3:30 p.m. EST, a 40 man Navy Seals  squadron (Go Navy!)  raided a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, killing  Bin Laden by shooting him in the head. Then, 4 Navy Seals dragged him onboard and washed him in accordance to Muslim tradition, per White House sources.

Personal recount
Abbottabad resident Mohammad Haroon Rasheed said the raid happened about 1:15 a.m. local time and offers a recount of the scene:

“I heard a thundering sound, followed by heavy firing. Then firing suddenly stopped. Then more thundering, then a big blast,” he said. “In the morning when we went out to see what happened, some helicopter wreckage was lying in an open field.”

“Intelligence analysts concluded that this compound was custom built to hide someone of significance,” he said.

Sea burial in accordance to Muslim traditions?There has been much uproar in the Muslim community about the manner in which bin Laden was buried. The US stated that they took necessary Muslim preparations of the body but what they failed to note is that Muslims prefer to be buried in the ground, pointed North towards Mecca not floating around haphazardly in the ocean.

Many Muslims are outraged by this but leadership within Al Qaeda is much to be desired now that the prime directive is no longer operational. However, it would be a grave mistake to wave away the threat of angry Al Qaeda members. If you think Al Qaeda hated the US before, Obama just pumped the hatred up to a new record.

Officials said Bin Laden’s body, which was in U.S. custody, was given a sea burial. Which I find very interesting; why would they not incinerate it?  I dont want any part of the sea to become “sacred” to the terrorists and wage war over occupation of it.

Loss of life tally
Thankfully, no Americans were killed in the mission.  However, not everyone was as lucky as America for bin Laden, bin Laden’s son, 2 Al Qaeda couriers and a women who was used as a human shield were also killed.

09/11 and her victims will always be in my heart

Back in America- Americans (especially those who lost loved ones in the September 11th attack which killed more than 3000 innocent bystanders who were in the American skies, worked in or around the World Trade Center or Pentagon) were rejoicing that “justice has been given.”

“This momentous achievement marks a victory for America, for people who speak peace around the world, and for all those who lost loved ones in September 11, 2001. The fight against terror goes on, but tonight America has sent an unmistakable message; for no matter how long it takes, justice will be done”, proclaimed Former President George W. Bush; the President in Office when the September 11th attacks happened and who initiated the widely known, “War on Terror”.

Helping 09/11 families with closure and healing/ Where’s the Proof?

Now President Obama maintains the burden of proof  in his declaration that bin Laden, America’s Most Wanted Terrorist, is indeed dead. Not only should Obama provide proof because he preached transparency throughout his Presidential campaign but he should also be willing to pony up the pictures of the sea burial (or the autopsy report) for the people who dont take things on face value (which is a majority of the people nowadays) as well as for the families of the victims of 09/11 so that they can find closure.

I think the US govt should release pictures of bin Laden’s  burial at sea so that we can reassure the Muslim community that everything possible was done to give him a proper burial as well as to give the people who are demanding proof; something of substance and to give the families of 09/11 victims a sense of peace to know that Justice has been done and to help them feel at Peace.

Security Alert Raised

In the wake of Bin Laden’s death, authorities around the world are being urged to take security precautions.

One source said officials are concerned bin Laden’s death could incite violence or terrorist acts against U.S. personnel overseas.

The State Department issued a travel alert for U.S. citizens abroad overnight, citing “the enhanced potential for anti-American violence given recent counter-terrorism activity in Pakistan.”

Abbottabad, Pakistan Compound Maps

Look at the 2 maps below to see the area where bin Laden was captured. Note how close the police station is to the 3000+ sq ft compound. Can somebody tell me why we give humanitarian aid to Pakistan again? We should put that money towards our children’s future not bettering the life of a terrorist supporter.

** Google maps seems to have indicated Bin Laden’s hide away in Abbottabad; if you are interested at looking at the surrounding area.

Another image with pins marking both the compound and the Cantt police station:

Attn All US Citizens: Please keep your eyes and ears open in the upcoming days; retaliation is possible (and some would argue probable). BE ALERT and report any suspicious activity to the US Homeland Security Operations line:  (202) 282-8000.    

May God bless you and may God bless America and  Israel.    

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House passes GOP 2012 budget plan

On Friday, the House Republicans won a  near unanimous passage of the 2012 Budget, 235-193, a proposal to slash nearly $6 trillion over the next decade. All but 4 GOP lawmakers backed the plan.

The plan, presented by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., would cut $6.2 “T”rillion of dollars in spending and change Medicare and Medicaid programs- more than likely utilization of block granting and attempting to privatize the 2 entitlement programs with vouchers over the next 10 years.

Also, the 2012 budget plan would cut federal workforce by 10 percent and set a binding cap on total spending as a percentage of the economy.

Additionally, the 2012 budget  plan credits the fiscal commission with identifying ways to save on discretionary spending, including cutting corporate tax breaks, overhauling how the government manages real estate assets, and reducing the federal auto fleet by 20 percent.

Even though this budget has a slim chance of passing the Senate, it is commendable to see the Republicans put forth the effort to draft and pass a budget bill, something that House Democrats didn’t even bother with in 2010 (which is why we were being strung along for the past 4 months on Continuing Resolution after Continuing Resolution.)

House Majority Whip, Kevin McCarthy credited the success to an inclusive process, saying the budget was the first bill of the new Republican majority in which leaders were able to listen to members and incorporate their views.

Given the fact, that the Democrats feel that we can be taxed out of  a recession (in comparison, to the Republicans who feel that we can cut wasteful and abusive current spending to dig our way out and in which, I concur)- I  feel that this budget bill will be dead on arrival in the Senate as there are two very different ideologies at play.

However, the fact that the Republicans pushed a bill through the House not only sets spending guidelines for the future but also shows the American People that the Republicans are willing to make the hard cuts in order to ensure financial security for our children.

Now the ball is in the Democrats court.  Let’s see how they propose to get us out of this financial crisis.

Considering they havent given us a true solution with accurate analysis in over a year this will prove to be interesting.

Note to the Senate Democrats: Instead of being LAZY and taxing higher income brackets- let’s get to work and find ways to eliminate abusive and fraudulent practices in Medicare, Medicaid and Welfare so that we can reduce our funding and pay down our debt so that our children can live a life better than what we were given.

To read the GOP “Path to Prosperity” 2012 budget plan, please visit:

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BEHIND THE SCENES: Top Democrats plead for Obama’s involvement in budget battle.

Frustrated Senate Democrats gave senior White House advisers an earful Thursday afternoon during a private meeting, telling them that President Obama needs to get more involved in the budget battle, according to Democratic sources.

Obama dispatched his budget director, Jack Lew, and National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling to soothe the restive Democrats.

“I don’t think they’re enjoying coming up here that much during budget season,” said a Senate Democratic source, who said lawmakers delivered the message “loud and clear.”

“The message to the White House is we need to ramp this up, we need to get going,” said the source, who requested anonymity.

Several Democratic senators confirmed that they and their colleagues told Lew and Sperling on Thursday that Obama needed to take a more active public role.

“We’ve committed not to talk publicly about private conversations with the Democratic Caucus,” said the official.

Democratic officials on Capitol Hill say they are uncertain about what the president’s endgame plan is for the budget standoff.

They added that it’s difficult to vote against short-term resolutions that cut $4 billion here or $2 billion there over the span of a few weeks.  The projected federal deficit for this year is $1.6 trillion.

There was said to be an “uproar” on Tuesday during the weekly Democratic lunch meeting, when lawmakers complained about the lack of the president’s public involvement in the debate over spending cuts.

“He’s waiting until the last hour to come in.” was a common complaint.

The aide compared Obama’s strategy in the spending debate to the approach he used late last year during the fight over extending the George W. Bush-era tax cuts.

Obama tapped Vice President Joe Biden, Lew and White House chief of staff William Daley last week to conduct spending talks with congressional Republican leaders.

But Biden this week, soon after he offered a proposal to immediately cut $6.5 billion from the budget over the next six-and-a half months, left the country for an extended trip to Finland, Russia and Moldova. How convenient.

Senate Democrats were further chagrined to discover that Obama plans to take a multi-day trip to South America, scheduled to depart right after the stop-gap measure funding the government runs out, which is March 18. (Obama and his wife Michelle are scheduled to travel in Brazil, Chile and El Salvador March 19-23.)

A growing number of Democrats believe they should counter House GOP proposals to cut non-security discretionary spending with a plan to raise tax revenues.

The Democratic tax ideas include eliminating tax breaks for oil companies and for companies that move manufacturing facilities out of the country. They are also circulating a proposal to impose a surtax on millionaires.

Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) said these proposals can gain traction in Congress only if Obama gets more involved.

“He’s played a role but it’s been behind the scenes. I’d like to see him more visible,” Levin said.

Schumer said the lesson is that “H.R. 1 can’t pass, and if you insist on H.R. 1 we’re going to be gridlocked, so give us some alternatives,” making reference to the House-passed package of cuts.

Whoa; what ever happened to the Democrats taking the initiative to reduce our budget? So is it safe to assume that the Democrats will not provide a budget but rather negate a Republican proposal?

It appears that way even though there are some Democrats who would like to see a more proactive stance.

Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.), who voted against the Democratic spending alternative, said Democrats should “come up with a clearer picture of what the CR and what the future spending should look like instead of simply reacting to the Republican side.”

Proving to me that my understanding of the Democratic political move regarding our budget (or lack thereof) is completely accurate and they are being just as callous and manipulating as I thought they were being.

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Senate rejected House Budget Cut of $57 Billion.

Senators voted largely along party lines Wednesday afternoon to reject a House-passed proposal to cut an additional $57 billion in federal spending this year.

The vote was 44 to 56. All Democrats, and two independents who caucus with the Democrats, voted against it. Republican Senators Mike Lee , Jim DeMint and Rand Paul also voted against it.

The controversial legislation would have eliminated funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Planned Parenthood and would have made steep cuts to the women, infants, children nutrition program,  job training programs and ethanol production.

Meanwhile, House GOP leaders have begun behind-the-scenes negotiations on another short-term stopgap spending measure to keep the government operating beyond March 18 with House Republican leaders taking some the $6.2 billion in cuts Senate Democrats included in the alternative package they put on the floor this week.

Very clever from a strategic standpoint as it would be difficult for Democrats to vote against a short-term continuing resolution that includes the cuts they’ve proposed.

Democratic leaders, however, will insist on passing a long-term continuing resolution so they can concentrate on other legislative priorities, such as energy legislation and their jobs agenda.

“I don’t like this death by a thousand cuts but I also don’t want a government shutdown,” Senator Barbara Mikulski said last week.

If the Democrats dont want a government shut down nor want “death by a thousand cuts”- then why dont they quit their crying and buckle up and take a serious hack at the budget?

They need to use the $100 billions of govt waste that the GAO just found (read more: as a starting guide and then throw on the cutting of the REAL ID Act that ranks in at $11 billion, for good measure.

That’s $111 billion start, right there.

Unfortuantely, the Democrats have only been able to must up $6 billion in cuts and even then, they will not reveal any of the details.

Much like the healthcare bill, we will have to vote on the cuts to find out what is in them.

Sigh. Is it 2012 yet?

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Where IS the President? 2011 stopgap and the lack of 2012 Budget Resolution and a Pres/VP to preside over it all.

House Republicans escalated pressure on President Obama to become directly involved in the budget debate on Capitol Hill, criticizing the White House for allowing a vacuum of leadership on the issue.

“Where is the president?” Majority Leader Eric Cantor asked in a press conference Wednesday morning, repeating the refrain 5 times in the 10-minute briefing.

Negotiations on a spending bill to fund the government through September have hit a wall in the 6 days since Obama dispatched Vice President Biden to meet with congressional leaders at the Capitol.

What I find outright offense and almost comical that Obama named Vice President Biden to lead the negotiations only days before he left for a 5 day trip to Finland, Moldova and Russia.

The Vice President is not even in the country; how can he be expected to provide leadership over the budget discussions?

What’s worse is that new White House press secretary (who I am starting to loathe more than Fmr. Press Sec Robert Gibbs) refused to identify who was negotiating for the administration in Biden’s absence.

You know what else is interesting?

The Federal Budget Process begins the First Monday in February of each year and should be concluded by October 1, in which the Presdient submits his proposal which serves as a “Starting Point” for Congress to consider.

In order to do so, the Budget Committees are required to present their Budget Resolution for consideration by April 1. Today is March 9th 2011. Less than a month away.

We have not decided on a budget for 2011, let alone are anywhere even near setting the resolution for 2012.

I will be participating in a teleconference call with Budget Committee Chair Representative Paul Ryan and FreedomWorks Chair, Dick Armey tonight and will be listening closely to how they view our 2011 budget (which  I think will be made up of majority stopgap/continuing resolutions), the lack of a 2012 budget resolution and to figure out who is really presiding over the Budget hearings.

Stay tuned to Heart of America for the latest and the greatest.

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Senator Kerry asked Transportation Secretary LaHood to divert funding for high speed rail.

After Republican Florida Gov. Rick Scott rejected $2.4 billion in federal funds to build a high-speed rail between Tampa and Orlando, U.S., leaving the skeptics happy and the hopeful not so much.

Other Senators jump the mark in an effort to cash in on Florida’s poorly made decision to abandon the project.

Kerry and nine other senators wrote a letter to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood last Friday urging the Obama administration to divert the funding earmarked for Florida to the Northeast corridor.

“Our states are ready to put these funds to good use to improve our existing high speed rail service, reduce congestion and create jobs,” they wrote.

Kerry and the other senators noted that more than 250 million passengers ride the rails along the northeast corridor annually, a number that is expected to increase 60 percent by 2030.

Ironically, Governor Rick Scott’s “Let Get to Work” motto falls flat on its face with the rejection of the stimulus package.

Scott rejected the federal high-speed rail funding on Feb. 16, calling the proposed project a “boondoggle” that would wind up costing Florida taxpayers millions more than expected.

This highly divided issue in Florida politics tends to anger many, myself included. As many of my friends were against the rail due to the financial problem it could potentially provide for taxpayers- Heart of America’s CEO, Denise Haywald, offers a differing opinion:

“I have lived in Florida my entire life- I can easily visualize the benefits of having a high speed rail connecting Tampa, Orlando (and even Miami & Pensacola). Not only would it promote tourism and reduce car accidents but it would also reduce our carbon emissions and improve our air quality.”

“It is a shame that people  could only focus on the negative of this governmental funded money. I have learned of the decision making behind the scenes and I am appalled by the lack of planning and attention giving to a job creation program.”

“I find it especially ironic that Florida Governor Rick Scott’s election slogan was “Let’s Get to Work”- when he rejected a job creation program without even a second glance or an active standing committee to weigh the risk/benefits analysis. What a slap in the face to an unemployed Floridian who would desperately needs a job.”

“Not to mention the economic boost from increased tourism and the benefits to the environment.”

Other Senators see the possibilities; Senator Kerry hopes the Northeast can once again benefit from other states rejecting federal high-speed rail funding after the Obama administration steered $2.9 million to Massachusetts last December after governors in Ohio and Wisconsin rejected $1.2 billion in federal support.

“We believe this is an insufficient investment in the Northeast Corridor, given our region’s position as a population and economic mega-region,” the senators wrote.

Governor Scott and LaHood met last Friday and LaHood gave the Florida governor a week to reconsider his decision after Scott asked for more information about a revised plan.

Time is up. I guarantee that Governor Scott will reject it and I can guaranteed that he has hasnt put any additional thought or analysis into it.

It is apparent that Governor Scott is adamant on not creating jobs via a high speed rail.  Our loss is the NE’s gain.

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Wisconsin Democrats will be fined $100 per day of absence.

Republicans in the Wisconsin Senate have voted to begin fining Democrats $100 for every day they’re absent without leave. The Democratic senators, who fled the state to quash a bill that would limit public-employee unions, say the threat of a fine won’t sway them.

With Wisconsin Senate Democrats staying in Illinois to prevent a vote on a bill curbing collective bargaining rights, Republican Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald is turning up the pressure.

Fitzgerald and the Republicans will begin imposing fines of $100 a day Friday on members who are absent without leave.

“This majority is trying to compel those senators to come back and do their job,” Fitzgerald said.

Republicans have also taken away parking spaces and photocopying privileges from the Democrats’ staff.

Democratic Minority Leader Mark Miller calls the moves petty, and school-yard bully tactics. He added that his caucus would come back in a minute, if Republicans would only compromise.

Wait a minute, who s being petty? The Democratic Senators ran across state lines in an effort to stall the vote.

Congratulations to the Wisconsin Republicans for using all means necessary to bring them back so they can do their job that they were elected to do.

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EU approves sanctions against Libya

The European Union has agreed upon sanctions against Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi, including an arms embargo, asset freeze and visa ban.

Monday’s decision was made by the EU ambassadors meeting to assess the rapidly deteriorating situation in the north African nation, said Hungarian Energy Minister Tamas Fellegi.

The EU “imposed an arms embargo on Libya and sanctions on those responsible for the violent crackdown on the civilian population,” Fellegi said.

The asset freeze and visa ban was targeted against Gadhafi and two dozen of his closest family and government associates.

The move came after days of increasing protest against the hundreds of deaths caused by Gadhafi military resistance against the popular uprising in his country.

The measures are aimed at reinforcing Saturday’s U.N. Security Council measures. The EU also includes measures to ban sale of any equipment that might be used for repression by Gadhafi.

Great call, Europe! I agree with all steps taken.

I will be watching your nation in your dealing with Libya as you consume 80% of their oil.

You will be leading by example. God bless and God speed.

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Stop attacking the defense budget.

People wildly overestimate how much we spend on defense and greatly underestimate how much we spend on entitlements.

Unless we reform Welfare and Medicaid, the Congressional Budget Office forecasts, spending on just those 2 entitlements plus interest alone  will consume all federal revenues within the next 35 years. Nothing would be left for defense — or any other discretionary spending, for that matter.

Annual federal spending for these entitlement spending accounts for 32.6 percent of all federal outlays (excluding interest). Defense outlays come in much smaller than that, of just 21.1% of federal spending.

We spend just 4 percent of the gross domestic product, or GDP, on core defense (excluding overseas operations), well below our historical average.

Clearly, defense spending is not “out of control,” nor is it the cause of our rapidly ballooning debt. And yet lawmakers insist our security take a hit.

Defense cuts will have real negative consequences on the military. They will only ratchet up defense spending over the long term.

To accommodate cuts, the Pentagon will need to stretch out buying times for weapons and other equipment. That causes unit prices to soar, raising the ultimate tab for those procurements. Thus, the supposed “cutting” actions actually add upward pressure on long-term spending and debt.

Defense cuts could adversely affect our military capability as well.

The Air Force would need to ground some of its F-15 fleet, weakening the Air National Guards ability to patrol and provide U.S. air defense.

Remember how important those planes were after Sept. 11.

A second Virginia-class submarine and additional destroyer cannot be started, which will delay bringing those capabilities online and drive up costs.

The Army likely would have to postpone working on a new ground-combat vehicle to improve protection for its soldiers. Production of new drones for use in Afghanistan will be pushed back.

Training for soldiers and sailors will be scaled down, and shipyard repairs and maintenance will be canceled.

What I found interesting is that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and Rep. Jan Schakowsky (Ill.) as well as a handful of Freshman Republicans were gun ho on cutting defense but lacked the understanding of the importance of such programs.

Sure, savings can be found through greater efficiencies at the Department of Defense. But they should be put back into long-term funding for military modernization and force structure. The military services already have said their modernization accounts are underfunded by about $50 billion a year.

It would be one thing if providing for the “common defense” were some extraconstitutional luxury and thus rightly a target for budget cutting as a matter of principle. But that most definitely is not the case here. Defending the country is a core, enumerated, federal power mandated by the Constitution.

Entitlement spending, not defense, is the source of our nation’s debt problem. Those who ignore this fact aren’t serious about reducing the nation’s spiraling debt. Worse, they undermine the federal government’s ability to meet its constitutional obligation to defend the country.

To see the full text of H.R. 1: Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011 – please visit,

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