Block federal funds to move GITMO terrorists to US.

Sen. Mark Kirk and Congressman Aaron Schock announced legislation today that would block use of federal funds to move suspected Guantanamo Bay terrorists into the United States.

The new legislation would also block the expenditure of federal dollars for any future transfer of any new detainees onto U.S. soil.

“After learning of Administration plans to transfer Guantanamo Bay detainees to Illinois, Congressman Schock, myself and the other members of the Illinois congressional delegation joined to protect Illinois from this action,” Senator Kirk said.

Senate Democrats in December attempted to insert a last-minute provision into the Defense Authorization bill giving the Obama administration power to transfer terrorists to the United States. The administration, has sought to move detainees to the U.S. as part of its effort to close the controversial military-run detention center in Cuba.

The near-empty Thomson Correctional Facility, a maximum-security prison located approximately 150 miles west of Chicago, emerged as a leading option to house detainees. Plans to sell the prison to the Federal Bureau of Prisons hit a snag last month when federal officials failed to submit a bid for the $219 million facility.

Schock says the United States already has a multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art facility in Guantanamo Bay where the government can hold and try detainees and says it should utilize it, and Kirk agrees.

“Since the federal government spent over $400 million to build courtrooms and a terrorist detention facility at the 45-square-mile Guantanamo Bay facility, we should use it and not waste money on a new facility during this time of fiscal austerity,” Senator Kirk said.

I applaud this legislation and urge our Representatives to stand behind it.  With $400 million of tax payers money used towards the expansion of Guantanamo Bay- it would be irresponsible to allow these detainees within US borders.

In addition, allowing these detainees to enter the US would threaten our homeland security and residents living in the surrounding area.

Further, under NO circumstances should we grant these detainees any rights if they are transferred to our country nor should we utilize tax payers dollars for the transfer of such criminals.

We need to keep Guantanamo Bay open and use it for it’s intended purpose.  Any transfer on Obama’s part would be reckless, irresponsible and potentially jeopardize the safety and well being of the US.

Copyright (c) January 28, 2011.


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