GUEST COMMENTARY: The Law of the Sea treaty will sink America’s economy.

The Law of the Sea treaty will sink America’s economy.

Guest Commentary By: Senator Orrin Hatch and Senator John Cornyn


Americans despise taxes.  After all, one of the key issues that paved the way for the American Revolution was the unfair taxation that King George III levied against the Colonies.

Now some in the US Senate want to say yes to an international tax.  It would be the first time in history that an international organization would possess taxing authority, and it would amount to billions of American dollars being transferred out of the US Treasury.

The U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea, or the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) is the vehicle through which such taxes would be imposed on U.S.-based commercial enterprises.

The treaty that Reagan refused to sign in 1982 is reappearing once again in the Senate.  The truth is, LOST contains numerous provisions that hurt the U.S. economy at a time when we need more jobs – not fewer.

Under the guise of being for “the good of mankind, ” LOST would obligate the United States to share information and technology in what amounts to global taxes and technology transfer requirements that are really nothing more than an attempt to redistribute U.S. wealth to the Third World.

At the center of these taxes and transfers is the International Seabed Authority (ISA), a Kingston, Jamaica based supra-national governing body established by the treaty for the purpose of redistributing cash and technology from the “developed world” to the “developing world.”

Ceding authority to the ISA would mean that the sovereignty currently held by the U.S. over the natural resources located on large parts of the continental shelf would be lost.  That loss would mean lost revenue for the US government in the form of lost royalties that the U.S. government collects from the production of those resources. According to the U.S. Extended Continental Shelf Task Force, which is currently mapping the continental shelf, the resources there “may be worth billions if not trillions” of dollars.

In case proponents of LOST have not noticed, the US is over $15 trillion in debt, and we still have more than 20 million Americans who can’t find a job. The last thing we need to do redistribute funds from our country to our economic and strategic competitors.

To make matters worse, the US would have no control over how or to whom the taxes and technology would be redistributed.

Undoubtedly funds that rightfully belong to the American taxpayer would be sent to corrupt governmental regimes, make dictators wealthier, and could even be used for activities directed against the United States and our interests.

Under the treaty, the transfer of these funds does not end with nation states.  These royalty revenues would even be extended to “peoples who have not attained full independence or other self-governing status.”  That means groups like the Palestinian Authority and potentially other groups with terrorist ties.

Proponents of the treaty will claim that the technology transfer portion of the treaty has been significantly changed.  In truth, nations with mining and resource recovery technologies like the United States will be obligated to share those technologies with Third World competitors, and that is one of the many issues, which trouble those of us opposed to the treaty.

In other words, US companies would be forced to give away the very types of innovation that historically have made our nation a world leader while fueling our economic engine.

Under the best of US economic circumstances, the Senate should say no to such an egregious breach of the trust Americans have placed in us. Our current economic struggles are all the more reason to say no to a treaty that is all cost and no benefit.

Utah Republican Senator Orrin Hatch is the ranking Member of the Senate Finance Committee. Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn is a senior member of the Senate Finance Committee.


BREAKING NEWS: 11th Hour Deal Reached to Avert Government Shutdown

Moments ago and minutes before the midnight deadline,  Congress decided on a budget to fund the rest of 2011 as well as an extension bill to keep the government running in the meanwhile.

The budget outline is as follows:  $36.5 billion  in cuts from the 2010 budget with $514 billion for the defense budget covering the remainder of this fiscal year. The funding extension will cut spending 2010 levels by $2 billion equaling total spending cuts equal $38.5 billion and will fund governmental operations until April 15th, leaving 1 week to write a bill and have it approved by all parties.

Further, the agreement reached with Senate Democrats guarantees a Senate debate and vote on legislation that would repeal President Obama’s government takeover of health care in its entirety.   I feel this was purely symbolic as the Democrats control the Senate; so even if the health care law is voted upon- it will most likely stand.

On the plus side,  now there will numerous studies utilized that will force the Obama Administration to reveal the true impact of the law’s mandates, including a study of how individuals and families will see increased premiums as a result of certain Obamacare mandates; a full audit of all the waivers that the Obama Administration has given to firms and organizations – including unions – who can’t meet the new annual coverage limits; a full audit of what’s happening with the comparative effectiveness research funding that was in Obamacare and the president’s failed “stimulus” spending bill; and a report on all of the contractors who have been hired to implement the law and the costs to taxpayers of such contracts.

Additionally, the new agreement will deny additional funding to the IRS, something that President Obama has been fighting to increase.

On a questioning note, the agreement with Senate Democrats guarantees a Senate debate and vote on legislation that would end federal funding for Planned Parenthood as well includes a complete ban on local and federal funding of abortion in the District of Columbia, applying the pro-life principles of the Hyde Amendment (“D.C. Hyde”).  However, this is also another useless vote as the Senate is majority ruled by the Democratic Party and the Democrats are normally pro-choice.

Fortunately for our Environment, Republicans have agreed to drop House-passed provisions to block the Environmental Protection Agency from issuing new rules on global warming or enforcing several other environmental regulations. Such policy issues dropped from the measure include a ban on new greenhouse gas restrictions on power plants and oil refineries, cleanup plans for the Chesapeake Bay and lakes in Florida, and blocking the agency from revoking permits for mountaintop mine sites that pollute rural waters.

Finally, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau would be required to yearly audits by both the private sector and the Government Accountability Office to monitor its impact on the economy, including its impact on jobs, by examining whether sound cost-benefit analyses are being used with rulemakings.

While this sounds like a sure thing, I cant help but to think the Tea Party is going to raise ruckus at the $38.5  billion budget cut saying its “not enough” and put pressures on their Republican Representatives to stand tall in budget talks. (Ive seen it happen already).

IF ANYTHING; this gives us time to get SB 724 and HR 1297 approved and moved up the ranks of command so that we can ensure that our military and defense contractors get paid in case of a possible government shutdown.

Please contact your member of Congress and ask them to support SB 724 and to bring HR 1297 to the floor for an up/down vote. Our military should not have to suffer . Not only does it lower troop morale but it also distracts them with financial issues at home instead of focusing on the mission at hand.

Reid refuses to defund Planned Parenthood, consents to govt shutdown.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid  on Thursday drew a firm line with Republicans, declaring that a controversial Planned Parenthood measure will not be included in any deal on the budget.

Reid’s warning, coupled with the GOP’s insistence that taxpayer dollars should not fund Planned Parenthood, increase the chances of a government shutdown.

Reid defended Planned Parenthood’s work to promote contraception. He said a policy rider attached to the House-passed spending package last month “won’t be part of an agreement.”

Yet, members of both parties say a long-term deal must be reached before the April 8 deadline, vowing to vote against another stopgap.

Democrats argue that stripping Planned Parenthood of funds would deprive low-income women of family-planning counseling and cancer screenings. Republicans and groups on the right claim that the government should not be in the business of funding an organization that performs abortions. They also note Planned Parenthood has been plagued by a recent scandal, adding it is the perfect time to cut off its federal funds.

Democratic aides familiar with the talks say that the Planned Parenthood measure is one of a long list of policy riders that could derail a bipartisan deal.

Reid said he reviewed the list of amendments attached to the House-passed bill and found several unacceptable.

“Those that I focused on are not only no, but hell no,” Reid said.

That seems to be the rallying cry on the Democratic side any time a controviersial cut is proposed

Another policy measure that critics call a poison pill — one that has received less attention than the Planned Parenthood language — is a provision that would reinstate the so-called Mexico City policy, which bars non-governmental organizations that receive federal funds from promoting abortions.

“I think they could create real significant problems for this budget and they should be out,” Schumer said of the conservative policy riders. “This is not a debate on abortion or net neutrality or clean air. It’s a debate about the budget.”

However, what Reid fails to realize that it is part of the budget as defunding Planned Parenthood would allow us to not have to burden our debt with public ally funded abortions.

Reid indicated on Thursday that he was open to some of the 67 amendments included as part of the House bill, though he declined to be specific.

Why am I not surprised? Specifics seem to allude many high ranking members of the Democratic party.

Aides to Reid and House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) met for an hour and a half Wednesday evening to discuss a compromise.

O’ Where, O’ Where has VP Biden gone? O’ Where, O’Where- can he be?

Meanwhile, Biden has taken a more hands-on role since returning from a trip to Finland, Russia and Moldova. Democrats on Capitol Hill last week grumbled about the trip abroad, especially after President Obama tapped Biden to be the Democrats’ lead negotiator.

Biden spent much of Wednesday with White House budget director Jack Lew and National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling discussing the administration’s budget strategy, according to an aide familiar with his schedule.

Biden attended the annual St. Patrick’s Day lunch on Capitol Hill and worked out of his office in the Senate on Thursday, making phone calls to Republicans and Democrats on both sides of the Capitol to work out a budget deal.

A Senate Democratic source close to the negotiations said Biden’s office had been involved in the talks but that Biden himself had not taken much of a personal role before Wednesday.

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) said, “Democrats have in my view been flexible, and some Republicans are showing some willingness to be flexible, but the core leadership in the House doesn’t seem to want to budge much.”

Republican conservatives and centrists say it will be difficult for Boehner to come down from the $61 billion in cuts House Republicans initially demanded.

Conservatives point out that $61 billion is about $10 billion less than the amount of debt the federal government accumulates in a single day. If Boehner were to compromise down from what many conservatives already say is too modest a cut, he would likely attract sharp criticism from the Tea Party.

“It’s not acceptable to me, and I don’t think it’s going to be acceptable to a lot of the [House Republican] freshmen,” said Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), a member of the Senate Tea Party Caucus. “That’s been the danger all along, to get involved in this negotiation between bad and worse.”

However, the Democratic Party feels that any cuts over $5 billion would be too extreme and bankrupt our country, holding their pet projects close to their chest.

Ive said it before and Ill say it again, if you want more government cost cutting- you need to take your issues up with the Democratic Party as they are the ones not wanting to compromise.

Its important to note- that this is not so much a fiscal cut as it would be a transfer of funds for if we deny abortions, then we need to step up our funding at adoption facilities to make sure they are fully equipped and up to date on safety and care regulations as it would be inhumane for us to do anything contradictory to such.

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What is happening in Iran? Update 3/5/2011

As the world’s attention remains focused on the uprisings in the Arab world, Iran’s regime is now looking more vulnerable than in the past.

Tens of thousands of Iranians protested March 1, partially in response to the kidnapping and incarceration of the two leaders of the so-called Green movement and their wives.

The regime knows it has a problem; much like in the Arab world, the continuous and sporadic protests, which began Feb. 14 after more than a year, showed Iranians have overcome their fears.

Faced with the terrifying prospect of another Tahrir Square, the Iranian regime is choosing from a list of bad options.

Outraged at the failure to prevent protests on February 14, 20 and March 1, a staggering number of hardliners within the government have frenetically issued calls for the execution of Mehdi Karroubi and Mir Hossein Moussavi.

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who certainly is the only authority able to command the arrest of the two opposition figures, must have felt the need to silence these outspoken loyalists calling for action, particularly because more protests erupted on March 1.

According to a number of observers, the government chose this time of the year, two weeks before the Iranian New Year, to arrest Moussavi and Karroubi hoping it would achieve two goals: first, the government continues to claim that large crowds on the streets are just holiday shoppers “going to buy supplies for the New Year.” Second, the government hopes that by March 20, demonstrators will go back to their homes to celebrate the Iranian New Year, or Norouz.

Until the kidnapping and incarceration this past weekend of Moussavi and Karroubi and their wives, the government had kept the two opposition leaders under house arrest. However, the protests in February apparently led the regime to believe the two were somehow continuing to coordinate demonstrations, despite the fact that their internet and telephone lines had been cut.

The timing of the abductions appears to be counterproductive.

The Coordination Council of the Green Path of Hope — a group of prominent dissidents who assumed leadership of the Green Movement following the house arrests of Karroubi and Moussavi — called for protests on March 1, and succeeded in mobilizing thousands of people in several major cities. The demonstrations, intentionally falling on Moussavi’s birthday, are intended to express condemnation of the treatment of the opposition leaders.

According to eyewitnesses in Tehran, a large number of people appeared on the streets of the capital but faced a massive deployment of armed police and plainclothes security forces with weapons drawn.

Moussavi’s website, Kaleme, has asserted that the government fired into a crowd at one point, and that the level of violence seen on March 1 is “unprecedented.”

Kaleme is also reporting that Karroubi and Moussavi have been moved to Heshmatiyeh Prison in Tehran, a military prison previously investigated and partially closed due to its poor conditions.

As a military prison, it remains out of the jurisdiction of government oversight, and answers only to the Supreme Leader.

Both Kaleme and Saham News, echoing the outrage of many Green supporters over the abductions, named Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei in their headlines as responsible for directly ordering the secret detentions of the opposition leaders.

Until now, the websites avoided directly blaming Khamenei. But after the abductions of the men and their wives, the Green movement’s leadership has apparently now crossed a new red line and dared to name Khamenei as being responsible for Moussavi and Karroubi’s detention.

Prominent clerics are also speaking out against the regime’s action. Notable dissident Grand Ayatollahs Yousef Saanei, Assad Bayat-Zanjani, and Ali-Mohammad Dastgheyb, who have been the primary clerical targets of the government since their support for protests following the disputed 2009 presidential elections, have issued statements against the detentions.

Grand Ayatollah Saanei’s statement condemned the abduction of Moussavi and Karroubi in no uncertain terms: “These are actions and behavior that demonstrate the failure and political weakness of the perpetrators [of the detentions] and agents [of the government] to sway public opinion.”

The Grand Ayatollah’s statement is accurate in that the detentions represent multiple failures on the part of the Islamic Republic’s leadership to sway public opinion or head-off the renewed momentum of the Green Movement.

Unlike some Arab countries seeking to appease protesters, Iran’s government is reacting with increased force.

Iran’s Minister of Intelligence Heydar Moslehi went on state television last week to talk about “new evidence” against the “leaders of sedition.” He even accused senior advisors to Moussavi and Karroubi aides, Ardeshir Amir-Arjmand and Mojtaba Vahedi, of being operatives of the terrorist Mojahedin Khalgh Organization (MKO).

In Iran, any affiliation with the MKO could carry the death penalty.

Moslehi also upped the ante by labeling Moussavi and Karroubi “counterrevolutionaries.” The long-held title of “leaders of sedition” was no longer deemed to be severe enough. In Iran, counterrevolutionaries are usually executed, or at the very least, thrown into prison for a very long time. Moslehi’s remarks were chosen carefully to scare Green Movement supporters abroad, specifically those involved with the Coordination Council.

Fearing the government would arrest Moussavi and Karroubi, leading opposition figures outside Iran remained silent and refused to give interviews to many broadcast television networks such as BBC Persian and Voice of America.

With nothing to lose following the abduction of Moussavi and Karroubi, leaders of the movement abroad have broken their silence and are asking for international pressure on the Iranian government.

The next few weeks will be extremely important.

There is a demonstration scheduled for every Tuesday, and the response amongst Green supporters is that they need to continued to raise their voice in order to be heard.

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SOUND OFF: Republicans $100 billion budget cuts (details inside)

Do you want to know, specifically, what budgets will be cut and the percentage of reduction from 2011 and 2010?

Then, please visit here:

*Please note- You will need adobe reader to open the document but you can download that for free at

SOUND OFF: What spending cuts do you support or not support and why?

What should the Republicans and Democrats aim for to compromise when it comes to passing a continuing resolution?

I think $40 billion of tax cuts, considering the Democrats led Congress had all of last year to create this budget and failed to do so, it is a good start and the Tea Party movement will have to understand how politics work. If they want to get spending cut- they need to be knocking on the doors of Democratic Congress. Democrats are the ones holding things up.

I am all for cutting spending but we cannot cut simply for the sake of cutting. That is reckless, irresponsible and will turn our recession into a depression.

Let’s be smart about this and stop trying to “make a point”, the elderly, baby boomers and children depend on us.

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Taxpayers and pro-lifers rejoice.

This week, an amendment was passed (240-185) to alter the budget at the hand of Indiana Rep. Mike Pence’s proposal’s targeting governmental spending of Planned Parenthood.

This cut on governmental spending would eliminate more than $75 million a year the group receives from the federal government to provide family planning and sex education.

Even though the Hyde Amendment bans the use of taxpayer money for abortions, the debate on the Planned Parenthood amendment devolved into a testy, at times emotional exchange about abortion Thursday night, chewing up nearly three hours on the House floor.

It is important to note that this amendment does not condemn abortions but rather stricken the use of taxpayers dollars on the utilization.

Abortion is a personal choice and should be paid for just as personally and let’s not forget that adoption is always an option.

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Democrats lackluster attempt at supporting the Egyptian Pro-Democracy Demonstrators

Rep. Jim Moran and five other Democratic House members will send a letter to House Speaker John Boehner on Monday asking for an emergency resolution to stress support for Egyptian pro-democracy demonstrators.

“In view of the tragic violence unfolding in Egypt, we write to request that the House take up an emergency resolution in support of the Egyptian people and their struggle for freedom and democracy as soon as possible upon returning to session,” the letter says.

“Congress can and should send a strong message calling on the Egyptian government to immediately halt any aggression against the Egyptian people by forces aligned with their regime.”

“It has become clear the Mubarak regime has exhausted its credibility and done irreparable harm to its relationship to the Egyptian people. Therefore, now is the time for Congress to help amplify President Obama’s message calling on President Mubarak to respond to the urgent and legitimate demands of the Egyptian people.”

The House has not yet passed a resolution pertaining to massive protests against the Mubarak regime that have swept across Egypt over the past 11 days. The Senate passed a resolution late Thursday night that called on Mubarak to take steps to transition to a democratic government.

While I appreciate the sentiment, I feel that just passing a mere resolution showing supporting pro democracy is meaningless. Especially when the President refuses to come out and take  a side on the Egyptian conflict.

It would be one thing if Mubarack took the US’s advice but it appears that instead he is doing the exact opposite.

The Egyptians People are at a point where they cannot back down from their stance. They are “pot committed” in the poker game of Freedom.  They cannot back down now and the word on the street is that they wont.

While I do not feel that we should come straight out and discard Mubarack- as he has been an ally of ours for 30 years. It is imperative that we work with him to help him with transiting quickly before any further turmoil occurs.

While the Democratic resolution of support for the Egyptians is appreciated, it lacks any strength or backbone. If we are going to take sides- we need to truly take sides and pass a resolution stating that if the Egyptian government does not quickly transition by April 2011, the US will start progressively reducing foreign aid to Egypt.

If not, then we end up getting involved in a quickly escalating tension and irritating both sides of the fight with our lackluster response.

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Al Jazeera has setup a hotline for emergencies.

If you or a friend is in Egypt and need help, please call +97444888873

To be connected to a direct phone line for people in Egypt to submit report,
please call +97444896192 or +97444896190.

Egypt’s Ministry of Interior sets up website to register complaints.

Egypt’s latest call center +16117 to report financial or administrative corruption

Watch Egyptian turmoil LIVE:

Ask your cable provider to include

Al Jazeera in your lineup.


*Breaking News runs with the most current feed on top.  — Predictions at the bottom of each day’s reports.*


BREAKING NEWS: Police and forensic officials say a small bomb exploded near Egypt’s iconic pyramids, injuring 3 peddlers. The officials say the explosives were leftover munitions, but they couldn’t provide more details about when or why the bomb was planted. They say Wednesday’s explosion occurred some 500 feet (150 metres) from the pyramids outside Cairo. The officials say the explosion was triggered by peddlers who saw metal glinting out of the sand and began hitting it with iron sticks, thinking the casing might conceal valuable goods. 3 of them were seriously wounded.

BREAKING NEWS: Egypt stated that Gulf states’ Arab identity is a “red line” after they accused Iran of trying to destabilize Bahrain, while praising a Saudi-led force that quelled pro-democracy protests there. In a statement, Egypt’s foreign minister Nabil al-Arabi said “the stability and Arabhood of the Arab Gulf countries is a red line against which Egypt rejects any trespass.”

BREAKING NEWS: After two months of working closely with Egypt’s new military rulers, the country’s most powerful Islamist group said it will join demonstrations this Friday in Tahrir Square, 04/08/2011.

BREAKING NEWS: Egyptian authorities arrested Ibrahim Suleiman, former Housing Minister, over corruption and waste of public money charges. Suleiman is under investigation for profiteering, wasting public money and giving away plots of land to his relatives and business associates. Under Egyptian law, only one plot of land can be allocated per single family.  The former minister is also accused of facilitating the granting of loans to companies owned by relatives of ex-president Hosni Mubarak.


BREAKING NEWS: Human Rights Watch (HRW) called on Egypt’s military rulers to cancel the trial of a blogger, Maikel Nabil, could receive up to three years in prison for “insulting the military”. “This trial sets a dangerous precedent at a time when Egypt is trying to transition away from the abuses of the Mubarak era,” said HRW’s Middle East and North Africa director Sarah Leah Whitson.


BREAKING NEWS: Egypt’s military rulers announced a new interim constitution replacing the one suspended when Mubarak stepped down on Feb. 11, incorporating the amendments approved by voters in the March 19 referendum. The interim constitution also established that the presidential term will be for four years and could be extended to eight years if re-elected.

BREAKING NEWS: The 18-member ruling council said it would hand over legislative powers after the parliamentary election in September 2011, and that executive powers would be transferred after the presidential election, which will be held in November 2011.


BREAKING NEWS: The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces adopted an interim Constitution that includes 9 articles endorsed in the March 19 referendum. The constitutional reform granted the Council full presidential authority, ‎‎including invalidating enacted laws, introducing new legislation and representing the ‎‎country overseas.


BREAKING NEWS: The military command announced that parliamentary elections would not be held until September 2011, meeting the demands of opposition leaders who wanted more time to organize political parties.

BREAKING NEWS: The presidential election, scheduled for August, was postponed.

BREAKING NEWS: The command also revealed that the Mubarak has been prohibited from leaving the country, and that it would soon lift the detested emergency law, among a number of announcements intended to shore up diminishing support for the armed forces council ruling the nation.


BREAKING NEWS: More than 14.1 million voters, or 77.2 percent, approved the constitutional amendments; 4 million, or 22.8 percent, voted against them. The turnout of 41 percent among the 45 million eligible voters broke all records for recent elections, according to the Egyptian government.


BREAKING NEWS: With the referendum over the constitutional amendments that will shape Egypt’s immediate political future just days away, the country’s nascent political forces were agreed on two things. The referendum, a simple up or down vote on about 10 amendments scheduled for March 19, will be a milestone and the first one not rigged outright in about 60 years. Also, and far more important, is that the referendum floats in a sea of confusion: the military has suspended the Constitution to rule, yet is asking the public to approve the reworking of bits of it.


BREAKING NEWS: 11 people died in overnight fighting between Christians and Muslims in the suburbs of Cairo, in the deadliest unrest since the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak, which was striking for the solidarity between people of different backgrounds. The clashes broke out during a protest by several hundred Christians over the burning of a church in the village of Soul a week earlier, and raged into the early hours of the morning.


BREAKING NEWS: Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq resigned, bowing to one of the main demands of Egypt’s opposition movement, which has called for his ouster from its informal headquarters in a resurrected tent city in Tahrir Square. Egypt’s stock exchange, which suspended trading a month ago when nationwide anti-regime protests erupted, said it will remain closed until further notice.


BREAKING NEWS: Egyptian court rejected an appeal by Mubarak and his family against a top prosecutor’s move to seize funds that could total in the billions of dollars. The decision clears the way for a criminal investigation and a possible trial of Egypt’s former leader.

BREAKING NEWS: A protest by hundreds of Egyptian women celebrating International Women’s Day and demanding equal rights and an end to sexual harassment turned violent when crowds of men heckled and shoved the demonstrators, telling them to go home where they belong.

BREAKING NEWS: Egypt’s military rulers have since pledged to rebuild the church and Prime Minister Essam Sharaf met Monday with the protesters outside the TV building. But the protesters said they wanted more steps to improve the status of Christians.

BREAKING NEWS: Thousands of Christians and Muslims clashed, with one Christian man killed and scores wounded as anger rose over the burning of a church in a Cairo suburb.


BREAKING NEWS & NOTICE: About 2,000 young Muslim Brotherhood members are planning to “revolt” against the organization’s elderly leaders on March 17.

BREAKING NEWS: Speculation that former President Hosni Mubarak had departed Egypt for Saudi Arabia heightened with a government-owned newspaper saying that he had gone late last week to a special Saudi military complex at Tabuk for chemotherapy treatment by his usual German doctors as he is suffering from pancreatic and colon cancer.


BREAKING NEWS: The Egyptian attorney general has forbidden former President Hosni Mubarak and his family from leaving the country.

BREAKING NEWS: Abdel-Maguid Mahmoud, Egypt’s prosecutor-general, has also given orders to freeze the family’s financial assets. The move comes after an inquiry into Mubarak’s wealth filed by former member of parliament Mustafa Bakri. According to Al Ahram, Bakri submitted at least 40 files stating that Mubarak’s wife and sons have 24 accounts in Egyptian banks, in addition to other secret accounts with an estimated sum of more than 200 million Egyptian pounds, or $147 million.

BREAKING NEWS: The former ministers of Interior, Tourism and Housing are all currently detained for interrogations in connection with charges of corruption and misuse of power.


BREAKING NEWS: On Friday, thousands of Egyptians took to Tahrir Square, demanding the ouster of Prime Minister Ahmed Shafik, who was chosen by Mubarak to head the new Cabinet a few days before the ex-president was forced to step down. Egypt’s Foreign Ministry has already asked foreign countries to freeze Mubarak family assets and foreign bank accounts.


BREAKING NEWS: Egypt is holding Libya  personally responsible for the protection of Egyptian lives and property.

BREAKING NEWS: Egypt rejected remarks made by Saif al-Islam Gaddafi saying Egyptians had a role in the events in Libya. Gaddafi’s son had made the accusation “without any clear basis”, state news agency reported.

BREAKING NEWS: Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Egypt’s foreign minister, had also called on Libyan authorities to swiftly issue permits to allow planes to enter Libyan air space.

BREAKING NEWS: At  least 100 buses carrying Egyptians are making their way to the Libya-Egyptian border.

BREAKING NEWS: Hossam Zaki, Egypt’s foreign ministry spokesman, said at least one million Egyptians reside in Libya where increasingly bloody battles between Libyan security forces and protesters have been taking place.

BREAKING NEWS: Egypt’s army has set up two field hospitals on the border with Libya near the Salloum border-crossing town to receive returning Egyptians.

BREAKING NEWS: A fire,which started after a car was set alight near the building during a demonstration by police asking for their jobs back. has caused damage to the Egyptian interior ministry building in the capital Cairo.  The military has blocked off access to the area as “smoke continues to billow from the building”.


BREAKING NEWS & NOTICE: New figures in Egypt’s cabinet including Yehia el-Gamal, deputy prime minister, the Wafd party’s Mounir Abdel Nour as tourism minister, and Tagammu party’s Gowdat Abdel-Khaleq as minister of social solidarity and social justice. Both Wafd and Tagammu had often been close to Mubarak’s government.

BREAKING NEWS & NOTICE: Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, who leads the ruling military council and has been defenSe minister for about 20 years, took the new ministers’ oaths of office.

BREAKING NEWS & NOTICE: The list of new ministers  included changing the veteran oil minister, as well as introducing politicians who had been opposed to the rule of Hosni Mubarak, who stepped down from office after widespread protests.

BREAKING NEWS & NOTICE: Egypt’s key portfolios of Defense, Interior, Finance, Foreign and Justice were unchanged in a cabinet reshuffle.


BREAKING NEWS: Egypt’s top prosecutor has requested the freezing of the assets of ousted president Hosni Mubarak and his family.

BREAKING NEWS: Egypt’s top prosecutor requested the Foreign Minister to ask other nations to freeze any assets abroad. The freeze applies to Mubarak, his wife, his two sons and two daughters-in-law.


BREAKING NEWS and NOTICE: Egyptian government recognized the first new political party formed since the revolution, a moderate Islamist group that has sought recognition for 15 years.

BREAKING NEWS: State television reported that that within six months, the government would end the so-called emergency law which, for 30 years, has allowed detentions without charges or trial. The judge heading the effort to draft constitutional amendments said his panel might soon produce recommendations for a referendum to take place in the coming weeks. And the


BREAKING NEWS: While the army has now issued its sternest warning yet to workers across the country to halt a wave of strikes, three ministers have been arrested on corruption charges, including Habib El Adly, the former minister of the interior widely blamed for the brutal attacks on pro-democracy demonstrators three weeks ago.

BREAKING NEWS: appointment of a moderate Islamist, Tarek El-Bishry, to head the commission considering amendments to the constitution.

BREAKING NEWS: Leadership of Egypt’s large Christian Coptic minority agreed to a request by the military to postpone its plans for a demonstration today calling for the repeal of article two of Egypt’s constitution, which specifies Islam as the state religion. It to hold a conference on the issue instead.

BREAKING NEWS: A court ruling yesterday gave the banned Wasat Party, a breakaway from the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, full legal status.


BREAKING NEWS: Egypt’s transition to democracy entered a critical phase Wednesday as a panel of legal experts began drafting constitutional amendments. The country’s interim military rulers have given a review committee 10 days to redraft six constitutional articles in an effort to ensure that national elections, expected in the fall, are fair. The proposed changes will be submitted to voters through a referendum within three months.

BREAKING NEWS: The Constitutional Committee is expected to propose establishing term limits for the presidency, which Mubarak held for nearly 30 years. Other anticipated changes include curbing presidential powers, giving the judiciary a meaningful electoral oversight role and easing rules that made it impossible for opposition parties to field viable presidential candidates.

The panel was also asked to review Egypt’s controversial emergency law, which the state has used for decades to trample political opponents and to detain people indefinitely without judicial review.

BREAKING NEWS: The European Union said Wednesday that its foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton would visit Egypt next week after the Egyptian Foreign Ministry asked the international community for aid.

BREAKING NEWS: More than 60 women’s and community groups condemned the new panel formed by the Armed Forces Supreme Council to amend Egypt’s constitution, saying it is an all-male group which “excludes half of society.”

BREAKING NEWS: Banks were closed Wednesday and will be again Thursday, the last day of the business week in Egypt. There was no word on whether they would reopen Sunday, the start of the business week. The stock market has been closed for the past three weeks and, again, and it’s uncertain when it will resume operating. The market lost nearly 17 percent of its value in two tumultuous sessions in late January before it was ordered shut to halt the slide.

BREAKING NEWS: The ruling military council issued its second statement in three days calling for an immediate halt to all labor actions. The new warning raised expectations of an outright ban on protests and strikes.

BREAKING NEWS: Airport employees protested for better pay Wednesday, textile workers went on strike to demand a corruption probe and residents of a Suez Canal city pressed for the closing of a chemical factory they say is dumping toxic waste into a lake.

BREAKING NEWS: DEATH TOLL: At least 365 people died in the 18 days of anti-government protests. That’s approximately 20 people per day. Count does not include police or prisoners.


BREAKING NEWS: Mubarak family not included in Egypt asset freeze request, EU states.

BREAKING NEWS:Judge Tarek al-Beshry, a moderate Islamist writer, said Tuesday that he has been chosen to chair the panel, the formation of which was among promises made by the army to protesters and opposition groups. Al-Beshry said the panel will meet with members of the military council on Tuesday to discuss its work plan. — Former Brotherhood MP, Sobhy Saleh, will be among the members of the panel. The rest of the members of the panel are judges from the Supreme Constitutional Court and other courts, as well as a number of law professors. The panel is expected to start its activities on Wednesday at the Ministry of Justice headquarters.

BREAKING NEWS: Reports are coming in that Mubarak may be of ill health, trying to get validation on the story.

BREAKING NEWS: Zahi Hawass hung up on Al Jazeera in the middle of an interview.

BREAKING NEWS: Orascom Telecom, Mobinil and Great Connection collaborate to launch Mobile Baby service in Egypt.

BREAKING NEWS: The strikes have prompted the stock exchange to once again postpone reopening until next week.

BREAKING NEWS: Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said the economy had been “severely affected by the political crisis that has shaken the country” and called for international aid after phoning his U.S., British and Saudi counterparts.

BREAKING NEWS: Most Egyptian hotels are being offered at a discounted price to spur tourism.

BREAKING NEWS: Artifacts still missing include a statue of Akhenaten’s wife Nefertiti making offerings, a stone statuette of a scribe from Amarna and the torso and upper limbs of a gilded wood statue of Tutankhamen.

BREAKING NEWS: AHeart Scarab and a small Ushabti statue were found. Part of a coffin dating back to the Modern Kingdom 3,000 years ago was also found outside the museum between a government building that got burned and a gift shop.

BREAKING NEWS: March being planned for Gaza, Rafah Crossing, Feb 26 at 8am.

BREAKING NEWS: Sewage, electricity, pharmaceutical, social insurance, oil, coal, flour mill, transportation and textile workers recently had strikes, some strikes continuing.

BREAKING NEWS: Just read a financial times article on the younger generation of Egypt protest organizers. they had a committee, within a sub-committee to keep Tahrir. Sg safe during protests.

BREAKING NEWS: Muslim Brotherhood to set up party once restrictions are lifted.

PREDICTION: Muslim Brotherhood will repeatedly deny involvement in Cabinet positions but will continue to work behind the scenes and quietly infiltrating the ranks while pushing for a quick election since that will benefit the Brotherhood as there are no other organized movements in Egypt.


BREAKING NEWS: The former Egyptian foreign minister said earlier he will resign from his post as Secretary General of the Arab League, generating speculation he will run for president. Other potential contenders to lead Egypt include former U.N. atomic agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei and scientist Ahmed Zewail (my personal favorite) even though Zewail has indicated many times that he does not want to be President.

BREAKING NEWS: Egyptian generals impose martial law.

BREAKING NEWS: Egypt ISPs offering ‘free half month’ for cutting service and quashing freedom of speech during protests.

BREAKING NEWS: UN chief calls for speedy return to civilian rule in Egypt.

BREAKING NEWS: Official website for the Presidency of  Egypt : “This site is under development and reconstruction.

BREAKING NEWS: 18 Items missing from Egyptian museum, King Tut statue is amongst them.


BREAKING NEWS: Egyptian Military Solidifies Control, Suspending Parliament and Constitution.

BREAKING NEWS: Prime Minister Ahmed Shafik will continue to be care-taker of the government.

BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Council of Armed Forces says will run the country for six months until elections are held.

BREAKING NEWS: Suez Canal workers on strike.

BREAKING NEWS: Imad Adib is being asked to serve as Minister of Information.

BREAKING NEWS: Interior Minister Mahmoud Wagdy, with whom Tantawi discussed “the speedy return of the police to duty,” said  13,000 prisoners who walked out of prison in the early days of the uprising against Mubarak were still on the run.

BREAKING NEWS: Ahmed Shafik’s press conference didn’t end but Egyptian State TV abruptly cut the feed.

BREAKING NEWS: Egypt’s Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq is reviewing candidates for government ministries.

BREAKING NEWS: Egypt’s Work of Ministeries back to work despite not having ministers appointed.

BREAKING NEWS: Mubarak reportedly travels to Baden Baden, Germany to receive medical treatment.

BREAKING NEWS: Anas El-Fekky, was placed under house arrest after the military barred officials suspected of corruption from leaving the country.

BREAKING NEWS: General Mohsen el-Fangari said in a televised statement that the military intends to oversee “a peaceful transition of power” to allow “an elected civilian government to rule and build a free democratic state”.  He said the present cabinet would continue to sit until a new one is formed.

BREAKING NEWS: Committee formed to put pressure on the army for change to democracy.

BREAKING NEWS: Gunfire was heard near the Interior Ministry where police were demonstrating over wages.

BREAKING NEWS: Multiple of conflicting marches, one calling to clear the sq, one calling for the rest of demands that haven’t been met.
Demands include: immediate dissolution of Mubarak’s cabinet and “suspension of the parliament elected in a rigged poll late last year”.
The reformists want a transitional administration appointed with four civilians and one military official to prepare for elections in nine months and to oversee the drafting of a new constitution.

BREAKING NEWS: Reacting to army efforts to re-open Tahrir Square, protesters have begun to crowd back into the streets, stalling traffic.

BREAKING NEWS: Multiple Ministry of Health cars calling for blood donations in Tahrir Square.

PREDICTION: Due to Suez Canal strike, US gas prices will rise over $3.50/ga.


ACCURATE PREDICTION: Army Coup over the established cabinet.

BREAKING NEWS: Day of Beautifying Tahrir Square begins. Read more about it:

BREAKING NEWS: Most demonstrations are ending; however, a weekly Friday demonstration will be held to keep officials on their toes.

BREAKING NEWS: Coalition puts  forward their first cohesive list of demands for the next stage, focused on ensuring they — not just the military and members of Mubarak’s regime — have a voice in shaping a new democratic system. Among their demands: creation of a presidential council, made up of a military representative and two “trusted personalities”; the dissolving of the ruling party-dominated parliament; and the forming of a broad-based unity government and a committee to either amend or rewrite completely the constitution.

BREAKING NEWS: The ruling military pledged Saturday to eventually hand power to an elected civilian government and reassured allies that Egypt will abide by its peace treaty with Israel


BREAKING NEWS: Mubarak was believed to be at his luxury retreat in Sharm el-Sheikh.

BREAKING NEWS: Anas El-Fekky, was placed under house arrest after the military barred officials suspected of corruption from leaving the country.

BREAKING NEWS: US President Obama states, “the US will partner with Egypt and ask for a credible transition.”

BREAKING NEWS: EU lends support to the people of Egypt in a democratic transition.

BREAKING NEWS: El Baradei states that he will do “whatever the people want him to do” and help move the Egyptian people in the “right direction”.

BREAKING NEWS: VP Omar Suleivan announces that Mubarak has stepped down and transferred military powers to the Army.


BREAKING NEWS: Protesters shouting “Down Down Husni Mubarak, O Suleiman O Suleiman, you leave as well”

BREAKING NEWS: “Let’s hold hands and walk forward where we realized demands and aspirations of the youth. Where love for the homeland is the top priority.” Egypt VP, Omar Suleiman.

BREAKING NEWS: Egypt’s new VP, Omar Suleiman is speaking on tv and asked youth of Egypt to get back to work, that they are the hands of Egypt.

BREAKING NEWS/ACCURATE PREDICTION: Egyptian people chant “We will storm the Presidential Palace!”. Extreme anger abounds.

BREAKING NEWS: Mubarak removes Article’s 6, 76, 77, 88, 93 & 189 and remove  article 179 of Egypt’s Constitution.

BREAKING NOW: Mubarak states that he will stay in office until the elections,  Sept 2011 but delegate some of his responsibility to Egypt’s new Vice President, Omar Suleiman.

BREAKING NOW: Mubarak is talking to his people. Stating that he appreciates the voice of Young Egypt and that he will “penalize the people responsible for violence”

BREAKING NOW: Egyptian’s television is showing the same video as Al Jazeera. UPDATE: Ended 3:10pm CST.

BREAKING NEWS: Mubarack will make a public statement at 2pm CST. Rumor has it that Mubarack will delegate all military affairs to the Defense Minister General Tantawi. Tens of thousands show up to Tahrir square to be part of history in the making. Watch LIVE:

BREAKING NEWS: Nearly 3 Million protestors now in Tahrir Square & the surrounding area.

BREAKING NEWS: President Mubarak is no longer in control of the Egyptian Army.30

BREAKING NEWS: In the midst of the revolution, the library is standing strong.

BREAKING NEWS: Warning from Egypt’s Foreign Minister. Army would “intervene to control” Egypt fell into chaos.

BREAKING NEWS: GHSR Middle East reports Saudi Arabia has threatened to prop up President Mubarak if US tries to force a swift change of regime in Egypt. 

BREAKING NEWS: Egypt takes aim at AlJazeera for protest coverage.

BREAKING NEWS: 5 Military production factories on strike.

PREDICTION: Millions will protest tomorrow as anger ferments overnight.

PREDICTION: After Mubarak’s speech, there will be an Egyptian Army coup.

PREDICTION: Mubarak’s speech will NOT be live like many are expecting. Instead it will be broadcasted live.

PREDICTION: Mubarak will not step down. Instead, he will transfer power to VP and Army.


BREAKING NEWS: Egypt’s Vice President Omar Suleiman said President Hosni Mubarak was willing to have international supervision of September elections, a longtime demand by reformers that officials have long rejected.

BREAKING NEWS: Egypt judiciary panel agrees to 6 amendments to Egypt’s Constitution.  Articles 76 and 77 are among those to be changed, to put term limits on the presidency and expand who can run for the highest seat in the country – two of the protesters’ key demands.

BREAKING NEWS: Protest organizers have called for a new protest of millions for Friday – their term for dramatically enlarged rallies – but this time they would be held in multiple parts of Cairo instead of only in central Tahrir.

BREAKiNG NEWS: Mubarack police are firing live bullets on protesters in Kharga, southern Egypt.  At least 3 are dead, at least 100 are wounded.


BREAKING NEWS: Cairo University’s democratically elected dean is re-instated, having been ousted for govt yes-man. Revolution grows.

BREAKING NEWS: Ziad Bakir, artist and designer at the Cairo Opera House is located, alive but not released yet.

BREAKING NEWS: Crowd flooding Tahrir Square with renewed vigor on the fifteenth day of protests after Wael Ghonim release.

BREAKING NEWS: Crowd flooding Tahrir Square #egypt with renewed vigor on the fifteenth day of protests after Wael Ghonim release.

BREAKING NEWS: Death toll at least 297 killed since Jan 28.  232 – Cairo, 52 – Alexandria, 13 – Suez

BREAKING NEWS: 6,000 Suez canal workers go on strike. They are protesting against poor wages and deteriorating health and working conditions.

BREAKING NEWS: New Constitution is in the development stages.

BREAKING NEWS: In an attempt to create peace, Obama backs Egypt’s new VP.

BREAKING NEWS: People have taken over street with people’s assembly building. Some may sleep here


BREAKING NEWS: Army soldier on the ground stated that he has orders to confiscate any supplies going into Tahir Square.

BREAKING NEWS: Stock market to reopen next Sunday.

BREAKING NEWS: Egyptian pound hits six year low.

BREAKING NEWS: Curfew shortened: now 8 pm to 6 am.


BREAKING NEWS: Anti Mubarack protestors camping out in Tahrir Square.

BREAKING NEWS: Twitter was blocked in Egypt around 8am PT today.

BREAKING NEWS: Al Jazeerea Correspondent, Aymrian Mohyudeen, has been released by Pro-Mubarack forces.

BREAKING NEWS: Muslim Brotherhood say Egypt should be ruled by Sharia Law if the majority wants it.

BREAKING NEWS: Egyptian banks reopen.

BREAKING NEWS: Vice president also plans to meet with youth from the 6 April Movement later today.

BREAKING NEWS: Citizen video obtained by AJE shows the green laser was targeting anti-government ppl with gunfire.

BREAKING NEWS: Egyptian authorities have detained Aymrian Mohyudeen for 4 hours, the correspondent of Aljazeera English Channel in Cairo.  If you are in twitter, please tweet for him to be released by using the hashtag #freeayman.

BREAKING NEWS: Sherine Tadros, correspondent of Aljazeera English Channel in Cairo, has been released by army

ACCURATE PREDICTION: On 1/29/11, I prophesied that extremists would try to take over the government. Today, the Muslim Brotherhood is in talks with the Egyptian government. Egypt’s VP Suleiman also met with leaders of the Tagammu and Wafd parties, as well as businessman Naguib Sawiris.

PREDICTION: Secretary General of the Arab League, Amr Moussa will rise up the ranks of power.

BREAKING NEWS: Mubarack steps down from ruling party; remains as President.

BREAKING NEWS: Mubarack’s son announces he will not run as President.

BREAKING NEWS: Food prices increase. Price of milk and bread, doubles. Price of eggs, quadruple.

PREDICTION: These actions will not satisify the Egyptian people and turmoil will continue to unravel in Tahrir Square and Alexandria.


BREAKING NEWS: “Day of Departure” draws hundreds of thousands to Tahrir square.

BREAKING NEWS: Curfew moved back from 7pm to 6pm.

BREAKING NEWS: The secretary-general of the Arab League says he would consider running in elections to replace Mubarack.  Asked about a potential run for the presidency, he responded, “Why say no?”

BREAKING NEWS: Prime Minister states that the protesters will not be forced to leave to Tahrir square.

BREAKING NEWS: Al Jazeera offices were burnt down in Cairo today, most equipment there was destroyed.

BREAKING NEWS: Egypt’s attorney-general bans former minister of trade and industry from travel

BREAKING NEWS: At least 300 of the paid thugs of the Hosni #Mubarak dictatorship have gathered right outside of Tahrir Square

BREAKING NEWS: Number of protestors in Tahrir square is close to 2 million.

BREAKING NEWS/ACCURATE PREDICTION: Protesters planning a march towards Mubarak’s palace

BREAKING NEWS: More than 100,00 protesters in Damanhour (160km/99miles NW of Cairo, population 500,000) demand Mubarak steps down.

BREAKING NEWS: Alexandria pro-democracy protesters about 800,000 now, stretching from beyond Ibrahim Al-Qaed Mosque to Manshiya.

BREAKING NEWS: Amr Moussa, the Arab league chief, is attending the rally in Tahrir Square

BREAKING NEWS: Egyptians remain defiant and continue to chant, “He will leave! We still stay! He will leave! We still stay!”

BREAKING NEWS: Musician Ammar El-Sherei has just entered Tahrir square and is being surrounded by several supporters.

BREAKING NEWS: Rough estimate of 300,000 pro-democracy protesters at the central Raml Station in Alexandria now

BREAKING NEWS: Doctors Syndicate in Alexandria say its physicians will be treating injured today regardless of political affiliation.


BREAKING NEWS: US Senate approves resolution calling for transition in Egypt with Senator John Kerry and Senator John McCain drafting the legislation and Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator Amy Klobucher signing on as co-sponsors.

BREAKING NEWS: Newly-elected VP, Omar Suleiman, warns the US not to get involved.

BREAKING NEWS: Mubarack refuses to step down saying that if he does, the fighting will get worse.

BREAKING NEWS: Egypt shuts down all journalists except state sponsored.

BREAKING NEWS: US Press Robert Gibbs asked Mubarack for a transition now. When asked what was meant by now, Gibbs replied “like yesterday”.

BREAKING NEWS: Pro reform protesters have taken all the ground from pro mubarak crowd.

BREAKING NEWS: According to Egyptian vice president- President Mubarak’s son Gamal won’t seek presidency.

PREDICTION: The fighting will continue as Pro Mubarack forces take to the street in an attempt to intimidate. Now that there are no independent cameras of the turmoil, Mubarack will attempt to control the vibe of Egypt by saying that he cannot step down because more fighting will ensue, when in reality it is Mubarack who is paying and supporting the Pro Mubarack fighters.  The Egyptians realize this and this attempt at saving the Presidency is going to anger the Egyptians and who will fight back harder than ever.


BREAKING NEWS: Rumors abound about demonstrations planned Friday at the Presidential palace

BREAKING NEWS: Egypt rejects western calls for quick political transition

BREAKING NEWS: Video from minutes ago: Protesters can be heard beating on metal sheets. Gunshots.

BREAKING NEWS: Prime Minister of the UK urges Mubarak to step down quickly.

BREAKING NEWS: The regime of Hosni Mubarak released thugs from Egyptian prisons into Tahrir Square to crush the Revolution and to take protesters vision off of the ultimate goal.

BREAKING NEWS: a pitched battle in last half hour in Tahrir won by anti-Mubarack protesters

BREAKING NEWS: Clashes near the US Embassy in Cairo.  Official count 403 injured at Meydan Tahrir.

BREAKING NEWS: Doctor at hospital is telling Al Jazeera saying that they’ve gone into emergency mode with 20 patients coming in every five minutes.

BREAKING NEWS: Protesters say they will regroup tomorrow even if mubarak supports take tahrir by force

BREAKING NEWS: Shubra and Imbaba are now organizing a great march in support of liberation square coming to Tahrir

BREAKING NEWS: Cairo Museum is on fire due to a fire bomb hitting the museum. Antiquities and Egyptian history lost in the blaze.

BREAKING NEWS: Doctors are needed in Tahrir square. Many injuries and fatalities.

BREAKING NEWS: Army is now warning pro-Mubarak camp from attacking protesters, saying it would take strict measures.

BREAKING NEWS: Human shields protecting the Cairo museum from thugs.

BREAKING NEWS: Protesters in Tahrir Square seized police IDs from the men posing as demonstrators supporting Mubarack.

BREAKING NEWS: Clashes escalate between Pro-Anti Mubarack forces, Army does not interfere.

BREAKING NEWS: US Journalist and Television Host, Anderson Cooper, was punched 10 times in the head as Pro-Mubarack mob surrounds him and his crew at Cairo rally.

BREAKING NEWS: Two tanks positioned at the Egyptian Museum leave. Only two armored vehicles are left behind.

BREAKING NEWS: Pro-Mubarack rides into Tahrir square on horseback and 1 camel.
Pic: and

BREAKING NEWS: Internet restored in Egypt, says Google.


BREAKING NEWS: U.S. ambassador meets with Egypt pro-democracy leader ElBaradei.

BREAKING NEWS: Received confirmation from Google.  Tweet by voicemail service can be used from anywhere. Country of call origin appears as tag #egypt.

BREAKING NEWS: Al Arabiya says it has report that Mubarak will not run for president again

BREAKING NEWS: Country’s last working internet service provider has been disconnected, completing a complete shut down of web access.

BREAKING NEWS: “Million Man March” has started and momentum is continuing despite being the 7th day of the revolt.


BREAKING NEWS/ACCURATE PREDICTION: Crude oil is now at a two-year high: 92 dollars a barrel.  At least one key global oil price contract topped $100 per barrel.

BREAKING NEWS: Mubarak-decreed train shutdown indefinite.

BREAKING NEWS: Rumors that Egypt cellphone networks will be shut down tomorrow.

BREAKING NEWS: Mubarack selects 19 fresh faces for cabinet but retains his long-serving defense minister, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, and Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit.

BREAKING NEWS: Former  US ambassador to Egypt Frank Wisner — was now on the ground in Cairo and will meet Egyptian officials to urge them to embrace broad economic and political changes that can pave the way for free and fair elections.

BREAKING NEWS: Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, states “It’s not up to the US to decide. We have concern for the People of Egypt. Egyptian govt needs actions not appointments.”

BREAKING NEWS: US wants Mubarack to engage in dialogue with Egyptian people to resolve unrest. Meanwhile, US reviewing financial aid to Egyptian govt as well as pushing for free open elections.

BREAKING NEWS: 6 Al Jazeera journalists freed, recording equipment remains confiscated.

BREAKING NEWS: Many key Ministers remain in their posts except the Minister of the Interior.

BREAKING NEWS: Million Man marched being planned today.

BREAKING NEWS: Talks of protestors storming Mubarak’s home in an attempt to force resignation.


BREAKING NEWS: Gunshots ring out in the night, protestors rally for freedom at 3am.

BREAKING NEWS: Egypt deploys troops to Gaza border.

BREAKING NEWS: Elbardadei in Tahrir Square demanding President Murback to stand down.

BREAKING NEWS: US, Switzerland, Turkey, Belgium, Iraq, India, China and the Philippines are urging their citizens to leave Egypt.

BREAKING NEWS: Elbardadei making first political step, as predicted by HoA 01.29.11, by stating “Change for Egypt must come from within Egypt.”

BREAKING NEWS: Curfew time has been reached. Tens of thousands of protestors defying curfew.

BREAKING NEWS: Egypt army has just told the crowd gathering at Tahrir Square that military will not go against the people in an effort to intimidate.

BREAKING NEWS: Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, monitoring Egypt situation.

“The aim is to maintain stability and ensure that the peace between us and Egypt continues,” Netanyahu told ministers at the outset of the weekly meeting. “We are following with vigilance the events in Egypt and in our region. At present we must show responsibility, restraint and maximum consideration.”

“The peace between Israel and Egypt has lasted for over three decades and our aim is to ensure that these relations will continue to exist throughout any developments in Egypt,” Netanyahu said.

BREAKING NEWS: SMS service is still down in Egypt. Mobile phone networks do not work that well either. Internet still blocked.

BREAKING NEWS: Curfew placed at 4pm. Hour earlier than yesterday.

BREAKING NEWS: F16 Jets swooping down on protesters in an effort to intimidate.

BREAKING NEWS: Israelis on the Sinai Peninsula urged to evacuate.

BREAKING NEWS: Ammunition shots fired on protesters by Army.

BREAKING NEWS: Several judges join protesters, “Violence will not stop until demands are met.”

BREAKING NEWS: Reports are that many of the looters are remnants of the security forces.

BREAKING NEWS: Thousands pour into Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt.

BREAKING NEWS: Aljazeera launched a direct phone line for people in Egypt to submit reports. Please call, +97444896192 or +97444896190

PREDICTION: Suez Canal and the Gaza Strip will be targeted by Islamic extremists resulting in our gas prices increases exponentially. In the outcry, deepwater drilling will be pushed by big oil and the Environmentalist crowd will rally up about alternative energy. Meanwhile, US gas and oil prices will continue to rise.

PREDICTION: Hamas and other Islamic extremist groups will try to control the chaos and assume leadership positions within the Cabinet in an attempt to snuff out Israel and then wage a religious war on Christianity in the US.


BREAKING NEWS: Mohamed ElBaradei calls for Mubarak to step down today.

BREAKING NEWS: Cairo’s Boulak Police Station is on fire and 3 police cars have burnt down.

BREAKING NEWS: Egypt’s President Mubarak’s wife, Suzanna, has left for London.

BREAKING NEWS: Gangs arrested in Alexandria, Egypt. Many communities forming local militia to protect neighborhoods.

BREAKING NEWS: Egyptian Govt opens phone lines, still denies access to Internet. Many connecting to the Internet via Modem, Fax, Mobile Apps and Ham Radio.

BREAKING NEWS: The Egyptian youth have set up roadblocks in the capital city of  Cairo to protect people from police and looters.

BREAKING NEWS: Fire flares again at Egypt’s ruling party headquarters in Cairo.

BREAKING NEWS: US, Britain, France, Germany urges Egypt Pres. Mubarak to refrain from violence, create free and fair elections.

BREAKING NEWS: Death Toll- 25, Cairo-25, Alexandria-36, Suez-38. Total-99.

BREAKING NEWS: Looting running amok- Egyptian artifacts breaking and disregarded. 2 mummies trampled and 1 mummy case opened.

BREAKING NEWS: Prisoners released out of jail, police no where to be found.

BREAKING NEWS: Mubarack announces Ahmad Shafiq was selected as Prime Minister & Omar Suleiman appointed as Vice President. Military still intact.

PREDICTION: Elbardadei will step into a high position within Egyptian cabinet, if not President himself.

PREDICTION: If Mubarack tries to hand over the presidency to Omar Suleiman or Mubarack’s son~ civil unrest will continue.

PREDICTION: US Residents take heed- Gas prices will rise to over $3.50/ga due to this tension.


BREAKING NEWS: Murbarak dissolves the government, new one will be appointed on Saturday 1/29/11.

BREAKING NEWS: Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has just asked his cabinet to step down in the midst of turmoil.

BREAKING NEWS: Egyptian officials shut down media outlets and denied access as a response to Egyptian citizens thumbing their nose at govt set curfews

PREDICTION: The Egyptian people are NOT happy with Mubarak’s announcement and will continue to protest the current President until he removes his power completely. Most of the military will side with the people but a few militants will branch off and try to harbor control.

Egypt timeline: A chronicle of the demonstrations against the country’s leadership.


January 2011: Activists in Egypt call for an uprising in their own country, to protest against poverty, unemployment, government corruption and the rule of president Hosni Mubarak, who has been in power for three decades.

January 25: On a national holiday to commemorate the police forces, Egyptians take to the streets in large numbers, calling it a “day of rage”.

Thousands march in downtown Cairo, heading towards the offices of the ruling National Democratic Party, as well as the foreign ministry and the state television. Similar protests are reported in other towns across the country.

After a few hours of relative calm, police and demonstrators clash; police fired tear gas and use water cannons against demonstrators crying out “Down with Mubarak” in Cairo’s main Tahrir Square.

Protests break out in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria, the Nile Delta cities of Mansura and Tanta and in the southern cities of Aswan and Assiut, witnesses say.

Hours after the countrywide protests began, the interior ministry issues a statement blaming the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s technically banned but largest opposition party, for fomenting the unrest – a claim that the Muslim Brotherhood denies.

Egypt protest organisers heavily relied on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

Egypt’s interior minister says three protesters and a police officer have been killed during the anti-government demonstrations.

January 26: A protester and a police officer are killed in central Cairo as anti-government demonstrators pelt security forces with rocks and firebombs for a second day, according to witnesses.

Police use tear gas, water cannons and batons to disperse protesters in Cairo. Witnesses say that live ammunition was also fired into the air.

In Suez, the scene of bloody clashes the previous day, police and protesters clash again.

Medical personnel in Suez say that 55 protesters and 15 police officers have been injured.

Robert Gibbs, a spokesman for Barack Obama, the US president, tell reporters that the government should “demonstrate its responsiveness to the people of Egypt” by recognizing their “universal rights”.

Amr Moussa, the secretary general of the Arab League, says he believes “the Arab citizen is angry, is frustrated”.

January 27: Mohamed ElBaradei, the former head of the UN nuclear watchdog turned democracy advocate, arrives in Egypt to join the protests.

ElBaradei says he is ready to “lead the transition” in Egypt if asked.

Meanwhile, protests continue across several cities. Hundreds have been arrested, but the protesters say they will not give up until their demand is met.

Protesters clash with police in Cairo neighbourhoods. Violence also erupts in the city of Suez again, while in the northern Sinai area of Sheikh Zuweid, several hundred bedouins and police exchange live gunfire, killing a 17-year-old man.

In Ismailia, hundreds of protesters clash with police.

Lawyers stage protests in the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria and the Nile Delta town of Toukh, north of Cairo.

Facebook, Twitter and Blackberry Messenger services are disrupted.

January 28: Internet and mobile phone text message users in Egypt report major disruption to services as the country prepares for a new wave of protests after Friday prayers.

The Associated Press news agency says an elite special counterterrorism force has been deployed at strategic points around Cairo in the hours before the planned protests. Egypt’s interior ministry also warns of “decisive measures”.

Meanwhile, a lawyer for the opposition Muslim Brotherhood says that 20 members of the officially banned group have been detained overnight.

Thousands of protesters in the Egyptian cities of Cairo, Alexandria and Suez have defied a nighttime curfew and continued with demonstrations demanding an end to Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year presidency.

Military armoured vehicles rolled onto the streets of the capital on Friday night in a bid to quell the protests, but buildings have been set alight, and violent clashes continue after a day of unprecedented anger.

A building belonging to the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) was torched, and reports of looting have also emerged in numerous government buildings.

Al Jazeera’s Ayman Mohyeldin, reporting from Cairo said that several police vehicles were also set ablaze, and firefighters did not appear to be on the streets.

Friday’s demonstrations involving tens of thousands of people were the biggest and bloodiest in four consecutive days of protests against Hosni Mubarak’s government.

Egypt remains on edge, as police and protesters prepare for a showdown.

New York sues New York City for medicaid fraud. Potential debt reduction.

The U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York sued New York City on Tuesday for civil penalties and damages “of at least tens of millions of dollars” over its Medicaid program.

From 2000 to 2010, some patients wrongly received “continuous” or 24-hour home care while others who should have such extra help did not.

“The City’s alleged conduct has resulted in patients receiving more services through the program than necessary or warranted by their condition, resulting in substantial additional costs to taxpayers,” U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara stated.

New York City has one of the nation’s costliest and most generous programs for Medicaid, which provides health care for the elderly, poor and disabled.

New York state is one of the few states that forces its counties — including New York City — to share some of the cost. The state’s governors for years have vowed to root out fraud and mismanagement in Medicaid, which costs New York state about $1 billion a day.

Sometimes the decisions about which patients would get home care were made without the required medical experts’ evaluations, and sometimes the medical findings were overruled by administrators, Bharara said. In other instances, the necessary paperwork was not filed.

Note to Congress: Looking for a way to cut spending and help reduce our $14.3 Trillion dollar debt? Start here first.

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