Democrats found with their tail between their legs. Shameful.

Approximately 25,000 teachers and others flooded the Wisconsin Capitol on Thursday as Democratic lawmakers left the state to stymie a vote on the governor’s proposal to reduce collective bargaining rights and benefits for public workers.

Wisconsin is the first in a long line of states that will consider requiring government workers to pay more for pensions and health care while limiting the power of employee unions to negotiate contracts and work rules.

Ohio is next, likely to vote within weeks on an equally dramatic limit on public employee rights. Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Iowa,  Michigan,New Hampshire, New Jersey and New Mexico are among the two dozen other states considering narrower but substantial changes in how government treats its workforce.

The moves are aimed at saving hundreds of millions of dollars and cutting the burden of pension and health care costs at a time when state and local government finances are weak. It estimated that the cuts in Wisconin would save $30 million in the current budget and approximately $300 million in next year’s budget.

The legislative aides of the Fleeing Democrats would not comment on where they went or when they would return but Democratic Senator Jon Erpenbach stated that the group of Democratic Senators left the state. and my personal sources have confirmed that a majority, if not all, of the Senators are holed up in a Best Western in Rockford, Illinois.

Crossing state lines and hiding from a vote is nothing short of disrespectful to the people and taxpayers of Wisconsin who elected them into office. These Democratic Senators were elected to stand up and negotiate for hard issues- not to run away and hide in an effort of stall a vote.

I also noticed how none of the Wisconin Democratic Senators are proposing any way to reduce the financial woes of the state. Funny, Ive also noticed that with the House and Senate Democrats at large. Attack all budget cuts suggested but offer no relief of their own.

Please remember these smoke and mirror games the Democrats are playing come 2012. We have too much to stake to allow these games to continue.

Copyright (c) February 17, 2011.


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