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Breaking News on Egypt

Breaking News on Iran

Eye on 2012

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Poli Predictions

State of the Union Response 2011


Alternative Energy

Florida to propose a light rail between TIA and Downtown Orlando.

The Atlantic Coast and it’s attempt to make Wind Power the new normal.

Breaking News

BREAKING NEWS & NOTICE- 2 Iranian Warships on Route to Suez Canal.


A preview of the 2011 budget. Rating: D+.

Balancing the Budget

But wait.. there’s more.

Case in point: Eliminate big oil’s subsidies and royalties and reap the rewards .

Just Say No to State Bailouts.

Pentagon/Defense appropriations bill needs to be passed ASAP.

PREDICTION: Value Added Tax coming to a city near you.

Contact with President Obama

Contact with President Obama


Is the Fla SB736, Merit Pay for Teachers, SB6 in disguise?

Egypt Turmoil

Mubarak thumbs nose at US, tells Egypt to get back to work and that he is not going anywhere.

PREDICTION: Egypt, the Fall of Mubarack and the Bible.

Environmental News

BP and EPA in cohorts and shortchanging Gulf states.

CG Adm Thad Allen and Bureau of OEM support an independent drilling regulatory agency.

New oil fields found despite possible risks to the environment.

Report concludes, Clean up on the oil spill is over. Personal pictures and testimony state otherwise.

Rocket fuel aka Perchlorate found in drinking water.

Raise Big Oil’s Liability Cap and Protect the People.

Food Safety

Behind the Food Safety Modernization Act


26 (potentially 28) states have filed a lawsuit against Obamacare.

Senate Democrats- Finally Expressing the Unconstitutionality of the Health Care Law.

Senate strikes down health care reform road, Republicans find an alternate route.

PREDICTION: Healthcare law will be sent to the Supreme Court. Eyes on Scalia/Kagan.

Israel Concerns

Replacing evil with desperate. A deeper threat to Israel.

Thanks to Israel’s PM and FM, Palestinians are gaining momentum in the UN.

Iran Development

Iran’s new rockets and satellites have US on alert.


NASA job reduction, courtesy of President Obama

Social Security

Social Security will run deficits this year. We need a long term plan.

Tax Increases

“Read my lips, no new taxes”

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Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

Today is THE day that you hear the Truth in the Word.

Today is THE day where solutions are heard!

Look around, take it in…

Yet, do not believe your eyes.

Appearances can be deceiving~

Are you ready for a surprise?

What looks like a blog and could be read as a bore,

is quite the opposite and oh so much more!

We will be calling out Legislative Bills, Politicians and all of the lies;

To have a Seat in the Hot Seat and be scrutinized.

For the promises that they made but did not keep;

For jumping the gun and not looking before they leap.

For the issues to be called out and set forth straight,

For calling out people who oppress due to hate.

It is time that WE stood up and said, “Oh no! That is wrong!”

It is time that WE stood up and we sang a NEW song.

That new song of Self sufficiency and Love for you and for me

Where we are graced and smiled upon by the Statue of Liberty,

Where her rules and her guidelines set our values in stone

Follow the Constitution & the Declaration of Independence or travel your path alone.

For when Politicians forget who they represent and start to run in the OPPOSITE direction of what people need,

When the only thing that motivates them is corruption and greed.

When the solutions are Unconstitutional and manipulatively wrong.

The general consensus was of massive deceit, but we knew all along.

Now they will be called out as a swindler who is unworthy of their elected Seat.

Since our Voice wasn’t taken into consideration, now they will feel our Heat.

Now this faulty Legislation and their supportive Representatives will be put over Fire.

Come 2012, we will REWORK the irresponsible legislation and KICK OUT all the Liars.

Come join us and help us set History straight.

OUR CHILDREN depend on US, it’s NEVER too late!!!

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