Dear deepwater drillers: Wait for the National Energy Policy Act

Please note the “special circumstances” possibly underlined by political contributes. 0.0

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Please contact your Representative and ask them to lay aside the greed of oil/natural gas production and;

Focus on increasing safety measures while halting any further drilling in the Gulf of Mexico*until* the National Energy Policy Act (NEPA) reviews and approves revised exploration/ development politics set forth by big oil.

We do not need to be reminded again of the consequences of greediness. The Gulf of Mexico oil spill on April 20, 2010 was more than enough. Let’s learn from this lesson so that we dont have to be repeated.

In the meantime, let’s simultaneously research alternative energy of wind, solar and biothermal sustainable heating.  Plus, it would be a positive job creation- so really, it’s a win a win for all.

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** To find your local Representative, please visit:**

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