Heart of America Radio!

Topics included for April 13th– Political hotspeak on the 2011 Budget Compromise, the cuts, the increases and who was the ultimate winner in the budget battle.


Topics included for Mar 12th– Discussion of 8.9 Japanese earthquake, tsunamis and aftermath. The Libyan change of events and talk of a No Fly zone. As well as Saudi Arabia’s “day of rage” and how this will affect US oil, gas, food prices.


Topics included for Mar 10th; Gas Guzzler Special Edition are: soaring US gas prices, offers of help from foreign neighbors and domestic options in which we can work together to bring the cost of oil, gas & food down.


Topics included for Mar 5th radio show are:  an update on the Libyan conflict and protester control of Libyan’s oil rigs and the results in US gas prices, the continuing resolution and commentary on some of the programs/earmarks that were cut as well as the REAL ID Act and its previously known extension of May 5th (however; the govt just extended it until January 2013) as well as the threat of our privacy and constitutional rights and how YOU can make a difference.


Topics included for Feb 26th radio show are: the Libyan conflict and the threat of $5 gas, the continuing resolution and threat of a government shutdown, extreme budget cuts and how we can compromise as well as personal testimony on the oil spill implications ranging through the NorthWest Florida panhandle


Topics included for Feb 19th radio show are: Discussion on our $14.3 trillion dollar debt, the newly released FY 2012 budget that will almost double the debt for our children and Egypt’s turmoil.



Hope to catch you on the flip side!

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