Newt Gingrich- Strong and unwavering; marches towards the GOP Convention.

Newt on the taunting media and opponents 

As much as the establishment and opposing candidates are pushing for Newt to drop out and are determined to convince the People that Newt should quit, Newt remains absolute and is full throttle ahead to the Tampa, FL Convention.

When he was asked on CBS’s This Morning “under what circumstances” he would end his campaign before the convention, Gingrich responded: “Probably none.  I’ll be with you in Tampa. I have 176,000 donors at They want me to stay in the race.”

Later on Fox News’ Fox & Friends, Gingrich said voters in Illinois were telling him to stay in the race. “I think the people who are supporting me want to have sort of a Reagan-like visionary, a big ideas candidate,” he said.

But it’s not just Illinois, every state Newt stops at- he gets highly charged responses from people pleading with him to stay in the race.

Clear, Consistent, Conservative Choice

Denise Haywald, a Florida resident, agrees enthusiastically and explains why she is still involved in Newt’s campaign even though the Florida primary was  Jan 31, 2012.

“Newt is the clear, consistent, conservative choice. We need a strong conservative to balance out Obama’s socialistic spiral. In a time of economic peril, we cannot afford any more on the job training.  Newt is the only candidate who understands the nuts and bolts of the details of the Presidency and who has experience balancing the national budget for 4 straight years and bringing true entitlement reform.  The main objective is to beat Obama and Newt is, by far, the best debater, has the most  experience and the firmest backbone and voice needed to debate Obama.   Besides, Newt is the only candidate who has put Obama on the defensive and that position is long overdue.  No dispute, I stand with Newt!”

When will the media vet Santorum? 

When vetted to the same extent as Newt; the voters will see a number of concerning things (Discussed here: and here:  and his problem with women voters ( that will make them rethink their reasons for siding with Santorum (especially since he is NOT the Anti-Romney candidate as he endorsed Mitt Romney and his ideas  in 2008: and fall back on Newts’ experience in getting Conservative legislation passed. (A quality currently lacking in Congress).

Santorum himself and Democrats for Santorum are encouraging Democrats to vote for Santorum in the Open Primary States. 

Then there’s the whole issue of Santorum inviting Democrats via robocalls in Michigan and Ohio into the Republican Primary to vote for him knowing full well that they will vote for Obama in the general election.

In addition, there is also a campaign dubbed, ‘Operation Hilarity’ where Democrats are voting for Santorum in open primary states because they know that Obama will crush Santorum like a tin can in the debates. Watch an ad from ‘Democrats for Santorum”:

United Against Romney

Let’s be real– it would  help Santorum if Newt stayed in the race (which he will despite all the questionable talk) because Romney’s wall street funded Super Pac will have to spend money aggressively, attacking both Newt and Santorum (their current modus operandi)  instead of just barreling Santorum with negative attack ads like Romney did to Newt during the Florida primary, where Romney spent $20 million in false, negative attack ads in efforts to blind the voters and knock Newt off message.

Newt agrees, “My view on that, is that the minute Romney has one opponent his Super PAC will drown that opponent in mud. That’s what happened to me in Iowa and Florida. It will eventually happen to Santorum and I think it is actually to our net advantage to keep Romney divided.”

Romney:  No negative ad is too costly! 

Meanwhile, Romney continues to spend money like he was printing it fresh off the press in attempts to cover his self proclaimed ‘progressive moderate’ record  (watch here: and to mischaracterize Newt with millions of dollars in false and misleading political ads (in in attempts to have people vote for him as the Anti-Newt candidate) which makes one question if Romney would continue Obama’s title as a ‘big spender’.

Newt on why he remains determined and his thoughts on the cancellation of  the Georgia and Oregon Debate.

On a personal belief, Newt feels he has every need to stay in the race.  “There are a lot of things I don’t agree with Romney and Santorum on. I don’t have an obligation to automatically salute as a conservative somebody who is a progressive moderate and somebody who ran up $1.7 trillion in debt. ” says the Former Speaker of the House, “Besides, if all the candidates are afraid to debate me- how can we feel confident that they are capable of debating Obama?” asks Newt referring to the cancellation of the Georgia CNN debate and the recently cancelled Oregon PBS debate.

Just like the Energizer Bunny; Newt keeps going and going and…. 

And so Newt and his campaign marches on, much like President George Washington and his troops on Christmas Day in 1776 (Learn more:  in pursuit of the Truth, Justice and to be a prime example of God’s Grace and Glory.

Time will tell who reigns as the ultimate victor but you can place your bets on Newt being a strong influence at the Tampa, FL Convention.

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House passes GOP 2012 budget plan

On Friday, the House Republicans won a  near unanimous passage of the 2012 Budget, 235-193, a proposal to slash nearly $6 trillion over the next decade. All but 4 GOP lawmakers backed the plan.

The plan, presented by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., would cut $6.2 “T”rillion of dollars in spending and change Medicare and Medicaid programs- more than likely utilization of block granting and attempting to privatize the 2 entitlement programs with vouchers over the next 10 years.

Also, the 2012 budget plan would cut federal workforce by 10 percent and set a binding cap on total spending as a percentage of the economy.

Additionally, the 2012 budget  plan credits the fiscal commission with identifying ways to save on discretionary spending, including cutting corporate tax breaks, overhauling how the government manages real estate assets, and reducing the federal auto fleet by 20 percent.

Even though this budget has a slim chance of passing the Senate, it is commendable to see the Republicans put forth the effort to draft and pass a budget bill, something that House Democrats didn’t even bother with in 2010 (which is why we were being strung along for the past 4 months on Continuing Resolution after Continuing Resolution.)

House Majority Whip, Kevin McCarthy credited the success to an inclusive process, saying the budget was the first bill of the new Republican majority in which leaders were able to listen to members and incorporate their views.

Given the fact, that the Democrats feel that we can be taxed out of  a recession (in comparison, to the Republicans who feel that we can cut wasteful and abusive current spending to dig our way out and in which, I concur)- I  feel that this budget bill will be dead on arrival in the Senate as there are two very different ideologies at play.

However, the fact that the Republicans pushed a bill through the House not only sets spending guidelines for the future but also shows the American People that the Republicans are willing to make the hard cuts in order to ensure financial security for our children.

Now the ball is in the Democrats court.  Let’s see how they propose to get us out of this financial crisis.

Considering they havent given us a true solution with accurate analysis in over a year this will prove to be interesting.

Note to the Senate Democrats: Instead of being LAZY and taxing higher income brackets- let’s get to work and find ways to eliminate abusive and fraudulent practices in Medicare, Medicaid and Welfare so that we can reduce our funding and pay down our debt so that our children can live a life better than what we were given.

To read the GOP “Path to Prosperity” 2012 budget plan, please visit:

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Where IS the President? 2011 stopgap and the lack of 2012 Budget Resolution and a Pres/VP to preside over it all.

House Republicans escalated pressure on President Obama to become directly involved in the budget debate on Capitol Hill, criticizing the White House for allowing a vacuum of leadership on the issue.

“Where is the president?” Majority Leader Eric Cantor asked in a press conference Wednesday morning, repeating the refrain 5 times in the 10-minute briefing.

Negotiations on a spending bill to fund the government through September have hit a wall in the 6 days since Obama dispatched Vice President Biden to meet with congressional leaders at the Capitol.

What I find outright offense and almost comical that Obama named Vice President Biden to lead the negotiations only days before he left for a 5 day trip to Finland, Moldova and Russia.

The Vice President is not even in the country; how can he be expected to provide leadership over the budget discussions?

What’s worse is that new White House press secretary (who I am starting to loathe more than Fmr. Press Sec Robert Gibbs) refused to identify who was negotiating for the administration in Biden’s absence.

You know what else is interesting?

The Federal Budget Process begins the First Monday in February of each year and should be concluded by October 1, in which the Presdient submits his proposal which serves as a “Starting Point” for Congress to consider.

In order to do so, the Budget Committees are required to present their Budget Resolution for consideration by April 1. Today is March 9th 2011. Less than a month away.

We have not decided on a budget for 2011, let alone are anywhere even near setting the resolution for 2012.

I will be participating in a teleconference call with Budget Committee Chair Representative Paul Ryan and FreedomWorks Chair, Dick Armey tonight and will be listening closely to how they view our 2011 budget (which  I think will be made up of majority stopgap/continuing resolutions), the lack of a 2012 budget resolution and to figure out who is really presiding over the Budget hearings.

Stay tuned to Heart of America for the latest and the greatest.

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Presidential hopeful, Jim Demint, speaks on the importance of school choice and higher education.

South Carolina is one of the few states where school choice supporters have been working to pass an educational tax credit program. South Carolina Senator Jim Demint speaks on the importance of school choice and higher education.

The lead-in hits it perfectly; school choice is about self government, and public education means an educated public, not government-run schools.

With the economy and government budgets in the state they’re in, citizens want to know first and foremost whether any new program is going to cost them more money. I cant say I blame them but let not your heart be troubled;

Jump to 7:23 in the video for a great take on how education tax credits save money while better assisting our children to become the leaders of tomorrow.

But wait.. there’s more (Republican budget cutting).

Republicans have controlled the House for little over a month, but so far the record is clear: The new GOP majority is living up to its promise to cut spending.

In the first four weeks of the 112th Congress, Republicans have passed legislation that cuts spending by $656 billion without a single spending increase.

The conservative Republican Study Committee’s Money Monitor, the only document tracking the cost of bills as they pass the House, has the data. It shows:

  • $541 billion in mandatory spending cuts.
  • $115 billion in authorized spending cuts (subject to appropriation).
  • $770 billion in tax cuts.

Those figures stand in stark contrast to the previous Congress, when the Democrat-controlled House enacted $682 billion of new spending in just the first four weeks.

Of course, Republicans face a high hurdle to enact many of their cuts with Democrats controlling the Senate and President Obama in the White House,  that hasn’t stopped them from trying.

Expect more next week when Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), chairman of the RSC, will offer several amendments to the fiscal 2011 continuing resolution which is in replacement of the lack of a 2010 budget that the Democrats never set.

Please remember this when voting in November 2012.

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