READ BETWEEN THE LINES: What Obama was really saying at the 2012 White House Correspondents Dinner.


What was once considered a great way to promote journalism education, the 2012 White House Correspondents Dinner (WHCD) was turned into a joke on everyone, including Obama himself.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Introduction 

Jimmy Kimmel leaped to the stage  like  a joker juggling balls of fire and launching them at people in the audience for 24 long minutes.

Anybody who was anybody was knocked down in a form of deprecating humor, including Obama himself with Kimmel greeting Obama with “Shalom”  and continuing throughout his speech throwing one liners at Obama while encouraging him to legalize marijuana and urging people to not engage in a nuclear war with Iran and demoralizing Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netaynuhu.

In mostly bad humor, Jimmy Kimmel had a few good ones liners against Obama.  “Remember, when the Country rallied around in the hopes of a better tomorrow, that was hilarious. That was your best one yet.”  With Obama shaking his head up and down while mouthing the words, “I know.”  and ” There’s a term for someone like Barrack Obama, not 2 terms but…’  as well as his only insightful comment of the night where he states that America “use to march but now we occupy.”

Hot Mic Alert

During a slight pause in the momentum of the evening, Jay Carney (Obama’s Press Secretary) rushes up to the stage and speaks into the microphone asking for Obama’s microphone to be turned off because it was “hot” (aka live).

Another  momentary pause.  Obama recently had a hot mic on him when he spoke with the Russians saying that he needs more time to succumb to their demands since it is election season.

Obviously, that was an attempt to make a difficult situation during election season into a joke.  As the old saying goes, when in times of deflecting, laugh and point fingers. Obama does both exceptionally well.

“Nobody would notice.’ 

Tonight was no exception. Obama’s voice booms into the room before his physical arrival, singing off key and slamming celebrities attending the event with a dose of humility by bashing himself on his grayed hair with an alarming statement,  “Right now, Im like a 5 on a Just for Mens scale. I think I could go to 6 and nobody would notice.”

Oddly, this is a view that many people feel Obama acts on a Presidential day to day basis with concern to domestic and foreign affairs. Case in point- Obama’s Unconstitutional invasion into Libya without Congressional approval and violating the Wars Powers Act or slipping a government mandated health insurance clause in a 2000+ bill of Obamacare.

Obama’s jokes about his public perception.

After Obama finished making fun of himself (which, come to find out will be much needed as a forerunner to his speech)- he walks onto an American flag-less stage and proceeds to be 2 faced. Literally.  He openly and warmly greets the same people that, two minutes, he called out.   Almost everyone laughs, as if it is hilarious.

Obama then launches into the concerns with his public image and instead of correcting or even justifying his behavior, he openly mocks the concerns by “reintroducing himself to the American People” by playing upon his poor approval rating  and public perception.

Obama jokingly comments that people blame him for blaming too many of his problems on Former President Bush and then, in the next sentence, blames Former President Bush for initiating the slippery slope of blame.

The entire speech was a series of deliberate mixed matches in speech in a more than obvious display of showmanship and acting ability.

Obama’s ‘reintroducing’ himself to the White House correspondents (journalists). 

While Obama  was ‘reintroducing himself’ in attempts to erase a negative image with his Presidency, Obama forcefully yet flippantly claims that his mother was born in Kansas, his father was born in Kenya and that he was born in Hawaii.  Obama’s deceptive smile while speaking and literal wink– left most of the audience laughing as if Obama was a stand up comedian in a past life.

Of course, people stop finding the humor in things when it looks like they are being ganged up on so, eventually, Obama turned the knife on himself and showed pictures of himself 4 years ago with a winning smile and a halo angelic effect and then 4 years later as a gray hair ridden downcast man (in attempts at a sympathy vote) and then in another 4 years, his looks were compared to the actor,Morgan Freeman. Which, again, resulted in laughter.

Obama jokes about the excessive and needless spending of the GSA.

Then, Obama jokes that he is a glad that the WHCD was not ran by the GSA (General Services Administrators) who was known for a lavish $830,000 price tag billed at the taxpayers expense.  Wasteful spending is not a joke and is part of the reason why our Country is in the serious financial difficulties that we are currently facing.

Backhanded compliments 

Obama had a way of giving out backhanded compliments, showing his ability to twist words into genuine and warm sounding compliments.  For example, congratulating the Huffington Post for winning the Pulitzer…. for not having authentic news,  linking to other websites and having a ‘great’ business model.

Obama admits to eating dog meat

Then, in an incredibly grotesque response that even left Michelle Obama looking incredulous, Obama slams Sarah Palin asking “Whats the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull?” with the answer being, “that pit bulls taste delicious.. with a little soy sauce” which was an obvious attempt at humor at the admittance of Obama eating dog meat in the wilderness in attempts to take on the characteristics of the poor, forsaken dog, in Obama’s book, “Dreams of My Father”.

Then in a sense at another attempt at humor on a sickening subject of Obama eating the dog with his father and in attempts to laugh at himself (thus validating, all rumors that he really did eat a dog), Obama declares, “my step father always told me that it was a boy eat dog world out there!”

It wasn’t funny the first time and its definitely not funny the second time. Where is PETA’s outcry in this horrendous act of animal cruelty?

A dash of class warfare to add to the mix 

An Obama speech wouldn’t be complete without a dash of class warfare. Obama further cements Romney’s perception as a 1% thus engaging Obama in his class warfare tactics by mentioning that Romney would have bought the hotel where the dinner was being held as a ‘fixer upper’, then again when saying that due to Romney having 2 degrees from Harvard, he is classified a ‘snob’ and then again, when Obama stated that Romney went to see the newly released movie, the Hunger Games (where people brutally attack each other for corporate sponsorship) in to which Obama commented sarcastically, “I bet this was a change of pace for him” and that “I didnt see it, there was not enough class warfare (in it) for me.”

Which again, resulted in everybody rip roaring Obama-is-so-funny laughter that would pierce your heart if you heard it first hand.

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Afterward, Obama mock defended himself against a  false ‘Woof PAC’,  attacking Obama for mandating a dogs right to ride on the roof of  a car,  the ‘European dog socialism’, more government handouts, more government dependency, indoctrinating our children and the left wing social agenda::: all major concerns of the American People, Obama is laughing it off with a wave of his hands, a winning smile and a wink in the eye.

Literally. Obama was winking so much at the WHCD that you would think his contact lens was dry.  Obama’s leering smile and glimmer of mischief in his eye while he tells the American People exactly what he is going to do with his 2nd term while making it sound like a joke so that the White House Correspondents know how to spin it for Obama was sickening and an obvious front on the intelligence of American People.

Obama’s admittance of a “secret agenda” during his last term in office.

Laughingly, Obama states that the Republicans think that he is going to “unleash some secret agenda for the next 4 years” in to which he leans into the microphone and says very deeply, almost demonically, “you’re absolutely right” which resulted in more laughter from the audience. How is this funny? Isn’t anybody concerned with Obama’s admittance that he has a secret agenda? Remember, behind every joke there is at least an ounce in Truth.

Then Obama jokes that with his first term, he finished the war on Iraq and with his 2nd term, his war will be on Christmas.  Is there anybody taking Obama on a literal basis or are they charmed like a snake in a basket?

Hook, line and sinker.  

Will the people see through the fog and realize that Obama just admitted what his radical tendencies will look like in a 2nd term or will they take the bait- hook, line and sinker?

With all these jokes being flung about as if we were in a comedy club, one begs the question to be asked- “who is really the punchline?”

Watch the 2012 White House Correspondence Dinner and comment below as to your thoughts!

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House panel slams the breaks on Obama’s nuclear reduction

A House panel voted today to limit President Obama’s authority in reducing the nation’s nuclear arsenal.

By a 35-26 vote, the  House panel approved an amendment that would prohibit money to take nuclear weapons out of operation unless the administration provides a report to Congress on how it plans to modernize the remaining weapons.

The panel also adopted an amendment that says the president may not change the target list or move weapons out of Europe until he reports to Congress.

Does anybody else find this sad that we even have to craft legislation such as this?

Perhaps if Obama wouldnt take such drastic and controversial action without consulting Congress (much like he did (or did not do) in Libya); we wouldnt have to waste time and tax payer money drafting bills that require the President to respect his office and other legislative branches.

I am glad that the House panel pushed this on Obama with his nuclear reduction talks.

Now if only they would do something similar regarding future Libyan and Syrian operations.

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House passes GOP 2012 budget plan

On Friday, the House Republicans won a  near unanimous passage of the 2012 Budget, 235-193, a proposal to slash nearly $6 trillion over the next decade. All but 4 GOP lawmakers backed the plan.

The plan, presented by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., would cut $6.2 “T”rillion of dollars in spending and change Medicare and Medicaid programs- more than likely utilization of block granting and attempting to privatize the 2 entitlement programs with vouchers over the next 10 years.

Also, the 2012 budget plan would cut federal workforce by 10 percent and set a binding cap on total spending as a percentage of the economy.

Additionally, the 2012 budget  plan credits the fiscal commission with identifying ways to save on discretionary spending, including cutting corporate tax breaks, overhauling how the government manages real estate assets, and reducing the federal auto fleet by 20 percent.

Even though this budget has a slim chance of passing the Senate, it is commendable to see the Republicans put forth the effort to draft and pass a budget bill, something that House Democrats didn’t even bother with in 2010 (which is why we were being strung along for the past 4 months on Continuing Resolution after Continuing Resolution.)

House Majority Whip, Kevin McCarthy credited the success to an inclusive process, saying the budget was the first bill of the new Republican majority in which leaders were able to listen to members and incorporate their views.

Given the fact, that the Democrats feel that we can be taxed out of  a recession (in comparison, to the Republicans who feel that we can cut wasteful and abusive current spending to dig our way out and in which, I concur)- I  feel that this budget bill will be dead on arrival in the Senate as there are two very different ideologies at play.

However, the fact that the Republicans pushed a bill through the House not only sets spending guidelines for the future but also shows the American People that the Republicans are willing to make the hard cuts in order to ensure financial security for our children.

Now the ball is in the Democrats court.  Let’s see how they propose to get us out of this financial crisis.

Considering they havent given us a true solution with accurate analysis in over a year this will prove to be interesting.

Note to the Senate Democrats: Instead of being LAZY and taxing higher income brackets- let’s get to work and find ways to eliminate abusive and fraudulent practices in Medicare, Medicaid and Welfare so that we can reduce our funding and pay down our debt so that our children can live a life better than what we were given.

To read the GOP “Path to Prosperity” 2012 budget plan, please visit:

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ATTN MILITARY- SB 724 has garnished 61 votes (list inside) allowing military to get paid despite a govt shtudown.

ATTN MILITARY- From what I understand we have garnished enough Senatorial votes needed to pass SB 724 that will entitle military members and defense contractors to get paid.

A similar bill is being pushed through the House. Will keep you updated as it develops. ♥

Here are the cosponsors of SB 724, please call their office and thank them.

For my Floridian friends, please note that Senator Bill Nelson (Democrat) is NOT on the list and vote accordingly come 2012.

However, Senator Marco Rubio has supported this legislation so a big THANK YOU goes out to Senator Rubio.

Is YOUR Senator on the list?

Sen. Alexander, Lamar [R-TN]
Sen. Ayotte, Kelly [R-NH]
Sen. Barrasso, John [R-WY]
Sen. Baucus, Max [D-MT]
Sen. Bennet, Michael [D-CO]
Sen. Bingaman, Jeff [D-NM]
Sen. Blumenthal, Richard [D-CT]
Sen. Blunt, Roy [R-MO]
Sen. Boozman, John [R-AR]
Sen. Brown, Scott [R-MA]
Sen. Burr, Richard [R-NC]
Sen. Casey, Robert P., Jr. [D-PA]
Sen. Chambliss, Saxby [R-GA]
Sen. Coats, Daniel [R-IN]
Sen. Collins, Susan M. [R-ME]
Sen. Corker, Bob [R-TN]
Sen. Cornyn, John [R-TX]
Sen. Crapo, Mike [R-ID]
Sen. DeMint, Jim [R-SC]
Sen. Durbin, Richard [D-IL]
Sen. Ensign, John [R-NV]
Sen. Enzi, Michael B. [R-WY]
Sen. Graham, Lindsey [R-SC]
Sen. Grassley, Chuck [R-IA]
Sen. Hagan, Kay [D-NC]
Sen. Hatch, Orrin G. [R-UT]
Sen. Hoeven, John [R-ND]
Sen. Inhofe, James M. [R-OK]
Sen. Isakson, Johnny [R-GA]
Sen. Johanns, Mike [R-NE]
Sen. Johnson, Tim [D-SD]
Sen. Johnson, Ron [R-WI]
Sen. Kirk, Mark [R-IL]
Sen. Klobuchar, Amy [D-MN]
Sen. Kyl, Jon [R-AZ]
Sen. Lee, Mike [R-UT]
Sen. Lieberman, Joe [ID-CT]
Sen. Lugar, Richard [R-IN]
Sen. Manchin, Joe [D-WV]
Sen. McConnell, Mitch [R-KY]
Sen. Moran, Jerry [R-KS]
Sen. Murkowski, Lisa [R-AK]
Sen. Portman, Rob [R-OH]
Sen. Pryor, Mark [D-AR]
Sen. Risch, James E. [R-ID]
Sen. Roberts, Pat [R-KS]
Sen. Rockefeller, Jay [D-WV]
Sen. Rubio, Marco [R-FL]
Sen. Sessions, Jeff [R-AL]
Sen. Shelby, Richard [R-AL]
Sen. Snowe, Olympia J. [R-ME]
Sen. Stabenow, Debbie [D-MI]
Sen. Tester, John [D-MT]
Sen. Thune, John [R-SD]
Sen. Toomey, Pat [R-PA]
Sen. Udall, Mark [D-CO]
Sen. Udall, Tom [D-NM]
Sen. Vitter, David [R-LA]
Sen. Warner, Mark [D-VA]

Attached is SB 724, if you want to read it in its entirety.


EPA faces deadline of March 16 to propose cleanup from coal fired power plants.

According to the American Lung Association, coal-burning power plants must be cleaned up urgently to protect public health.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is facing a deadline of March 16 to propose cleanup for toxic pollution from coal-fired power plants.

Those most in danger are the young from infants through teenagers, seniors, pregnant women, and those with asthma, lung diseases, heart disease and diabetes.

In their report, “Toxic Air: The Case for Cleaning Up Coal-fired Power Plants,” the group describes the mix of toxic air pollutants that come from the plants.

The process of burning coal releases chemicals into the atmosphere that threaten not only the air Americans breathe, but the water they drink, the soil they live on and the food they eat.

EPA classifies many of these chemicals as “hazardous air pollutants” or “air toxics,” a category that means they are known or reasonably expected to harm human health or the environment or both.

Hazardous air pollutants from coal-fired power plants include:

• Acid gases, such as hydrogen chloride and hydrogen fluoride;
• Benzene, toluene and other compounds;
• Dioxins and furans;
• Formaldehyde;
• Lead, arsenic, and other metals;
• Mercury;
• Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH); and
• Radioactive materials, like radium and uranium

These emissions can make breathing difficult and can worsen asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchitis and other lung diseases. These pollutants can cause heart attacks and strokes, lung cancer and other cancers, birth defects and premature death.

Coal-fired plants and oil-fired plants that produce 25 megawatts or more of electricity for sale to the grid will be required to install “maximum achievable control technology” under the new rule.

New plants will be required to have the same level of technology as the best-controlled similar plants.

Existing plants will be required to install controls that are at least as stringent as the top 12 percent of plants in that category.

The EPA will propose these new requirements on or before March 16, 2011. The courts have required the EPA to issue the final rules by November 16, 2011.

The new regulations are expected to take effect three years from the date EPA makes them final.

Please call the White House(1-202-456-1111) and urge the President to take action in adopting these requirements as we cannot overlook air quality standards as clean air is imperative for our very existence.

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Florida Judge who declared Obamacare unconstitutional sends msg to White House with second ruling

Roger Vinson, the U.S. federal judge who ruled Obamacare unconstitutional in its entirety, has ruled again on the health-care law.

On Thursday, Judge Vinson issued a stay on his earlier ruling that the law could not be enforced.

In doing so, he sent a clear message to the Obama administration: Appeal my decision to a higher court or stop implementing the law.

When Judge Vinson ruled on Jan. 31 that the health-care law was unconstitutional, the administration followed up by filing a motion for clarification rather than filing an official appeal.

Vinson’s ruling criticized the administration for that action.

“During the four-plus weeks since entry of my order, the defendants have seemingly continued to move forward and implement the act,” Vinson wrote. “While I believe that my order was as clear and unambiguous as it could be, it is possible that the defendants may have perhaps been confused or misunderstood its import.”

Now, Vinson has given the Obama administration an ultimatum to either stop implementing the law, or appeal it – presumably to the Supreme Court.

Following Vinson’s initial ruling, Florida and Alaska stopped implementing the law. Several other states have lawsuits pending challenging its constitutionality.

Meanwhile, President Obama continues on-  completely disregarding the ruling of Florida’s District Court.

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Shariah Protest Postponed 3/3/11

“We will be postponing the call for Shariah in Washington today. Although, the call for Shariah is a universal one. It must be implemented. Immediately. Wherever we are in the world. It is not an out for us to live without the Shariah in our lives or in this society for even one day. It is necessary for us to ensure that the call is understood and made in the best way, everywhere the Muslims exist. As we can see, America today is saddenly not blessed by God.”

Really, last time I checked- Jesus Christ was my Savior and has blessed me trifold. Shariah 4 America needs to consider themselves lucky that they did not go ahead with this protest as it would have caused severe US- Muslim relations.

2 Week Continuing Resolution. Spending and earmark cuts inside.

The House Appropriations Committee  unveiled a short term Continuing Resolution (CR) to provide funds to keep the government operating over the next two weeks until a compromise can be reached on a year-long funding bill.

The CR, which includes $4 billion in spending reductions, will prevent a government-wide shut down that would occur on March 4th – if no agreement between the House, Senate and White House is reached on a longer-term funding bill.

The CR contains funding to allow all government agencies and programs to continue operating at the current level of spending for the next two weeks, until March 18, 2011, except for several programs that will be terminated or cut. (See below).

A statement from Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers,

“A government shutdown would halt critical and necessary services and programs that Americans across the country rely on, and it is not reflective of the kind of leadership that the American people expect or deserve of their representatives in Congress. While I would have greatly preferred that the Senate act on the hard-fought and thoughtfully crafted funding legislation that the House passed last week – which saves the taxpayers $100 billion compared to the President’s request – it is clear that more time is needed. This short term, two week CR will provide more time, while cutting $4 billion in spending as a symbol of our continued commitment to getting our nation’s fiscal house in order.

“It is my hope that this CR can be passed quickly in the next week and that the President will sign it before the March 4th deadline. It is also my hope that it will garner broad support, given the short timeframe for action and given that these spending cuts have been previously supported in a bipartisan way by Members of the House and Senate, as well as the White House. It is critically important that we do what the Democrat majority failed to do – complete the budget process, pass funding bills in an open and transparent fashion, reduce spending to rein in our deficits and debt, and do this all on time so that we avoid these budget uncertainties in the future.”

A summary of the $4 billion in cuts included in the two week, short term CR follows:

Program Cuts/Terminations:

This CR terminates funding for eight programs. These terminations include:

• Election Assistance Grants = -$75 million. This termination was requested in the President’s budget request. The states have yet to spend large amounts of funding provided by this program, and both the House and Senate proposed eliminating the program last year.

• Broadband Direct Loan Subsidy (U.S. Department of Agriculture) = -$29 million. No funds were requested for this program in the President’s budget request. This program is duplicative of several other federal programs, and the Agriculture Inspector General has uncovered abuses and inconsistencies in the program as well as a lack of focus on the rural communities it is intended to serve.

• Smithsonian Institution Legacy Fund = -$30 million. No funds were requested for this program in the President’s budget request. The Legacy Fund was intended as a one-time only appropriation for revitalization of the Smithsonian’s Arts and Industries Building. Sufficient private contributions were raised and the Legacy Fund monies were released in December, 2010.

• Striving Readers program (U.S. Department of Education) = -$250 million. This termination was requested in the President’s budget request. This program has a large amount of unused funds, and is essentially duplicative of the Title 1 program that provides $14 billion annually in reading assistance to at-risk students.

• LEAP program (U.S Department of Education) = -$64 million. This termination was requested in the President’s budget request. This program has accomplished its original objective of “stimulating” all states to establish need-based student grant programs, and federal aid is no longer required.

• Even Start (U.S. Department of Education) = -$66 million. This termination was requested in the President’s budget request. Three national evaluations have found that participants in this program make no greater literacy gains than non-participants. The Office of Management and Budget has identified this program as “ineffective.”

• Smaller Learning Communities (U.S. Department of Education) = -$88 million. This termination was requested in the President’s budget request. Both governmental and non-governmental research has shown no evidence that creating smaller learning communities within high schools makes a difference in academic achievement.

• Highways – Additional General Fund spending (Federal Highways Administration) = -$650 million. No funds were requested for this use in the President’s budget request. This one-time, non-recurring funding addition was provided in fiscal year 2010 and distributed to all States through the existing, authorized highway formula. Removing these funds will have no impact on the authorized, mandatory side of the highway program and its limitation of obligations.

TOTAL Terminations Savings = $1.24 billion

Earmark Terminations:

The CR eliminates funding that was made available in fiscal year 2010 that would have gone to earmarked programs and projects. These earmark cuts include:

Energy and Water

-$56 million – Army Corps of Engineers, Investigations
-$341million – Army Corps of Engineers, Construction
-$80 million – Army Corps of Engineers, Mississippi River
-$39 million – Army Corps of Engineers, Operations and Maintenance
-$38 million – Bureau of Reclamation, Water and Related Resources
-$292 million – Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)
-$13 million – Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability
-$3 million – Nuclear Energy Research and Development activities
-$37 million – Fossil Energy Research
-$77 million – Office of Science – science research
-$4 million – Defense Environmental Cleanup
-$3 million – Other Defense Activities
-$13 million – National Nuclear Security Administration – Office of the Administrator
-$0.3 million – Nuclear Nonproliferation – equipment upgrades

Homeland Security

-$1 million – DHS Undersecretary for Management – logistics training
-$1 million – Customs and Border Patrol Salaries and Expenses – solar powered batteries program
-$43 million – Customs and Border Patrol Construction – facility construction projects
-$1 million – Transportation Security Administration – National “Safe Skies” Alliance
-$4 million – Coast Guard Operations and Expenses – Operations System Center
-$17 million – Coast Guard Acquisition, Construction, and Improvements – shore construction projects
-$4 million – Coast Guard – alteration of bridges
-$20 million – National Programs and Protection Directorate – cyber-security and infrastructure projects
-$5 million – Office of Health Affairs – bio-preparedness
-$103 million – FEMA State and Local Programs – university and emergency operations center grants
-$25 million – FEMA Pre-disaster Mitigation Grants
-$41 million – Science and Technology – research projects

Labor, HHS, Education

-$49 million – Training and Employment Services
-$1 million – Mine Safety and Health Administration
-$40 million – Labor Department, Salaries and Expenses
-$397 million – Health Resources and Services
-$21 million – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
-$15 million – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
-$3 million – CMS, program management
-$21 million – Children and Families Services program
-$1 million – Child Care Development Block Grant
-$6 million – Administration on Aging
-$2 million – HHS Office of the Secretary, departmental management
-$5 million – School Improvement Programs
-$229 million – Department of Education – Innovation and Improvement
-$32 million – Safe Schools and Citizenship Education
-$22 million – Special Education
-$5 million Rehabilitation Services and Disability Research
-$129 million – Higher Education
-$16 million – Institute of Museum and Library Services

Legislative Branch

-$0.2 million – Library of Congress Salaries and Expenses – digitalization program

Transportation, Housing and Urban Development

-$22 million – HUD Neighborhood Initiatives
-$173 million – HUD Economic Development Initiative
-$293 million – Surface Transportation priorities
-$25 million – Rail Line Relocation

TOTAL Earmark Savings = $2.7 billion

TOTAL CR Spending Cuts = $4.01 billion

Note: This CR legislation is scheduled to be on the House floor today.

For a copy of the bill text, please visit

The Palestian’s reject US’s stance with Israel, says “will override”.

On a choice of good moves, the US vetoed a UN Security Council resolution that would have condemned Israeli settlements as “illegal”  in Palestine and would have called for an immediate halt to all settlement building.

All 14 other Security Council members voted in favour of the resolution, which was backed by the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), on Friday.

Mark Lyall Grant, the British ambassador to the UN, speaking on behalf of his country, France and Germany, condemned Israeli settlements in the West Bank. “They are illegal under international law,” he said.

He added that the European Union’s three biggest nations hope that an independent state of Palestine will join the UN as a new member state by September 2011.

Yet President Obama, surprisingly, felt otherwise. He VETOED the recommendation which will, certain to anger Arab countries and Palestinian supporters around the world, was a move enforcing security and just due for Israel.

The UN says it opposes settlements in principal and even further to say that the UN Security Council is not the appropriate venue for resolving the decades-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I completely agree.

“While we agree with our fellow council members and indeed with the wider world about the folly and illegitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity, we think it unwise for this council to attempt to resolve the core issues that divide Israelis and Palestinians,” Susan Rice, the US ambassador to the UN declared.

Palestinians said the veto is counterproductive to the peace process and will help Israel maintain illegal buildings. Failing to note that Palestine received their land from Israel.

Palestinan’s protests state, “He’s been saying it all throughout the protests in Eqypt; he’s been saying it all through the protests that continue to sweep across the region and the Palestinian people are saying: ‘What about us?'”

Denise Haywald, CEO of Heart of America Radio, offers this suggestion, “The Palestinians are saying “what about us?” but we need to recall that Israel has already given them part of their land and the only thing that Palestine has done is maliciously fight in the attempt of getting more.”

“If Palestinan’s want more land- then they need to talk to surrounding countries and leave Israel alone. On a side note, if Israel wants to build in Palestine areas- that should not be a problem. The Palestians should show their gratefulness towards Israel by allowing this to happen, not put up roadblocks and protest within the UN council. Nobody should feel sorry for them.”

In the White House, the Obama administration had tried to exert pressure on the Palestinian Authority to drop the UN resolution in exchange for other measures, but this was rejected by the authoirty.

The decision to back the resolution was made unanimously by the PLO’s executive and the central committee of Abbas’s Fatah movement on Friday, at a meeting to discuss Obama’s appeal to Abbas by telephone a day earlier.

“The Palestinian leadership has decided to proceed to the UN Security Council, to pressure Israel to halt settlement activities. The decision was taken despite American pressure,” said Wasel Abu Yousef, a PLO executive member.

Obama, who had said Israeli settlements in territories it captured in a 1967 war are illegal and unhelpful to the peace process, has argued that the resolution could shatter hopes of reviving the stalled talks.

In a 50-minute phone call on Thursday, he asked Abbas to drop the resolution and settle for a non-binding statement condemning settlement expansion, Palestinian officials said.

Israel says this is an excuse for avoiding peace talks and a precondition never demanded before during 17 years of negotiations, which has so far produced no agreement.

The diplomatic standoff is complicated by the effects of Middle East turmoil on the Arab League, whose members backed the resolution.

Egypt, a dominant member, and Tunisia are preoccupied with their transitions from deposed autocracies, and protests are flaring in Libya, Yemen and Bahrain.

Washington is trying to revive peace talks stalled since September over Israel’s refusal to extend a moratorium on settlement building and Abbas’s refusal to negotiate further until the Israelis freeze the illegal buildings.

One PLO official said the leadership was determined not to cave in “even if our decision leads to a diplomatic crisis with the Americans”, adding: “Now we have nothing to lose.”

Since 2000, 14 Security Council resolutions have been vetoed by one or more of the five permanent members – Britain, China, France, Russia and the US. Of those, 10 were US vetoes, nine of them related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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Egypt’s Recovery Day 2: Martial Law Imposed, Dissolvement of Parliament and Constitution.

Egypt’s generals imposed martial law on Sunday, dissolving parliament and suspending the constitution, moves that many of the protesters who helped topple President Hosni Mubarak said were necessary to excise a rotten form of government.

The sweeping actions appeared to have their desired effect of calming the national mood. Under a celebratory facade, Egypt has remained on edge since Mubarak was forced to resign Friday, as uncertainty grew over the revolution’s next stages.

In a written statement, the Supreme Military Council, led by Field Marshal Mohammed Tantawi, said the military rule was temporary and would last until elections are held, possibly as soon as six months from now. A new set of guiding laws will be drafted by an appointed committee and made subject to a popular referendum.

The parliament disbanded by the military had been a rubber-stamp body dominated by ruling-party members who prevailed in rigged November elections. The constitution had also been skewed heavily in favor of Mubarak’s regime.

It remains far from clear how quickly elections might be held in Egypt. The well-organized Muslim Brotherhood, officially banned under Mubarak, have pressed for speedy elections. Some democracy activists have said that it might take much more than six months to prepare for a fair contest.

Some unrest continued in Cairo, as about 500 police officers, demanding higher wages, marched through Tahrir Square and blocked the entrance to the Interior Ministry. Workers at state banks held sit-ins, forcing Egypt’s central bank to declare Monday a bank holiday. The antiquities-rich Egyptian Museum reported that two statues of King Tutankhamen and 16 other artworks had been looted.

“Our concern now is security, to bring security back to the Egyptian citizen,” Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq said after presiding over a meeting of the caretaker cabinet. “That sense has been lost since the beginning of the events. It’s been coming back, but not as quickly as we hoped.”

Before the session, workers removed a huge portrait of Mubarak that had kept watch over the meeting room.

Unlike the police and other domestic security forces that Mubarak used to brutalize his political foes, the armed forces are seen by many Egyptians as their protectors and saviors. The military permitted protests to unfold peacefully during the 18-day revolution. Many soldiers and officers made clear that their sympathies lay with the people.

For the near term, at least, the man running the country is Tantawi, 75, a close ally of Mubarak’s who served under him as defense minister and commander in chief of the armed forces. The military council’s communique said Tantawi would function as Egypt’s head of state in international relations.

Retired military officers and analysts described Tantawi as pragmatic and conservative, with no visible political aspirations. They said he has the support of other senior commanders, including Lt. Gen. Sami Enan, the armed forces’ chief of staff.

What happens next is anybody’s guess. The only thing we can do is sit, watch and pray that the Light emerges from the darkness.

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