But wait.. there’s more (Republican budget cutting).

Republicans have controlled the House for little over a month, but so far the record is clear: The new GOP majority is living up to its promise to cut spending.

In the first four weeks of the 112th Congress, Republicans have passed legislation that cuts spending by $656 billion without a single spending increase.

The conservative Republican Study Committee’s Money Monitor, the only document tracking the cost of bills as they pass the House, has the data. It shows:

  • $541 billion in mandatory spending cuts.
  • $115 billion in authorized spending cuts (subject to appropriation).
  • $770 billion in tax cuts.

Those figures stand in stark contrast to the previous Congress, when the Democrat-controlled House enacted $682 billion of new spending in just the first four weeks.

Of course, Republicans face a high hurdle to enact many of their cuts with Democrats controlling the Senate and President Obama in the White House,  that hasn’t stopped them from trying.

Expect more next week when Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), chairman of the RSC, will offer several amendments to the fiscal 2011 continuing resolution which is in replacement of the lack of a 2010 budget that the Democrats never set.

Please remember this when voting in November 2012.

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