READ BETWEEN THE LINES: What Obama was really saying at the 2012 White House Correspondents Dinner.


What was once considered a great way to promote journalism education, the 2012 White House Correspondents Dinner (WHCD) was turned into a joke on everyone, including Obama himself.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Introduction 

Jimmy Kimmel leaped to the stage  like  a joker juggling balls of fire and launching them at people in the audience for 24 long minutes.

Anybody who was anybody was knocked down in a form of deprecating humor, including Obama himself with Kimmel greeting Obama with “Shalom”  and continuing throughout his speech throwing one liners at Obama while encouraging him to legalize marijuana and urging people to not engage in a nuclear war with Iran and demoralizing Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netaynuhu.

In mostly bad humor, Jimmy Kimmel had a few good ones liners against Obama.  “Remember, when the Country rallied around in the hopes of a better tomorrow, that was hilarious. That was your best one yet.”  With Obama shaking his head up and down while mouthing the words, “I know.”  and ” There’s a term for someone like Barrack Obama, not 2 terms but…’  as well as his only insightful comment of the night where he states that America “use to march but now we occupy.”

Hot Mic Alert

During a slight pause in the momentum of the evening, Jay Carney (Obama’s Press Secretary) rushes up to the stage and speaks into the microphone asking for Obama’s microphone to be turned off because it was “hot” (aka live).

Another  momentary pause.  Obama recently had a hot mic on him when he spoke with the Russians saying that he needs more time to succumb to their demands since it is election season.

Obviously, that was an attempt to make a difficult situation during election season into a joke.  As the old saying goes, when in times of deflecting, laugh and point fingers. Obama does both exceptionally well.

“Nobody would notice.’ 

Tonight was no exception. Obama’s voice booms into the room before his physical arrival, singing off key and slamming celebrities attending the event with a dose of humility by bashing himself on his grayed hair with an alarming statement,  “Right now, Im like a 5 on a Just for Mens scale. I think I could go to 6 and nobody would notice.”

Oddly, this is a view that many people feel Obama acts on a Presidential day to day basis with concern to domestic and foreign affairs. Case in point- Obama’s Unconstitutional invasion into Libya without Congressional approval and violating the Wars Powers Act or slipping a government mandated health insurance clause in a 2000+ bill of Obamacare.

Obama’s jokes about his public perception.

After Obama finished making fun of himself (which, come to find out will be much needed as a forerunner to his speech)- he walks onto an American flag-less stage and proceeds to be 2 faced. Literally.  He openly and warmly greets the same people that, two minutes, he called out.   Almost everyone laughs, as if it is hilarious.

Obama then launches into the concerns with his public image and instead of correcting or even justifying his behavior, he openly mocks the concerns by “reintroducing himself to the American People” by playing upon his poor approval rating  and public perception.

Obama jokingly comments that people blame him for blaming too many of his problems on Former President Bush and then, in the next sentence, blames Former President Bush for initiating the slippery slope of blame.

The entire speech was a series of deliberate mixed matches in speech in a more than obvious display of showmanship and acting ability.

Obama’s ‘reintroducing’ himself to the White House correspondents (journalists). 

While Obama  was ‘reintroducing himself’ in attempts to erase a negative image with his Presidency, Obama forcefully yet flippantly claims that his mother was born in Kansas, his father was born in Kenya and that he was born in Hawaii.  Obama’s deceptive smile while speaking and literal wink– left most of the audience laughing as if Obama was a stand up comedian in a past life.

Of course, people stop finding the humor in things when it looks like they are being ganged up on so, eventually, Obama turned the knife on himself and showed pictures of himself 4 years ago with a winning smile and a halo angelic effect and then 4 years later as a gray hair ridden downcast man (in attempts at a sympathy vote) and then in another 4 years, his looks were compared to the actor,Morgan Freeman. Which, again, resulted in laughter.

Obama jokes about the excessive and needless spending of the GSA.

Then, Obama jokes that he is a glad that the WHCD was not ran by the GSA (General Services Administrators) who was known for a lavish $830,000 price tag billed at the taxpayers expense.  Wasteful spending is not a joke and is part of the reason why our Country is in the serious financial difficulties that we are currently facing.

Backhanded compliments 

Obama had a way of giving out backhanded compliments, showing his ability to twist words into genuine and warm sounding compliments.  For example, congratulating the Huffington Post for winning the Pulitzer…. for not having authentic news,  linking to other websites and having a ‘great’ business model.

Obama admits to eating dog meat

Then, in an incredibly grotesque response that even left Michelle Obama looking incredulous, Obama slams Sarah Palin asking “Whats the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull?” with the answer being, “that pit bulls taste delicious.. with a little soy sauce” which was an obvious attempt at humor at the admittance of Obama eating dog meat in the wilderness in attempts to take on the characteristics of the poor, forsaken dog, in Obama’s book, “Dreams of My Father”.

Then in a sense at another attempt at humor on a sickening subject of Obama eating the dog with his father and in attempts to laugh at himself (thus validating, all rumors that he really did eat a dog), Obama declares, “my step father always told me that it was a boy eat dog world out there!”

It wasn’t funny the first time and its definitely not funny the second time. Where is PETA’s outcry in this horrendous act of animal cruelty?

A dash of class warfare to add to the mix 

An Obama speech wouldn’t be complete without a dash of class warfare. Obama further cements Romney’s perception as a 1% thus engaging Obama in his class warfare tactics by mentioning that Romney would have bought the hotel where the dinner was being held as a ‘fixer upper’, then again when saying that due to Romney having 2 degrees from Harvard, he is classified a ‘snob’ and then again, when Obama stated that Romney went to see the newly released movie, the Hunger Games (where people brutally attack each other for corporate sponsorship) in to which Obama commented sarcastically, “I bet this was a change of pace for him” and that “I didnt see it, there was not enough class warfare (in it) for me.”

Which again, resulted in everybody rip roaring Obama-is-so-funny laughter that would pierce your heart if you heard it first hand.

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Afterward, Obama mock defended himself against a  false ‘Woof PAC’,  attacking Obama for mandating a dogs right to ride on the roof of  a car,  the ‘European dog socialism’, more government handouts, more government dependency, indoctrinating our children and the left wing social agenda::: all major concerns of the American People, Obama is laughing it off with a wave of his hands, a winning smile and a wink in the eye.

Literally. Obama was winking so much at the WHCD that you would think his contact lens was dry.  Obama’s leering smile and glimmer of mischief in his eye while he tells the American People exactly what he is going to do with his 2nd term while making it sound like a joke so that the White House Correspondents know how to spin it for Obama was sickening and an obvious front on the intelligence of American People.

Obama’s admittance of a “secret agenda” during his last term in office.

Laughingly, Obama states that the Republicans think that he is going to “unleash some secret agenda for the next 4 years” in to which he leans into the microphone and says very deeply, almost demonically, “you’re absolutely right” which resulted in more laughter from the audience. How is this funny? Isn’t anybody concerned with Obama’s admittance that he has a secret agenda? Remember, behind every joke there is at least an ounce in Truth.

Then Obama jokes that with his first term, he finished the war on Iraq and with his 2nd term, his war will be on Christmas.  Is there anybody taking Obama on a literal basis or are they charmed like a snake in a basket?

Hook, line and sinker.  

Will the people see through the fog and realize that Obama just admitted what his radical tendencies will look like in a 2nd term or will they take the bait- hook, line and sinker?

With all these jokes being flung about as if we were in a comedy club, one begs the question to be asked- “who is really the punchline?”

Watch the 2012 White House Correspondence Dinner and comment below as to your thoughts!

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BREAKING NEWS: Iran Conflict

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BREAKING NEWS: Warships reportedly complete mission in the Meditterean, return to Red Sea.

BREAKING NEWS: Iranian opposition calls for protests on International Women’s Day. In related ironic news, Iran joined UN’s global body on the status of women.

BREAKING NEWS: Cleric Says House Arrest For Mousavi And Karroubi’s “Protection‎”


BREAKING NEWS: Executions: 7 yesterday in Kerman. — 1) Mohammad Nabi N., 2) Mehdi S., 3) Ali Bakhsh S., 4) Hamidreza D.,
5) Sohrab N., 6) Malek N., 7) Saeed M.


BREAKING NEWS: Followers of opposition leader and former presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi have called on supporters to take part in memorial services for two of the protesters as a means of reviving the protest movement that swept Iran in 2009.

BREAKING NEWS: Iran’s opposition has invited Iranians to attend a massive protest rally in Tehran and other cities on Sunday to mark a week since the deaths of two people in earlier demonstrations.

BREAKING NEWS: Two Iranian naval ships will sail through the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean on Monday, a Suez Canal official said, in what will be the first passage of Iranian naval ships through the canal since 1979.


BREAKING NEWS: Head of Iranian Judiciary rejected demands to arrest and execute the country’s two main opposition leaders, saying there should be a fair investigation.

BREAKING NEWS: Home of Karroubi’s son, Hossein, has been raided by 20 members of the security forces.

BREAKING NEWS: 600 family members of those arrested in Monday protests in Tehran arrived outside Evin prison, looking for information on those detained by Iranian security forces.

BREAKING NEWS: Government supporters have called a rally in Enghelab Squar, Tehran after prayer time on Friday to express “hatred” against the opposition movement.


BREAKING NEWS: 2 Iranian warships are making their way into the Suez Canal in an attempt to dock in Syria. For more information, please visit:

BREAKING NEWS: Mousavi and Karroubi both made statements online on Wednesday criticizing authorities and calling for further protests against the government.

BREAKING NEWS: Thousands of people, many of them Iranian government supporters, turned up in Tehran on Wednesday for the funeral of 26-year-old Saneh Zhaleh and started clashing with a handful of people from the sedition movement. Zhaleh was shot dead during an opposition rally in Tehran, the capital, on Monday, a killing the government blamed on anti-government protesters. But opposition groups say it was carried out by security forces.


BREAKING NEWS: Despite the attempts of governments to block communications, a Facebook page calling for “solidarity demonstrations” is creating a cyber wildfire. Hundreds of hits on the Web site, turning into thousands, turning into upwards of 12 million — 90 percent coming from Iran.

BREAKING NEWS: Peyke Iran reports 50 Abadan oil refinery workers have gone on strike to protest living/working conditions.

BREAKING NEWS: US President Obama stated, “My hope and expectation is that we’re going to continue to see the people of Iran have the courage to be able to express their yearning for greater freedoms and a more representative government, understanding that America cannot ultimately dictate what happens inside of Iran any more than it could inside of Egypt.”

BREAKING NEWS: The Iranian judiciary today announced the names of 1,500 people arrested in yesterday’s demonstrations and transferred to Evin Prison. The authorities are refusing to inform families about what’s happening to individual detainees.

BREAKING NEWS: Foreign media are banned from covering street protests in Iran.

BREAKING NEWS: Opposition website reported that similar rallies took place in the central city of Isfahan and Shiraz in the south. Security forces used force to disperse them as well.

BREAKING NEWS: Eyewitnesses said at least three protesters injured by bullets were taken to a hospital in central Tehran while dozens of others were hospitalized because of severe wounds as a result of being beaten.

BREAKING NEWS: Clashes between Iranian police and hundreds of thousands of protesters wracked central Tehran on Monday as security forces beat and fired tear gas at opposition supporters in central Tehran’s Enghelab, or Revolution, square and in Imam Hossein square, as well as in other nearby main streets. Demonstrators responded by setting garbage bins on fire to protect themselves from the stinging white clouds.

BREAKING NEWS: Ahmadinejad vowed to punish the “enemies” who organized the demonstrations, and said they were only trying “tarnish the nation’s brilliance.

BREAKING NEWS: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared Tuesday that his nation’s recent uprising is “going nowhere,” despite reports of thousands gathered in Tehran for the second day in a row.

BREAKING NEWS: Reporting from Iran proved extremely difficult Monday — foreign journalists were denied visas, accredited journalists living in the country were restricted from covering the demonstrations and internet speeds slowed to a crawl in an apparent attempt to both limit protest organizing and restrict information from being transmitted out of the country.

BREAKING NEWS: Iranian lawmakers denounced Monday’s protests in Tehran and called for the execution of two opposition leaders, Moussavi and Karroubi,  for inciting the demonstrations.

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. State Department began sending Twitter messages in Farsi in the hopes of reaching social media users in Iran. On the Twitter account, USA darFarsi, the department told Iranians, “We want to join in your conversation.”

BREAKING NEWS: US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, Clinton warns of USA support for Revolutionaries using internet to protest and encourages government officials to keep the internet turned on.


Breaking news below videos.

Video 2/14/2011- Look for the motorbike coming up on your right and then the tear gas that is dispersed shortly thereafter.

Video 2/14/2011- Protesters making barricades in Tehran on 25 Bahman. They chant: “Death to Khamenei”


BREAKING NEWS: Suppressive forces surrounded a large of people inside the Student’s Park, not allowing them to leave the area.

BREAKING NEWS: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hails ‘courage’ and ‘aspirations’ of anti-government protesters in Iran. 

BREAKING NEWS: At least 10,000 security forces who used tear gas, rubber bullets and pepper spray.

BREAKING NEWS: Susan Mohammadkhani Ghiasvand has been arrested.

BREAKING NEWS: Residences of former President Mohammad Khatami and former Vice President Abdollah Nouri are “under siege”.

BREAKING NEWS: Some say they want to stay in squares like Egyptians, others are coming back tomorrow after 3pm.

BREAKING NEWS: At Ferdowsi Sq. people are screaming, “With one-way ticket – Khamenei shall go!”

BREAKING NEWS: Protests are also being  held in other cities across Iran including Isfahan, Shiraz and Kermanshah.

BREAKING NEWS: Amnesty International criticized Iranian authorities for breaking up a banned rally and making dozens of arrests in Tehran on Monday saying the crackdown was aimed at blocking the work of activists and stifling dissent.

BREAKING NEWS: Iran courts to target “media crimes” spurring fears of fresh crackdowns on journalists.

BREAKING NEWS: Witnesses report street lights being cut off & security beating ppl under cover of dark.

BREAKING NEWS: Main opposition websites in #Iran inc. currently down. Suspected DDoS attacks

BREAKING NEWS: Mohsen Barzegar & Hossein Zarrabi arrested.

BREAKING NEWS: The side streets heading to the Azadi Ave. and Sq. are closed.

BREAKING NEWS: Report from Tehran Square: Military helping protesters for the 1st time in 32 years.

BREAKING NEWS: Iran protesters are talking about holding demonstrations everyday between now & Chahar Shanbeh Souri fire festival in a month.

BREAKING NEWS: Around 300 people just got attacked at human-rights march. they just fired straight at our car.

BREAKING NEWS: Iran appoints new atomic chief-Abbasi Davani.

BREAKING NEWS: Central Tehran reported in the hands of the Greens. Aryashahri’s putting up barricades, tires on fire.

BREAKING NEWS: Crowds swell to tens of thousands – walk quietly towards Azadi square.

BREAKING NEWS: Organizers of Tehran’s popular Fajr theatre festival canceled street plays planned for Monday, on concerns over the safety of artists and audiences amid the gatherings.

BREAKING NEWS: Karroubi under house arrest.

BREAKING NEWS: Gates of Sharif University,within walking distance of Azadi Square, have been locked since 4pm.

BREAKING NEWS: Iran media black out, phone lines cut.

BREAKING NEWS: The foreign media has been banned by authorities from on-the-spot reporting of the gatherings.

BREAKING NEWS: Riot police on Monday fired tear gas and shot paintballs at protesters who turned what they said was a Tehran rally in support of Arab uprisings into an anti-government demonstration.

BREAKING NEWS: At least 250 people arrested.

BREAKING NEWS: Thousands demonstrate in Iran, despite government ban. The clashes broke out at Tehran’s prominent Azadi (Freedom) Square when crowds of opposition supporters began chanting “Death to Dictator!”

BREAKING NEWS: Riot police on motorbikes armed with shotguns, tear gas, batons, paintball guns and fire extinguishers deployed in key squares in the capital to prevent protests.

BREAKING NEWS: Iranian authorities had earlier surrounded the house of opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi to prevent him from attending the rally.