Paul Ryan’s SotU response. Right on target. As always.

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Michele Bachman’s is on Fiiire with SotU Response.

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SotU- The Good, The Bad, The Ugly [My response]

Clips of Obama’s transcribed State of the Union speech highlighted in bold. Personal comments underneath. Issues alphabetically categorized.


They’re investing in research and new technologies. Just recently, China became home to the world’s largest private solar research facility, and the world’s fastest computer.”

Great job China! Now the US should follow their lead and invest more time and “energy” into alternative means so we can reduce our foreign dependency on oil.

Interestingly, Obama failed to mention in addition to China being the world’s largest private solar research facility, they are also nearing to the top of wind energy- thanks to Obama’s sending $1.5 billion of US jobs over to China in an attempt to please them.

I wonder why Obama didnt mention that he sold our jobs to China; with only 300 jobs going to Americans in wind power production- those of which mostly consist of temporary construction jobs. With only approximately 30% of permanent positions being rewarded to Americans or that $450 million of the financing for wind energy is coming out of US stimulus funds? Selective emphasis?

“At the California Institute of Technology, they’re developing a way to turn sunlight and water into fuel for our cars. At Oak Ridge National Laboratory, they’re using supercomputers to get a lot more power out of our nuclear facilities. With more research and incentives, we can break our dependence on oil with biofuels, and become the first country to have 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2015.”

This is great news! I would love to see this materialize; although, I think the goal to have 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2015 is a little optimistic. Is the Obama administration willing to offer a tax right off for owning electric vehicles or incentives for turning in gas hogs like the Cash for Clunkers program that was instituted in 2010 but is now currently disabled? That might help make this dream a reality but without those two components- I unfortunately doubt that we will reach this milestone. I hope Im wrong.

Now, clean energy breakthroughs will only translate into clean energy jobs if businesses know there will be a market for what they’re selling. So tonight, I challenge you to join me in setting a new goal: by 2035, 80% of America’s electricity will come from clean energy sources. Some folks want wind and solar. Others want nuclear, clean coal, and natural gas.

Another great idea alebit a little unrealistic. I am a major supporter of alternative energy but until we start actively engaging wind, solar, clean coal, natural gas and geothermal exploration- we will not reach that goal. Funny how Obama mentions these broad challenges yet does not outline how he intends to lead or “challenge” us in that direction.


“I’m asking Congress to eliminate the billions in taxpayer dollars we currently give to oil companies. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but they’re doing just fine on their own. So instead of subsidizing yesterday’s energy, let’s invest in tomorrow’s.”

I think this is a great idea! There is NO reason why big oil needs our tax dollars in subsides.  We need to start there to cut spending and give a portion to alternative energy research and use the rest of the money spent to pay down our debt of approximately $14,079 trillion (Up to date and detailed debt clock can be found here:


So tonight, I am proposing that starting this year, we freeze annual domestic spending for the next five years. This would reduce the deficit by more than $400 billion over the next decade, and will bring discretionary spending to the lowest share of our economy since Dwight Eisenhower was president.

This freeze will require painful cuts. Already, we have frozen the salaries of hardworking federal employees for the next two years. I’ve proposed cuts to things I care deeply about, like community action programs. The Secretary of Defense has also agreed to cut tens of billions of dollars in spending that he and his generals believe our military can do without.

First, note how Obama does not state the “tens of billions of dollars” that the Secretary of Defense has supposedly suggested to cut. That should raise a red flag to any concerned citizen. Second, does Obama not hear the American people? We are not wanting to FREEZE spending, we are wanting to CUT spending. Last year, he offered the same ‘freeze’ that would maintain increased spending levels and produce an estimated $10 trillion in deficits by the end of the decade. We cannot continue in that direction.

“Most of the cuts and savings I’ve proposed only address annual domestic spending, which represents a little more than 12% of our budget. To make further progress, we have to stop pretending that cutting this kind of spending alone will be enough. It won’t.

Of course this type of cutting wont solve the problem but I urge Obama and the rest of his colleagues from denouncing small cuts because they are not “big” enough.  Smaller amounts can add up to very large savings. We should welcome all spending cuts, regardless of their size.


“There are twelve different agencies that deal with exports. There are at least five different entities that deal with housing policy. Then there’s my favorite example: the Interior Department is in charge of salmon while they’re in fresh water, but the Commerce Department handles them in when they’re in saltwater. And I hear it gets even more complicated once they’re smoked.”

Sounds like reorganization has to be done, no exceptions.  The criss cross of responsibilities is causing our tax payer money to be redirected and we could be making things for much less which would result in high profits within our exports.


To put us on solid ground, we should also find a bipartisan solution to strengthen Social Security for future generations. And we must do it without putting at risk current retirees, the most vulnerable, or people with disabilities; without slashing benefits for future generations; and without subjecting Americans’ guaranteed retirement income to the whims of the stock market.

Anybody else love the generality of Obama’s statements? While I agree with this, the question still remains- how can we make this a reality?  From what I understand, raising the retirement age is not going to make a huge difference in the amount owed to Social Security. Perhaps we need to allow a smaller percentage of our taxes being taken out and give the public the option to investment in their own retirement.


In fact, the best thing we could do on taxes for all Americans is to simplify the individual tax code. This will be a tough job, but members of both parties have expressed interest in doing this, and I am prepared to join them.

Much easier said than done although I would rather have the Fair Tax with no talk of a Value Added Tax (VAT).


Because you deserve to know exactly how and where your tax dollars are being spent, you will be able to go to a website and get that information for the very first time in history. Because you deserve to know when your elected officials are meeting with lobbyists, I ask Congress to do what the White House has already done: put that information online.

Obama you already broke that promise. Whatever happened to CSPAN cameras in back rooms and putting a bill online 72 hours before a bill is debated?!


And because the American people deserve to know that special interests aren’t larding up legislation with pet projects, both parties in Congress should know this: if a bill comes to my desk with earmarks inside, I will veto it.

Im throwing the BS flag right now. Mark my words- Obama will sign legislation with earmarks or with an “innovation” hashtag.

Reducing the Deficit:

  • Freezing federal spending for five years;
  • Vetoing any legislation that comes from Congress with earmarks’;
  • Simplifying the corporate and individual tax codes.


“What’s more, we are the first nation to be founded for the sake of an idea – the idea that each of us deserves the chance to shape our own destiny.”

How are American citizens given the chance to shape our own destiny with Obama’s attempt at global take over? We will not have the chance to shape on our financial destiny- after all the auto and wall street bailouts that Obama pushed upon us nor will we have the chance to shape our own medical destiny- after Obama pushed through an insurance mandate and control over our choice of preferred provider. These chances are being taken away from us and put in the hands of big government.


“Meanwhile, nations like China and India realized that with some changes of their own, they could compete in this new world. And so they started educating their children earlier and longer, with greater emphasis on math and science.

Math and Science are fundamental to ensuring future success and long term growth; however, where is the emphasis on English and History? Without learning how to communicate and comprehend our past mistakes- we are destined to run ourselves in circle reworking old issues. A balance of all subjects Math/Science – English/History – Technology/Computers is an ideal “equation”. I applaud the decision to hire 100,000 new science, math and technology teachers over 10 years. Hoping the English/History teachers will step up a notch and remain competitive.

That’s why instead of just pouring money into a system that’s not working, we launched a competition called Race to the Top. To all fifty states, we said, “If you show us the most innovative plans to improve teacher quality and student achievement, we’ll show you the money.  Race to the Top should be the approach we follow this year as we replace No Child Left Behind with a law that is more flexible and focused on what’s best for our kids.”

Race to the Top is a program by the U.S. Department of Education funded through federal stimulus dollars (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act—ARRA). At $4.35 billion, it represents the largest investment in school reform ever. It will be divided among 6-12 states in a competitive application process.  6-12 states? What about the remaining states not in the competition? What was the deciding factor on letting states participate? I have yet to find the answer to this question.

And over the next ten years, with so many Baby Boomers retiring from our classrooms, we want to prepare 100,000 new teachers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math.

I fully support this idea but also in the areas of English and History.  However, our goal should be to recruit quality teachers, not focus on the quantity of them.

This year, I ask Congress to go further, and make permanent our tuition tax credit – worth $10,000 for four years of college.

I fully support this idea. College is expensive- even if tuition is being reimbursed, more than likely books are not covered and they can run anywhere from $60-$200 per book per class. Any sort of tax credit to help offset this financial burden would be a welcomed help.


To help businesses sell more products abroad, we set a goal of doubling our exports by 2014. Recently, we signed agreements with India and China that will support more than 250,000 jobs in the United States. And last month, we finalized a trade agreement with South Korea that will support at least 70,000 American jobs.


“There are twelve different agencies that deal with exports. There are at least five different entities that deal with housing policy. Then there’s my favorite example: the Interior Department is in charge of salmon while they’re in fresh water, but the Commerce Department handles them in when they’re in saltwater. And I hear it gets even more complicated once they’re smoked.”

Sounds like reorganization has to be done, no exceptions.  The criss cross of responsibilities is causing our tax payer money to be redirected.


It is argued that a stronger currency would increase the purchasing power of Chinese consumers and decrease the relative cost of American goods in China, spurring more Chinese to buy more American products which would result in more job creation.

Additionally, a stronger currency increases the relative cost of Chinese goods in third markets, like Europe or Latin America. Therefore,  if the yuan appreciates, consumers in other countries will shy away from Chinese products in favor of American products.

Further, a stronger currency would increase labor costs in China, making it less attractive for American companies to outsource jobs to China and thus keeping more people employed in the US.

If we want to double our exports within the next 3 years, we need to take a harder stance with China as they are pushing us out of the market. For more information on China- US currency relations, please visit my blog:

That’s what we did with Korea, and that’s what I intend to do as we pursue agreements with Panama and Colombia, and continue our Asia Pacific and global trade talks.

I remain optimistic.


“This March, I will travel to Brazil, Chile, and El Salvador to forge new alliances for progress in the Americas. Around the globe, we are standing with those who take responsibility – helping farmers grow more food; supporting doctors who care for the sick; and combating the corruption that can rot a society and rob people of opportunity.”

Stay tuned to the Heart of America for visitation analysis.

We saw that same desire to be free in Tunisia, where the will of the people proved more powerful than the writ of a dictator. And tonight, let us be clear: the United States of America stands with the people of Tunisia, and supports the democratic aspirations of all people.

So, by association- Obama is claiming allegiance to the Egyptian government despite tens of thousands Egyptians uprising against Mulbarak’s position and his cabinet. Read about the civil war currently happening despite Egypt’s cabinet resigning by visiting:


“What’s more, we are the first nation to be founded for the sake of an idea – the idea that each of us deserves the chance to shape our own destiny.”

How are American citizens given the chance to shape our own destiny with Obama’s attempt at global take over? We will not have the chance to shape on our financial destiny- after all the auto and wall street bailouts that Obama pushed upon us nor will we have the chance to shape our own medical destiny- after Obama pushed through an insurance mandate and control over our choice of preferred provider. These chances are being taken away from us and put in the hands of big government.


We will put more Americans to work repairing crumbling roads and bridges. We will make sure this is fully paid for, attract private investment, and pick projects based on what’s best for the economy, not politicians.

While I initially support this idea, I hope that Obama does not include this in his permanent job equation as road and construction work tend to be seasonal and temporary and it is important to note it as such.

Within 25 years, our goal is to give 80% of Americans access to high-speed rail, which could allow you go places in half the time it takes to travel by car. For some trips, it will be faster than flying – without the pat-down. As we speak, routes in California and the Midwest are already underway.

I know I will differ with my Republican colleagues on this matter but I support this endeavor. Living in Central Fla, I have seen how bad traffic congestion can get and we even name one of  the more impacted areas, “Malfunction Junction”. While I dont agree with the current cost of the Sunrail- Florida’s high speed rail- I feel that a high speed rail would not only reduce car accidents but it would also reduce the amount of emissions is released into our environment. In addition, a high speed rail would create temporary and permanent jobs- which is much needed and would be greatly appreciated.


Now, I strongly believe that we should take on, once and for all, the issue of illegal immigration. I am prepared to work with Republicans and Democrats to protect our borders, enforce our laws and address the millions of undocumented workers who are now living in the shadows. I know that debate will be difficult and take time. But tonight, let’s agree to make that effort. And let’s stop expelling talented, responsible young people who can staff our research labs, start new businesses, and further enrich this nation.

I am thankful that the DREAM Act was not approved as illegal aliens should not be rewarded for bad behavior. The DREAM Act allowed illegal aliens from 17-35 to apply for citizenship if they were enrolled in the US military or attend school.  What a slap in the face to the people entering our country legally as well as to the degree seeking US citizens. To avoid going off on a tangent about illegal immigration, please visit my immigration blog at:


Fewer Afghans are under the control of the insurgency. There will be tough fighting ahead, and the Afghan government will need to deliver better governance. But we are strengthening the capacity of the Afghan people and building an enduring partnership with them. This year, we will work with nearly 50 countries to begin a transition to an Afghan lead. And this July, we will begin to bring our troops home.

Didnt Obama say that troops would be withdrawn a couple years ago? I caution bringing our troops home without accomplishing our mission. Dont forget the Iraq problems that Bush Sr stirred and how resentment grew while we were reloading.

We have sent a message from the Afghan border to the Arabian Peninsula to all parts of the globe: we will not relent, we will not waver, and we will defeat you.


With our European allies, we revitalized NATO, and increased our cooperation on everything from counter-terrorism to missile defense.

How is that true when we threw together a Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty which limited our missile defense in Russia? Those were needed to counter terrorism. Read more about Obama’s enthusiasm of  the START treaty by visiting:


“Half a century ago, when the Soviets beat us into space with the launch of a satellite called Sputnik¸ we had no idea how we’d beat them to the moon. The science wasn’t there yet. NASA didn’t even exist. But after investing in better research and education, we didn’t just surpass the Soviets; we unleashed a wave of innovation that created new industries and millions of new jobs.”

Excuse me, Obama but you are exempt from claiming ownership of NASA as you depleted the majority of the Space programs financial backing.  If Obama is so supportive of this “wave of innovation”- why was he so quick to slash funding? Isn’t that a contradictory step to his goal of innovation and job growth?


Within the next five years, we will make it possible for business to deploy the next generation of high-speed wireless coverage to 98% of all Americans. This isn’t just about a faster internet and fewer dropped calls. It’s about connecting every part of America to the digital age. It’s about a rural community in Iowa or Alabama where farmers and small business owners will be able to sell their products all over the world. It’s about a firefighter who can download the design of a burning building onto a handheld device; a student who can take classes with a digital textbook; or a patient who can have face-to-face video chats with her doctor.

Again, Obama offers much generalities with little to no substance behind it. How would this happen? Who would pay for the cost? Not I said the US tax payer.


Veterans can now download their electronic medical records with a click of the mouse.

Welcome to 2011, Obama.  What other paper can you electronically transmit? I applaud the Republican Party for getting all bills online. For more information on Congress getting electronic, please visit:


Questions? Comments? Please respond below, all thoughts are appreciated.

Rep Paul Ryan- Chair of Budget Committee- tapped to deliver address following SofU.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell  announced today that House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan will deliver the Republican address following the President’s State of the Union address to Congress on January 25, 2011.

Last year – in an unprecedented failure – Congressional Democrats chose not to pass, or even propose a budget, punting on a duty that represents the most basic responsibility of governing.

Chairman Ryan will deliver the Republican address Tuesday night from the House Budget Committee hearing room, where the Democrats’ spending spree will end and the Republicans’ push for a fiscally responsible budget that cuts spending will begin.

In making the announcement, the GOP leaders noted that Chairman Ryan is a leading voice for fiscal discipline and common-sense solutions to cut spending and create jobs.

Known for his thoughtful and detailed critiques of big-government policies, Ryan has helped put to rest the Democrats’ argument that more government spending and higher taxes is the answer to most of our nation’s ills.

His commitment to free enterprise and limited government make him the right choice to outline a vision for how a smaller, less costly government will help create the right conditions for the creation of good, private sector jobs.

“Paul Ryan is uniquely qualified to address the state of our economy and the fiscal challenges that face our country,” said Speaker Boehner.

“We’re broke, and decisive action is needed to help our economy get back to creating jobs and end the spending binge in Washington that threatens our children’s future. I’m pleased that Paul will be outlining a common-sense vision for moving our country forward.”

Leader McConnell said, “Paul Ryan has spent the better part of the last two years explaining exactly why the Democrat agenda has been so bad for jobs and the economy, and why we need to ditch the government-driven approach in favor of creative, common-sense solutions that put the American people back in charge.

Chairman Ryan’s unique understanding of the fiscal problems we face, his command of policy, and his adherence to the principles of our nation’s founding make him an excellent spokesman for the path that Americans want Washington to take.”

“Delivering an address to the nation is a unique opportunity, and I am grateful to my party’s leaders for entrusting me with this responsibility,” said Ryan.

“I am hopeful that the President will work with the new House Majority to cut spending, reform government, and restore the foundations for growth and job creation.  More than rhetoric, we need results.  I look forward to outlining a vision for a future that fulfills the uniquely American legacy of leaving the next generation with a stronger, more prosperous nation.”

BACKGROUND: Born and raised in the community of Janesville, Paul Ryan is a fifth-generation Wisconsin native. Currently serving his seventh term as a Member of Congress, Paul works to address the many important issues affecting Wisconsin residents and serve as an effective advocate for the 1st Congressional District.

He is the Chairman of the House Budget Committee, where he works to bring fiscal discipline and accountability to the federal government.  He is a senior member of the House Ways and Means Committee, which has jurisdiction over tax policy, Social Security, health care and trade laws.

Paul is a graduate of Joseph A. Craig High School in Janesville and earned a degree in economics and political science from Miami University (OH).  Paul and his wife Janna live in Janesville with their children, daughter Liza and sons Charlie and Sam.

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Cheap political stunt from the Left: Bipartisan seating at SOFU.

Dozens of lawmakers are getting a second dose of high school as they venture across the aisle and ask colleagues to sit with them for President Obama’s State of the Union (SOFU) address on Tuesday, January 25, 2011 at 9pm EST.

In a petition circulated to members earlier this month, Democratic Senator Mark Udall called on his colleagues to sit with a lawmaker of the opposing party as a way to heal Congress’s increasingly divisive rhetoric, which at times can erupt into hateful and even violent debate in the public arena.

Yet, those sweet intentions are really anything but a tart filled treat rolled into sugar and fed to the American public.

I find it interesting how the Democrats never played on this tactic while they were in the House Majority.

I feel that this was initiated this time around in an attempt from the Left to shield the public from getting a visual of Congress, which was side swept with Republican influence in the 2010 elections.

Instead of Congress asking their date to the SOFU why dont they show their bipartisanshp on the floor where controversial issues are concerned?

That would make more of an impact and show their constituents that they are serious about serving the public, not whether or not they sit together during a speech.

Note to Congressional Democrats: Dont insult our intelligence, we are smarter than to fall for cheap political stunts.

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