ATTENTION: 20,000 surface to air and anti tank missiles missing in Libya

Approximately 20,000 portable surface-to-air missile and Russian made anti-tank missiles as well as rifle and anti aircraft ammunition have gone missing in Libya. A couple of those weapons are explained in the graphic above. (Click on to enlarge).

After a 6 month civil war that ended Qaddafi’s 42-year rule and sent him into hiding allowed the regime’s extensive armories to be fully exposed and available to looters, former rebel fighters or anyone with a truck to carry weapons away.

Weapons that could be used to knock down military planes, helicopters or drones as well as cause destruction and damage to innocent civilians.

With the US govt unsure as to who is leading the rebels in Libya and Defense Secretary Robert Gates stating that its “very possible that Al Qaeda is leading the rebellion” and the significance impact of Hamas and Hezbollah in the area makes this matter gravely serious not only for America’s security but also for Israel’s security.

Today, the White House released a press statement saying it will boost efforts to find and destroy the weapons stockpile and last week, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on Libya’s new leaders to secure the chemical weapons and convention weapons supply.

Yet at the same time, visits by The Associated Press to weapons caches around Tripoli (the capital of Libya) show that many remain poorly guarded and have already been heavily looted.

AP reported that 12 rebels wandered around one site where a large hangar was strewn with the boxes of missing weapons. Rebels at another site were leaving with a load of tank shells they said they were taking to a safe place for storage. They acknowledged, however, that they’d found the site unguarded.

At one unguarded site, Bouckaert said he found 100,000 anti-tank and anti-personnel mines. Elsewhere, he found weapons caches hidden under fruit trees.

On a positive note,  the U.N. chief weapons watchdog said Wednesday that Libya’s remaining chemical weapon stockpiles are believed to be secure but we must remain ever viligent.

Let’s pray that we find them and confiscate the weapons before they are used against us and/or our allies.

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The reward is not worth the risk; Just Say No to new driling in the Gulf of Mexico.

The chant of, “Drill baby Drill”  and hungry looks towards the Gulf of Mexico happens a lot more often that what I would like.

In fact, I wish we would not allow any additional drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and would prefer that our current oil producing rigs were up to code in safety regulations and passed the audits of a 3rd party independent agency (something that President Obama should have pushed for  while he held our oil fields on a moratorium; but refused to acknowledge.)

Why, such a strong (and controversial; given my political leanings) statement?

First hand damage assessment of 2 oil spills that affected Florida within a 14 year period

Back during the  Maconda/BP oil spill in 2010 where 4.9 million barrels (read: 260 Olympic swimming pool worth) of oil polluted the Gulf of Mexico, I drew on my journalism strength and became an investigative reporter for my self produced investigative channel,  ClearWater Perspective, and participated in backstage teleconferences with BP, TransOcean, EPA, NOAA, MMS and the Coast Guard.

Additionally, I had close friends fly over and report on the oil spill and encounter harmed, innocent, wildlife who either swam into the oil and toxic dispersant or who ate off the oiled covered shores or were residing in a nearby tree branch when BP engaged their aerial dispersing.  The results were horrifying and something that I truly will never forget.

If you have a moment, please click into this video. A friend of mine made it with pictures of the real damage of the BP oil spill.  Warning: this is not suitable for children.

The reality of the oil spill became very real to me and contrasting and comparing my first hand experience with living near Tampa Bay  back in during the oil spill in 1996 (where 300,000 gallons of heavy oil and another 33,000 gallons of jet fuel spilled after a collision in West Central Florida) convinced me that it is only a matter of time until Florida suffers a backlash comparable to Louisiana.

Seeing the not so lucky wildlife and economic damage and how it negatively impacted the  fishermen, shrimpers, tourism industry, realtors, wedding planners, coastal businesses and coastal communities and wrecked havoc on our innocent wildlife made me vow to not allow a 3rd mistake of reckless and greedy drilling happen in our beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

Its’s like the saying– “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. ” — Fool me thrice and I should have known better than to expect that  big oil’s operations were ‘under control” and being properly scrutinized for safety precautions.

Florida is the most at-risk state in the event of another oil spill. (Economic and residential)

People of NW Florida have seen first hand, how public perception can hamper our local economy.

Florida’s main draw is tourism. When people think that Florida has oil-laden beaches; they will be less likely to come down for vacation or buy Gulf seafood; if they feel that it was tainted with oil and toxic dispersant. This change of perception, as has been proven with the 2010 oil spill, can cause a detrimental effects to the very way of life as Floridians have known to grow and love.

As stated above, many community factors suffer and have the potential to increase unemployment, causing people to vacate their home in search for income; whether it be by selling their home the conventional way or short selling their home; resulting in the housing industry value to decrease directly related to the increase in the unemployment rate.

But the possible oil spill damage doesn’t end there… (Military impact)

As many know, there is a huge military mission off of Tyndall AFB, Eglin AFB, Duke AFB and Hurlburt AFB and Pensacola NAS that run alongside the Gulf of Mexico.

The influx of news reporters and clean up crew would be too invasive for our military zone.

At this point in the game; the US cannot afford to take too many chances with nationals security.

But wait there’s more… (Loop Current, possible oil seepage to South Florida, East Florida and the Eastern Seaboard)

If there was an oil spill off the West Coast of Florida, the oil (and toxic dispersant that big oil will use to sink the oil into the water column so nobody can see it) has a chance of getting swept into the Loop Current which is a current (diagramed left) that transports warm Caribbean water through the Yucatan Channel between Cuba and Mexico.

The current flows northward into the Gulf of Mexico, then loops southeastward just south of the Florida Keys (where it is called the Florida Current), and then just west of the westernmost Bahamas.

Here, the waters of the Loop Current flow northward along the U.S. coast and become the Gulf Stream and run northward, up the East Coast of Florida.

The Loop Current was a big concern of many Floridians during the 2010 oil spill as a handful of times, oil/toxic dispersant became dangerously close to the loop current (some reports show that small traces of oil were pushed into the loop current but weathered before it impacted land) but were swept away by ever changing warm and cold water eddys.

However, next time- we may not be so lucky.

Turn to renewable alternative energy as a primary source for our energy needs

Instead of investing in new equipment and new deep water drilling techniques to search for a resource that will eventually extinguish- let’s put that money towards the wave of the future and a renewable resources that we can draw off of for years to come.

Projects such as  energy efficient constructionoffshore wind farms, solar landfills, geothermal and aqueduct electricity can help us curb our dependence on oil.

If the US reallocated the money they have towards new drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and put it towards alternative energy; we could pave the way for a new future where ultimately- we become dependent on ourselves and not at the hand of our Environment, the Middle East or even Brazil (where Obama promised we would be their biggest customer earlier this year).

The reward is not worth the risk

While I understand that drilling is needed and I fully support state’s sovereignty for wanting to drill (and am in support of drilling in places where the general consensus welcomes the drilling).

As a born, raised and currently residing Floridan. I say the reward is NOT worth the risk for new drilling to take place in the Gulf of Mexico. Not when our wildlife, food chain, fisheries, tourism industry, coastal communities, military intelligence and the entire coastline of Florida is at risk.

Especially when it has been proven that there is no way to adequately prepare for a hurricane and the precautions needed to be taken to avoid churning the oil sunken into the water column and spewing the oil onto coastal communities) until only days before the hurricane comes into the Gulf of Mexico (as remembered with the lack of hurricane preparation during the 2010 hurricane season).

If Mexico wants to drill; we cannot stop them but, more than likely, any spill in their area will not travel into the Gulf of Mexico because of the placement of eddys. Let them destroy their own country; if they so desire.

As for the United States,  I advise that we stay on the side of environmental conservation as well as to look to alternative energy as our sustaining life force as that can be renewed so we can pass on our energy capability to our children instead of banking on a non renewable source of energy that will leave our future generations in the dark.

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SOUND OFF: Pakistan is not acting like a friend of the US; withdraw $7.5 billion/5 yrs of financial aid from Pakistan?

With bin Laden found in Pakistan and Pakistan throwing up roadblocks in the US accessing informative links and interviewing bin Ladens’ wives conjoined with India accusing Pakistan of harboring 50+ criminals shows me that Pakistan is, indeed, harboring terrorists.

Not too mention that there seems to be a slow down of the Blackhawk helicopter shipment that was accidentally left in Pakistan.

Does anybody know the Blackhawk tail shipment status? As far as I know, it has not been received.

If Pakistan allows China to inspect the tail of the Blackhawk helicopter,  that would give us enough reason to defund the Kerry-Lugar Act which affords Pakistan $7.5 billion over a 5 year period for Pakistani actions will have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt,  that the US does not have a friend in Pakistan.

In the Senate, two legislators control the writing of key legislation that allocates Pakistani aid have been particularly critical: Senate Armed Services chairman Carl Levin (D-MI) and Senate Appropriations State and Foreign Ops subcommittee chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT).

They are joined by House Foreign Affairs Committee’s Howard Berman (D-CA), who issued a blistering statement on criticizing the administration’s handling of the military assistance to Pakistan.

“Under the current legislative scheme, I don’t think our military assistance is serving the interests we are intending it to serve,” Berman said.  “What I’m asking the administration to do is focus on getting Pakistan to change its approach and go after extremist groups. If they’re not successful, we should reconsider giving this money.”

Berman was critical of the administration’s decision to certify that Pakistan “demonstrated a sustained commitment towards combating terrorism,” a requirement under the Kerry-Lugar-Berman aid bill passed last year, which is worth $7.5 billion over 5 years, in which, I have to concur- considering that bin Laden was in Pakistan for several years in Abbottabad, Pakistan minutes away from a police office.

He also argued that a huge fund to reimburse Pakistan for counterterrorism operations, known as the Pakistan Counterinsurgency Capability Fund (PCCF), has not been effective.

In a bi partisan effort in the House,  Richard Lugar (R-IN) and Rep. Howard Berman (D-CA) have called for a review of the Kerry Lugar Berman funding in the wake of the bi Laden killing. As leaders on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and House Foreign Affairs Committee, they play a role in authorizing the funds each year.

For me,  I feel that we must use our military and economic financial aid as a leverage to get Pakistan to comply to our wishes.

For starters,  Congress could require the administration to certify that Pakistan is cooperating with the bin Laden investigation as well as adding  financial strings to the Blackhawk helicopter tail that Pakistan needs to send back to the US pronto and their willingness to dismantle their nuclear capabilities.

Negotiation is critical in this manner and I hope Senator John Kerry (D-MA) who is over in Pakistan can reason with our so-called friends. If the Pakistanis want to focus on the fact that their sovereignty was breached even though they were harboring terrorists;  then perhaps we need to start cutting their economic/military aid in percentages with the willingness to drop it to zero altogether.

We have to be careful, though, because if we remove the aid before we get the helicopter back- the Pakistanis will most likely sell our military intelligence to China.

Its most definitely a tricky situation but one that can be manipulated if we handle our financial aid to Pakistan accordingly.

SOUND OFF: Do you think we should eliminate the $7.5 billion that we are spending to help Pakistan? Should we cut military aid, economic aid or both and why?

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BREAKING NEWS in Libya: Qaddafi’s son, Saif al-Arab was killed in NATO night strike.

In an attempt at a straight up NATO execution- style night strike with 3 missiles; Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi’s compound was attacked by NATO members; resulting in killing Qaddafi’s youngest son, Saif al-Arab (29 yrs old) and 3 of his grandchildren.

The attack struck the house of Qaddafi ‘s youngest son, Seif al-Arab, when Qaddafi and his wife were inside.

Seif al-Arab Qaddafi , 29, was the youngest son of Gadhafi and brother of the better known Seif al-Islam Gadhafi, who had been referred to as a reformist before the uprising began in mid-February. The younger Gadhafi had spent much of his time in Germany in recent years and was not as into politics as other members of his family.

It is said that Qaddafi and his wife were not seriously injured in the attack.

Medic Abdel-Monem Ibsheir considered the strike a form of justice.

“Qaddafi was not far away, meaning he’s not safe,” he said as as  explosions were heard in the background,  “It’s just like our children getting hit here. Now his children are getting hit there.”

Has Qaddafi’s son and grandchildren really been affected by the night time air strike or is it more lip service by the Libyan leader in an attempt to stall NATO operations and strike sympathy from others?  I would like to see the body of  victims as Qaddafi has a habit of lying and this case is no exception.

The fatal airstrike came just hours after Qaddafi called for a mutual cease-fire and negotiations with NATO powers to end a  6 week bombing campaign stating “the door to peace is open.”

You are the aggressors. We will negotiate with you. Come, France, Italy, U.K., America, come to negotiate with us. Why are you attacking us?” asked Qaddafi.

He also railed against foreign intervention, saying Libyans have the right to choose their own political system, but not “under the threat of NATO bombings.”

The problem here is that Qaddafi talks about a cease fire but is found to be an aggressor; so essentially when people try to honor the cease fire- that is when he goes in for the kill (literally).

This has been his 4th/5th (Ive lost track now) of his pleas for a cease fire. Actions speak louder than words.

Qaddafi cant say that peace is possible when he’s bombing Misrata.

NATO has promised to continue its operations until Qaddafi stops attacking and threatening his people and all of Qaddafi’s forces return to their bases and stand down. In addition, full humanitarian access must be granted before NATO stands down.

I dont see this happening. Qaddafi is far to fearsome of regime change for him to let up for even one minute.

What I want to know is WHO within NATO launched the missiles?  I thought that it was agreed upon by the UN/NATO that strikes would be limited to command centers only?  Who changed the direction and what is the new exit strategy? If anybody knows, please email me directly at

Now I am waiting to see how Qaddafi responds. He can do 1 of 2 things. 1) He will be MAD and retaliate with force or 2) He will shriek back as that attack was too close for comfort or 3) He will utilize this “sympathy time” to gather his intelligence; as this report of fatalities were nothing but a ploy on Qaddafi’s part.

I pray its #2 but I cant help but to think that he will run with #1. Only time will tell that true implications of our involvement in this war but I can already tell you that Obama’s name will NOT be seen in a favorable light.

Who am I kidding? Obama’s name is NOT seen in a favorable light now. I think that Obama and Qaddafi are quite similar in the sense how they say one thing and then do the EXACT opposite.  Does anybody else see that correlation?

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ATTN MILITARY- SB 724 has garnished 61 votes (list inside) allowing military to get paid despite a govt shtudown.

ATTN MILITARY- From what I understand we have garnished enough Senatorial votes needed to pass SB 724 that will entitle military members and defense contractors to get paid.

A similar bill is being pushed through the House. Will keep you updated as it develops. ♥

Here are the cosponsors of SB 724, please call their office and thank them.

For my Floridian friends, please note that Senator Bill Nelson (Democrat) is NOT on the list and vote accordingly come 2012.

However, Senator Marco Rubio has supported this legislation so a big THANK YOU goes out to Senator Rubio.

Is YOUR Senator on the list?

Sen. Alexander, Lamar [R-TN]
Sen. Ayotte, Kelly [R-NH]
Sen. Barrasso, John [R-WY]
Sen. Baucus, Max [D-MT]
Sen. Bennet, Michael [D-CO]
Sen. Bingaman, Jeff [D-NM]
Sen. Blumenthal, Richard [D-CT]
Sen. Blunt, Roy [R-MO]
Sen. Boozman, John [R-AR]
Sen. Brown, Scott [R-MA]
Sen. Burr, Richard [R-NC]
Sen. Casey, Robert P., Jr. [D-PA]
Sen. Chambliss, Saxby [R-GA]
Sen. Coats, Daniel [R-IN]
Sen. Collins, Susan M. [R-ME]
Sen. Corker, Bob [R-TN]
Sen. Cornyn, John [R-TX]
Sen. Crapo, Mike [R-ID]
Sen. DeMint, Jim [R-SC]
Sen. Durbin, Richard [D-IL]
Sen. Ensign, John [R-NV]
Sen. Enzi, Michael B. [R-WY]
Sen. Graham, Lindsey [R-SC]
Sen. Grassley, Chuck [R-IA]
Sen. Hagan, Kay [D-NC]
Sen. Hatch, Orrin G. [R-UT]
Sen. Hoeven, John [R-ND]
Sen. Inhofe, James M. [R-OK]
Sen. Isakson, Johnny [R-GA]
Sen. Johanns, Mike [R-NE]
Sen. Johnson, Tim [D-SD]
Sen. Johnson, Ron [R-WI]
Sen. Kirk, Mark [R-IL]
Sen. Klobuchar, Amy [D-MN]
Sen. Kyl, Jon [R-AZ]
Sen. Lee, Mike [R-UT]
Sen. Lieberman, Joe [ID-CT]
Sen. Lugar, Richard [R-IN]
Sen. Manchin, Joe [D-WV]
Sen. McConnell, Mitch [R-KY]
Sen. Moran, Jerry [R-KS]
Sen. Murkowski, Lisa [R-AK]
Sen. Portman, Rob [R-OH]
Sen. Pryor, Mark [D-AR]
Sen. Risch, James E. [R-ID]
Sen. Roberts, Pat [R-KS]
Sen. Rockefeller, Jay [D-WV]
Sen. Rubio, Marco [R-FL]
Sen. Sessions, Jeff [R-AL]
Sen. Shelby, Richard [R-AL]
Sen. Snowe, Olympia J. [R-ME]
Sen. Stabenow, Debbie [D-MI]
Sen. Tester, John [D-MT]
Sen. Thune, John [R-SD]
Sen. Toomey, Pat [R-PA]
Sen. Udall, Mark [D-CO]
Sen. Udall, Tom [D-NM]
Sen. Vitter, David [R-LA]
Sen. Warner, Mark [D-VA]

Attached is SB 724, if you want to read it in its entirety.


Libyan Questions that MUST be answered before we continue with Operation Odyssey Dawn.

A multi phased mission, deceivingly named Operation Odyssey Dawn, involves several nations with the lead position being held by the US, the French and the British military forces against Muammar Qaddafi forces in Libya, after the nations became convinced that the Libyan leader was not adhering to a United Nations mandated cease fire.

The United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Qatar, Kuwait and Jordan have also agreed to provide humanitarian or logistical support.

Together- US & Britain launched 128 Tomahawk missiles on areas of deemed “threat” by Pro Qaddafi forces.

With the UN’s help- Libyan opposition forces claimed victory Saturday over Muammar Qaddafi’s forces in a strategically located in the Eastern city but the battle in the West raged as loyalists tanks resumed shelling Misrata, the city next to Tripoli (Libyas capital) and are setting up camp, after a recent victory for the opposition, in Ajdabiya.

With the importance of Ajdabiya and its strategic location that sits on the path to Tripoli, this could be seen as a turning point favoring Anti-Qaddafi protesters with the Western gate falling on Thursday and the Western  Gate falling on Friday

However, at this point it still is yet to be determined WHO the Anti-Qaddafi protesters actually are?

A number of on the ground contacts state that the leadership falls under Al Qaeda with Hezbollah and Hamas thrown in for extra volatility.

At this point, Britain & France have stated that a no fly zone has been established with Italy pushing for all the nations involved to fall under NATO command.

A NATO structure is still being finalized at this point, however it is said that the US would report to Canadian Lt. General  Bouchard who will be assigned as the joint task force commander (which pleases me greatly as I am French-Canadian) and one thing that I can tell you about Canadians is that they have a great appreciation for the US as their Southern neighbor. I feel that we would be in “safe” hands.

Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said in a news conference that “NATO is in the beginning stages of operation.”

However, it is at THIS point that the United States should retreat and get our bearings together. To continue this fight without huddling back in the US would be a GRAVE mistake.

Before we even continue doing ANYTHING with Libya, Obama MUST get congressional approval and explain to the American People , where much disapproval abounds, a long term plan AND budget, how much this war is going to cost, and an exit strategy.

Let’s learn from our war in Afghanistan and not fight a fuzzy battle of “hope and change”. We need clear cut definition and directive not to mention a declaration of war, as required in the US Constitution, if Congress approves this costly action.

We need to gather our bearings as Obama has said one thing about the war but does the exact opposite. This is not news to us who have been following Obama since the 2010 election. This is a pattern of his; however, now its serious because our US military service men & women lives are stake.

There are several questions that need to be answered before we continue with military operations in Libya. For example;

1. The name Operation Odyssey Dawn.  Is Obama not aware of Homer’s Ilaid and Odyssey where Odysessus travels almost 10 years to get back home to Ithaca? But if you ask Obama, he sees our involvement will be quick. There’s a disconnect. What is the timeline for our involvement in Libya? Obama said it will be “short” but there are serious long term implications if we wage war with Libya as we are all interconnected.

2.  Obama did not consult with Congress before going into this war. He did not set forth a long term plan, budget or exit strategy. It is unclear as to how much this war will cost us. What we do know is that it costs approximately $575, 000 for each cruise missile fired.

At this point, there were 112 confirmed missiles fired and then 16 missiles were said to be fired in a second round (AFTER Obama said he would not send any more missiles because of the exorbitant cause and massive amount of innocent Libyan lives).

That comes to 128 Tomahawk Cruise missiles being fired which results in a WHOPPING $73.6 MILLION.  That price does not include the overhead and maintenance costs of our Airforce & Navy.

3. Obama states that his goal is to get rid of Qaddafi’s power but not Qaddafi. Oh; so we are just going to make Qaddafi angry enough to ban oil exports to the US?  Is Obama planning on having a divided Libya where Qaddafi controls the West side and the unknown rebels control the East? How is this supposed to work in our benefit again?

4. Where is the Arab League? Qater has flown fighter jets overhead but that is the only member who has stepped up to the plate. They asked for our help, as most of you know, I have stated since the beginning that we SHOULD NOT TAKE A ROLE LEAD IN LIBYA. Yet, that is EXACTLY what we are doing. This is not OUR fight. We need to step back and let Libya decide the history of Libya.

5. Where does  Saudi Arabia, Germany, Turkey and Italy stand in this fight?  Can we count on their support? Would they be willing to be a lead player in this human rights correction?

6. If we are going to war with Libya because of a human rights violation- do we set the same standard for the other middle east countries doing the same thing? At present count, I have noted 11 areas of disrest. 1. Afghanistan 2. Iraq 3. Tunisia 4. Egypt 5. Libya 6. Bahrain 7. Jordan 8. Yemen 9. Algeria  10. Iran and now 11. Syria.

7. What is the operational budget and how much it is going to cost us taxpayers? I know its  a hard concept for Obama to grasp but money does not grow on trees.

8. What is the exit strategy? How can we avoid another Afghanistan or Vietnam?

9. Who are these Anti-Qaddafi forces really? What do we know about them? From I understand they are a mixture of Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas.

If that is the case, why are we going to support them? Their way of life is VERY different from ours- do you really think they will cater to the US like Libya has?? Really? Im sure their definition of freedom is VERY different than our definition.

We need to do a serious background check on these people before we commit time, money, arms and military.

10. If we get into this war, is there a possibility of WW3?  As it looks to me, I see two very distinct sides of this equation.

On one side, stands the US, Israel, Jordan, Yemen, France, Britain, Europe, Canada, South Korea (hopefully Saudi Arabia), Italy, Japan and the Arab League

Against Group B-of  Libya, Old Egypt, Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Iran, North Korea, Russia (and more than likely, China).

Read more about the WW3 implications by visiting:

Does anybody else see this potential line up?  If this happens, what are the repercussions and cost of that?! How can WW3 be avoided if we do decide (which I advise AGAINST) to get involved in Libya.

11. Are we prepared to lose Libya’s oil supply? What steps can we do to lessen our foreign dependence on oil?  I can hear the drill baby drill crowd chanting and I am supportive of drilling in preapproved areas as long as we dont add any NEW drilling in the Gulf.  So what other means are available? Plenty and the majority of them can be implemented simulatenously.

So many, in fact, I created a radio show especially to showcase how we can lower our gas cost. Listen here by visiting:

There are many questions that need to be answered and Obama needs to be honest about his stance and his vision of the US involvement in Libya.

So what can WE do about it? For starters, you can contact:

Obama’s staff directly at 1-202-456-1111. Try it, you get to talk to a live person. I  have memorized this number, I call it so much.

Tell them that we need to regroup and figure out the long term plan and exit strategy as well as the cost and the increase in taxes (its either an increase in taxing or cutting more programs to balance!) and how us going into Libya in an attempt to get cheaper oil is a risky investment and not one that you are willing to take, not with a $14.3 trillion dollar debt haunting our children and grandchildren and no clear definition, direction, exit strategy or budget.

Also, make it a point to contact your Senators and Representatives to put more pressure on them and encourage them to stand up against President Obama (we elected them to be our voice!)

Representative Search:
Senate Search:

Finally, dont be afraid to contact your local news media and speak up! The Truth needs to be heard and it is up to US to deliver it. You can do it, I believe in you. If you need help getting started, email me at and Ill help point you in the right direction.

Obama may have preached about hope and change and while change is certainly occurring. I have found many people to have lost their hope and that is a dangerous slippery slope that must be avoided at all costs.

Stay hopeful, stay faithful- Together we will solve this problem and work towards bettering our children’s future. That I promise you.

Copyright (c) March 26, 2011. All rights reserved.

Good news for US veterans searching for a job in New York State.

Senator Charles Schumer is backing an online campaign to help veterans find jobs.

The senator is unveiling a campaign to connect unemployed veterans from Upstate New York with area businesses via the Internet.

He is encouraging businesses to post job listings on the Employer Partnership of the Armed Forces website. Currently only 37 businesses partner with the site for the more than 50,000 estimated jobless veterans in New York State.

The Employer Partnership of the Armed Forces website – – was created by Lt. Gen. Jack Stultz, Chief, Army Reserve and lists jobs nationwide by employers seeking veterans often linked to the skills they learned in the service.

Good luck and may God bless you in your endeavor!

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO & Commentary: Libyan protesters regaining control, thanks to the UN.


The barrage of attacks led by France, Britain and the US on Libya’s army, air bases and other military targets for a second day drew threats of a prolonged war from Qaddafi himself.

However, Qaddafi’s troops on the ground are in  disarray and fleeing in fear of further attacks from a new and unseen enemy.

The air bombardment is regarded among rebel military commanders as creating a more level battle field by removing Qaddafi’s advantage of heavy armour.

“There must be more attacks, to destroy his forces and heavy weapons,” said Kamal Mustafa Mahmoud, a rebel soldier on the edge of Benghazi. “Then they can leave Gaddafi to us. We know how to fight him but we are afraid of his heavy weapons. I want them to destroy the ground forces of Qaddafi.”

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who has opposed the U.S. getting involved in the Libyan uprising had a few words of warning today.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the U.S. military campaign against Libya’s Muammar Qaddafi should be limited to the terms of a United Nations resolution of protecting the people rather than being broadened to target the leader directly.

The coalition with the U.K., France and Arab countries relies on the terms laid out in the UN Security Council resolution adopted last week, Gates told reporters traveling with him to Russia today on a trip he delayed yesterday so he could monitor the start of “Operation Odyssey Dawn.”

“If we start adding additional objectives, then I think we create a problem in that respect,” Gates said. “I also think that it is unwise to set as specific goals things that you may or may not be able to achieve.”

The Pentagon chief also cautioned against getting too involved in the internal conflict of that country, saying the internal conflict should be left to be resolved by Libyans themselves.

Lat Sunday,  French and British forces expanded their bombing campaign with smoke billowing from Qaddafi’s massive Bab Azizia residential compound shortly after an earth-shaking explosion. Rounds of antiaircraft and tracer fire lit up the night for the third time in less than 24 hours.

In an effort to help the French, British & Arab League- the US changed their direction of air defense to expanding their strikes to include attacks on Libyan ground forces that threaten civilians or are able to shoot down planes enforcing a no-fly zone, a senior U.S. military official said.

War within the Democratic Party

A hard-core group of liberal House Democrats is questioning the constitutionality of U.S. missile strikes against Libya, with one lawmaker raising the prospect of impeachment during a Democratic Caucus conference call on Saturday.

Reps. Jerrold Nadler (N.Y.), Donna Edwards (Md.), Mike Capuano (Mass.), Dennis Kucinich (Ohio), Maxine Waters (Calif.), Rob Andrews (N.J.), Sheila Jackson Lee (Texas), Barbara Lee (Calif.) and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D.C.) “all strongly raised objections to the constitutionality of the president’s actions” during that call.

Kucinich even suggested that Obama had committed an impeachable offense. Ralf Nader agrees with a strong argument for impeachment due to war crimes in Afghanistan.

Speaker of the House John Boehner, Senator John McCain and Minister Farrakhan have made critical remarks.

At first, I was apprehensive with enforcing a no fly zone over Libya.  I feel that it will be more difficult for us to reach our objective since we waited long enough for Qaddafi to re-establish control.

I do applaud our military commanders on run a strict air and water battle with no forces on the ground. That is left best to the Libyan people who know the area like the back of their hand.

One thing is certain- now that President Obama has included our country to participate in the attacks on Qaddafi- we need to go smart or go home.

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Trials to resume in GITMO while Obama looks to move trials to US soil.

President Barack Obama’s decision to resume military trials for detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, will open the door for the prosecution there of several suspected 9/11 conspirators, including alleged mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Obama’s order, which reverses his move two years ago to halt new trials, has reignited arguments over the legality of the military commissions.

Fierce congressional opposition to trying Mohammed and other Guantanamo detainees in the United States, which would essentially threaten the safety of Americans by bringing their terrorist to their front door,  left Obama with few options in which he defaulted on his campaign promise of closing down Guantanamo within a year of his coming into office.

Currently, a handful of detainees have been charged in connection with the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on America, including Mohammed. However, the charges were dismissed following Obama’s decision to halt military commissions in January 2009.

The first Guantanamo trial likely to proceed under Obama’s new order would involve Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, the alleged mastermind of the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole. Al-Nashiri, a Saudi of Yemeni descent, has been imprisoned at Guantanamo since 2006.

Defense officials have said that of around 170 detainees at Guantanamo, about 80 are expected to face trial by military commission.

More than two dozen detainees have been charged there, and so far six detainees have been convicted and sentenced. They include Ali Hamza al-Bahlul, Osama bin Laden’s media specialist, who told jurors he had volunteered to be the 20th Sept. 11 hijacker. He is serving a life sentence at Guantanamo.

Meanwhile, the first Guantanamo detainee tried in civilian court – in New York – was convicted in November on just one of more than 280 charges that he took part in the al-Qaida bombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa. That case ignited strident opposition to any further such trials.

Monday’s announcement also included a process for periodically reviewing the status of detainees held at the prison.

That’s an effort to resolve one of the central dilemmas at Guantanamo Bay: what to do when the government thinks a prisoner is too dangerous to be released but either can’t prove it in court or doesn’t want to reveal national security secrets in trying to prosecute him? The answer, the White House said, is that the U.S. will hold those men indefinitely, without charges, but will review their cases periodically.

While I am all for prosecuting terrorists in a timely manner– what happened to the law “innocent until proven guilty?” We cant just hold people indefinitely without any condemnation. Think of the slippery slope that could create!

However, I am in full support of keeping GITMO open as stated in my blogs, Keep GITMO open! and Block federal funds to move GITMO detainees to the US as long as the holdings and hearings are done in a respectful and quick manner.

On a side note,  it strikes me as odd that President Obama is reopening GITMO for trials yet in the same breath states that he is seeking to overturn a bill that was signed into law in January blocking federal funds that would move GITMO detainees to the US.

Proving to me once again, that in order to learn what is really going on- one must watch President Obama’s actions as his words tend to be the complete opposite of what he is actually doing.

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Defense Secretary, Robert Gates surprised visit to Afghanistan with talk of troop withdrawal.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates landed in Kabul on Monday for an unannounced visit to assess the progress of the war in Afghanistan to prepare for the Obama administration’s forthcoming decisions on troop reductions.

Gates is scheduled to meet with Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in the country, and to talk with some of the 100,000 U.S. troops there. He will also sit down with Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

Regardless of what he sees and how combat progresses, Gates said Monday that U.S. and Afghan officials agree the American presence in Afghanistan will need to continue beyond the planned end of combat operations in 2014.
“Obviously it would be a small fraction of the presence that we have today, but I think we’re willing to do that,” he said. “My sense is, they are interested in having us do that.”

Gates also said the U.S. and Afghan governments have begun negotiating a security partnership.

Defense Department spokesman Geoff Morrell told reporters traveling with Gates from Washington that the secretary wants to get a first-hand sense of changes on the ground that have happened since he last visited Afghanistan in December.

The United States has committed to initiating a drawdown of troops this summer, but the magnitude of that pullout depends in part on what Gates sees during his visit this week.

President Barack Obama committed to a withdrawal of some troops by this July when he sent a 30,000-troop surge to Afghanistan in December 2009.

Morell said Gates expects to hear that U.S. and NATO strategy is making progress in fighting the Taliban.

For weeks, U.S. commanders have been saying that the Taliban are suffering major losses in territory and people.

This is Gates’s 13th trip to Afghanistan as defense secretary and probably among his last, since he’s said he plans to retire before the end of the year.

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