BREAKING NEWS: Algeria Conflict

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Leader of Protesters Speaks Out:


BREAKING NEWS: In the Moroccan city of Tangier, riot police used truncheons to break up a protest in which a police station was attacked. Although the protest came on the eve of a nationwide call for demonstrations urging political reform, it appeared to stem from local anger over the high tariffs charged by foreign utilities.

BREAKING NEWS: Algerian riot police surrounded about 500 people trying to stage a march through the capital, Algiers. The crowd was herded into the courtyard of a residential block, where police surrounded protesters from both sides as well as hundreds of bystanders.


BREAKING NEWS: Video of protests:

BREAKING NEWS: In a demonstration in New Derat one person was injured. He is in a stable condition in a hospital.

BREAKING NEWS: Some other major opposition groups like the Labour Union and socialist parties announced that they are against the regime but will not operate under what they tagged as backward forces, referring to the two Islamic parties enrolled in the CDAC.

BREAKING NEWS: Citizens will not be content with a partial lifting of the state of emergency that has been imposed since 1992.

BREAKING NEWS: Dubai The Algerian opposition, led by the Coordination for Democratic Change in Algeria (CDCA), a Facebook group, will go ahead with its planned movement to topple the government and will not accept anything less than full democracy.

BREAKING NEWS: US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, Clinton warns of USA support for Revolutionaries using internet to protest and encourages government officials to keep the internet turned on.


BREAKING NEWS: Algeria’s Foreign Minister dismissed the protest marches in his country as actions by a small minority – and not start of popular uprisings.

BREAKING NEWS: Algeria lifts emergency laws and weekly protests scheduled for each Saturday.


BREAKING NEWS: U.S. State Department called on security forces in Algeria to show restraint with protesters.

BREAKING NEWS: Germany criticizes Algeria’s violence against protesters.

BREAKING NEWS: Thousands of unemployed young men are protesting in Annaba.


BREAKING NEWS: After about three hours, hundreds of people left the square quietly, with police opening up gaps in their cordon to let them through. Some 200 young men from a poor neighborhood nearby stayed on the square. Some threw objects at police.

BREAKING NEWS: Death and Injury toll: At least 8 protesters were murdered by Bouteflika security forces and over 800 others were wounded across Algeria last month.

BREAKING NEWS: Al Jazeera was banned from reporting from Algeria.

BREAKING NEWS: One of the Algiers demonstration’s key organizers, Fadil Boumala, was  arrested this afternoon. 

BREAKING NEWS: State TV not broadcasting protests.

BREAKING NEWS: High amount off women in today’s protests with police targeting and arresting women.

BREAKING NEWS: Algeria blocks access internet and Facebook as protest mounts.

BREAKING NEWS: 400 Arrested in Riots. Watch video of the police clashing with protestors by clicking:

BREAKING NEWS: Riot police officers stifled a protest in Algeria’s capital on Saturday by hundreds of people voicing the same demands for change that have helped topple two of the region’s autocratic governments over the last month.

BREAKING NEWS: Gathering in the central May 1 Square, demonstrators in Algeria chanted “Bouteflika out!” referring to President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, who has ruled Algeria with a tough hand since 1999, maintaining power through elections that opposition figures say were rigged.

BREAKING NEWS: Saturday’s rally was organized by the Coordination for Democratic Change in Algeria, an umbrella group for human rights activists, unionists, lawyers and others. It was called to press for democratic reforms but did not specifically demand that Bouteflika resign.


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